Notes from Wrabness parish register

Dr. Johnson reading “The Vicar of Wakefield”, from Illustrated Exhibitor & Magazine of Art, 1851. Drawn by Gilbert, engraved by J. Linton

From ERO D/P 6/1/1.

Image 8.

Mrdy. That Robert Riche MA hold this Benefice by sequestration from July 1696 till Xbr [December] 5 1701. That he was inducted.

Anno 1697 On Thursday morning (about the appearing of day) after the celebration of the holy sacrament in the Chancell on Easter Sunday immediately before, the whole Roofe of it fell flate to the ground together with the forewall to within two or three foot of the foundation, which being Ript up about two foot under the Chancell dore there lyes across it a grave stone upon which is to be seen a large patel cross at lenth. This summer it was erected firm & strong and afterwards it was new ceclid, The walls wainscoated the communion table, decently Railed, the floor new paved, & three convenient seals [seats?] new built of all which there was non before.

Anno 1700 in December The Churchyard was planted Round with young ash trees. And the parsonage house being ready to drop and did in part fall down, was this year pulled down to the ground and erected again three Roomes a floor three story high, together with a kitchen, a Brewhouse a Dary and Dary chamber not adjoining to the headhouse.

NB Maxr. Innis DD was inducted into this Church on Saturday Aprill 18, 1729.