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Blog and articles

All pieces of original writing, found in History or Blog or elsewhere on this site, are the copyright of Helen Barrell unless otherwise stated. Please contact me if you would like to reuse any pieces (such as in parish magazines or elsewhere online). I am happy to share my writing with more readers, but please do not copy my work and publish it elsewhere without asking me. Republishing it first and letting me know afterwards is not acceptable and is a violation of my copyright.

Transcriptions from parish registers

These remain the copyright of the transcriber. They are provided here on this site for your free use, but they must not be collected from here and sold on.

Transcriptions of other documents

Essex Record Office say: “Provisions in the Copyright Acts of 1956 and 1988 allow for unpublished literary works open to public inspection in an archive to be published without permission if: the work was created before 1 August 1989, the author has been dead for more than 100 years, the work is more than 100 years old, the publisher does not know the identity of the copyright owner before publication.” The wills, marriage licence allegations etc on this site should fall within this and so are presented on this site for your information.


These are either from my own family’s collections or are out of copyright and in the public domain (fashion plates, etc), used in good faith. If you think something on this website is against copyright, please let me know and I will look into it.

Cookies policy

These days, cookies are a fundamental part of how websites work, so yes – this website does use cookies, but don’t worry, they’re not for nefarious purposes. The advert buttons in the right-hand column use cookies too – this is to tell the site you’re going to that you’ve visited Essex & Suffolk Surnames, and it means that I get a small amount of money from the advertising which goes towards the cost of the domain name, hosting and back-ups. I don’t harvest any personal data, although the web statistics program I use will tell me the IP address and browser people use, as well as what search terms were used to find this site. The only time I’ll ever know your name and email address is when you choose tell me, via the contact form, or when you sign up to the monthly newsletter. I’m a nice person, really. You’ll find that the websites that use cookies and personal data for naughty purposes won’t bother to tell you, but thanks to their despicable practices, perfectly nice people like me have to spend their time writing this tedious claptrap. Oh well. Such is life.