Essex marriage licence allegations: alphabetical by bride surname

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Alphabetical by bride surname.

A marriage licence allegation is an intention to marry – this isn’t proof that a marriage took place, so please check the parish register for the event. However, in some cases, where old registers are irretrievably lost, the marriage licence allegation may be the only extant record.

These are transcribed from marriage licence allegations held at the Essex Record Office. Please contact them to order your own copy of the original.

  • 22 Nov 1753. (Unknown bride) & Christopher CARDINALL. Bond: Tho. Ardely, Wm. Hill. No parish or bride named.


  • 01 Sep 1742. Mary AIMES, singlewoman of Ramsey, aged 20 & Benjamin SALMON of Great Oakley, aged 22 years, singleman. To marry at St. Leonard’s Colchester. Bond: Benjamin SALMON of Great Oakley, farmer & James WOOD of Colchester, innholder. Witness: Geo Kilby, Rect of St. Leonard’s.
  • 24 Oct 1682. Mary ALFOUNDER, singlewoman, of Kirby & Joseph KANT, farmer, of Great Oakley. To marry at St. James, Colchester. Bondsman: Robert ALFOUNDER, farmer, of Kirby. Witness: Guil. SHELTON. (Note: Groom’s surname sometimes KENT)
  • 19 Sep 1744. Elizabeth ANGER of Ramsey, widow, aged 59 & Parish FISHER of Wix, widower, aged 60, farmer. To marry at: Ramsey. Bond: Edwd. SMYTH, sawyer of Harwich. In the presence of: Susan GIBSON, John CLARKE. Sworn before: Thos. GIBSON, surrogate.
  • 24 Sep 1724. Sarah ANGIER, singlewoman of Bradfield, aged about 24 & Thomas SALLOWS of Tendring, farmer, aged about 51 years, widower. To marry at Great Oakley. Bondsman: George ANGIER of Bradfield. Witnesses: Mary RAYNHAM, Henery ROBINSON, Rich. DRAKE.
  • 12 Dec 1746. Isabella ATTERIDGE, spinster, aged 19, of Pitsea & William DAWSON, bachelor, aged 24, blacksmith, of Fryerning. Bride’s father: James ATTERIDGE x. Bond: James ATTERIDGE, bachelor, of Billericay.


  • 02 Apr 1750. Anne BACON of Henham, Essex & William BURTON, yeoman, of Sawbridgeworth, Herts. Bondsman: William BACON, yeoman, of Henham, Essex. To marry at Henham.
  • 26 Mar 1731. Judith BARKER of Beamont, singlewoman, aged 22 & Charles CARDINALL of Beamont, singleman, aged 28, yeoman. To marry at: Beaumont-cum-Moze. Bond: William Seeley of Beamont, yeoman. Witnesses: H. EVANS, Thomas PORTER
  • 21 March 1741. Sarah BARKER [abode not given] & Robert WILES x of Great Bromley. To marry at Holy Trinity, Colchester. Bond: John MARTIN of Little Bentley. Witnesses: William SMITH, John TOMSON.
  • 28 Mar 1720. Elizabeth BARTON, singlewoman, of Mistley, aged 20 & Daniel GARDINER, widower, yeoman of Little Bromley, aged 26. To marry at Elmstead. Bond: Daniel GARDINER of Little Bromley, yeoman & Allington HARRISON, clerk of Elmstead.
  • 21 Jun 1731. Hannah BARTON, singlewoman, of Mistley, aged about 22 & John GARDENER, singleman, of Great Bromley, aged about 34. To marry at Mistley. Bond: John & Henry Gardener of Great Bromley (they sign John Gardner and Henery Gardner). Witness: Mary Caldecott.
  • 27 Dec 1720. Mary BARTON, singlewoman, of Mistley, aged about 19 & Henry GARDINER, singleman, of Great Bromley, aged 23 or thereabouts. To marry at Alresford. Bond: Henry GARDINER of Great Bentley (he signs Henery Gardner), Francis BARTON of Mistley, farmers. Witness: Margtt. Dowson x
  • 17 Jan 1750. Elizabeth BAWFOOT, widow of West Thurrock, aged 28 & Benjamin NICHOLLS, bachelor of Avely, aged 30. To marry at West Thurrock.
  • 28 Oct 1715. Katherine BENTALL of Halstead, aged about 50, widow & John TWEED of same, aged 55, widower, gen. [gentleman]. To marry at Great Maplestead. Bond: Robert TWEED jnr of same, singleman.
  • 1 Mar 1754. Sarah BIRD, spinster, aged 21 of Wix & John CONSTABLE, singleman, aged 30, of same, farmer. To wed at Mile End, Colchester. Bond: Edmund Bird x, of Wix, farmer. In presence of: Wm. Cooper and P. Smythies.
  • 3 Jun 1792. Elizabeth BLYTH, spinster of St Peter’s, Colchester & Nathaniel BLOWERS, farmer of Copdock, Suffolk.
  • 21 Jul 1736. Peck BRADLEY, singlewoman of Harwich, Essex, aged 21 & Robert NUNN x, singleman of same, aged 25. To marry at Ramsey. Bond: William BRADLEY of Harwich. Witnesses: Thos GIBSON junr and senr.
  • 4 June 1771. Susan BUCK, spinster of Brightlingsea, aged upwards of 21 John BAYLEY, singleman of same, surgeon, aged upwards of 21. To marry at same. Witness: Wm. SMYTHIES.
  • 14 Jul 1756. Mary BUNDOCK, singlewoman, of Great Bromley, aged 21 years and upwards & John GARDNER, singleman, of same, aged 21 years and upwards. To marry at same. Bond: John Gardner the younger and John Gardner the elder (they sign John Gardener and John Gardner). Witnesses: W. EVANS, Thos. FISKE.


