Lawford St. Mary

St Mary’s Church, Lawford. Used under Creative Commons license CC BY-SA 2.0 from Mapio

Transcribed by Arny Webb, except the earliest register (1558-1764) and marriages 1754-1812 by Helen Barrell. They can be searched for at FreeREG.


  • Earliest baptism: 1558. Earliest burial: 1561. Earliest marriage: 1560.
  • With only a handful of exceptions, no parents’ names accompany baptisms until 1624. Not exactly helpful for genealogists….
  • Large gap: no entries 1565 to 1581. The last record is a baptism on 8 Oct 1564 (no burials or marriages for that year), and then there’s three burials from January to February 1581/2. Baptisms, burials and marriages begin again from July 1582.
  • 1604: four people are named in the register as having “died of the pestilence”, and then “diverse children” – the children who died are unnamed. There is an unusually high number of burials in 1611 (26 – with 9 of those in June), which suggests another visitation of plague to Lawford. The plague was rife in Europe between 1602-11.
  • Only on entry (a baptism in August) for 1616, and no entries at all for 1617.
  • In 1622, John Crewe married Jemmimah Waldegrave in Lawford – they are, apparently, Lady Diana Spencer’s 10 times great-grandparents.
  • Gap in register, or were things very quiet? Last entry 21 Sep 1640, next entry 20 June 1641.
  • There are two quite fun surnames in the early register: Wormingjohn and Flanderflash.
  • “A travelling childe of 13 years of age was founde deade in a drift of snowe Feberuary 13 day in a grey parell and a graray.”






Note: Groom abodes and marital status in groom list only, and brides vice versa.