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Black History Month – Harwich and Boreham


Portrait of a late 18th century sailor (from Wikipedia Commons)

It’s time for some¬†parish register finds which show black people living in Essex hundreds of years ago. Last year, it was coincidentally¬†in October that I spotted William Essex, “a black native of Madagascar” in Wivenhoe’s baptism register – so these are the people I’ve found since, in Harwich and Boreham.

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Black History Month – some finds in Wivenhoe’s register


From Wivenhoe’s baptism register, 1767. ERO ref: D/P 277/1/3

Growing up in Wivenhoe, I probably saw a greater mix of people from around the world than had I lived in a town of the same size that wasn’t anywhere near a university. When I was five years old, there were some boys in my class at Broomgrove Infants who were from Peru! Their fathers were visiting academics at the University of Essex, you see. And international students from Africa and Asia and everywhere else in between made Wivenhoe their home.

But in transcribing the parish register for Wivenhoe, it seems that the town had been the home of people from afar before. With uncanny coincidence, while transcribing the 1751-1812 baptisms and burials register during October – Black History Month – I found references to Wivenhoe residents of the past who were black.

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