  • 9 Dec 1745. Judith CANHAM of Thorp[e-le-Soken], aged 40, widow & Henry RIDER of Harlow, aged 45, bachelor, gentleman. To marry at: Harlow. Bond: Henry GOFFE (he signs GOUGH) of Thorp, clerk. Witnesses: Mary WISE, Wm LE NEVE.
  • 21 May 1765. Anne CARDINAL, spinster of Tendring, aged 26 & Thomas Thorogood D’Oyley of Thorp, Essex, bachelor, chirurgeon, aged upwards of 21. To wed at: Tendring. Bond: Joseph Roe.
  • 10 Apr 1800. Ann CARDINAL, 27 years old, of Stoke by Clare, Suffolk & Jeremiah FRENCH, 28 years old, of Cressing, Essex. (from Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Suffolk).
  • 13 Jun 1758. Catherine CARDINAL, aged 22 years and upwards & Samuel WINCH, bachelor, of Fingringhoe, Essex, aged 23 years and upwardsBondsman: the groom and the Revd. Charles PLEYS of Gislingham, Suffolk. To marry at Wivenhoe.
  • 26 Aug 1723. Elizabeth CARDINAL, singlewoman of Tendring, aged about 21 & Thomas SALLOWS x of same, farmer, aged 24 years, singleman. To marry at All Saints, Colchester. Bond: Alexander LUCAS x, farmer of Wrabness. Witnesses: Th. FARLAND, P. SMYTHIES.
  • 13 Jan 1767. Elizabeth CARDINAL, spinster of Layer De La Hay, Essex, over 21 & Edward WADE, bachelor, husbandman of Layer De La Hay, Essex, over 21 (no bondsman mentioned).
  • 4 Aug 1757. Elizabeth CARDONNEL, spinster of Thundridge, Hertfordshire, aged about 44 & Henry TROUGHTON, widower, gentleman of Little Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire, aged upwards of 40. To marry at: Thundridge.
  • 29 Dec 1740 Mary CARDINAL, aged 30, singlewoman of Brightlingsea & Thomas WHITING, widower, aged 50 of Brightlingsea, oyster dredger. To marry at: Brightlingsea. Bond: Joshua Dunshill of Brightlingsea, innholder. Witnesses: Tho. LUCK, William INMAN.
  • 22 Dec 1766. Mary CARDONEL of Tendring, aged 21 years and upwards, spinster & John MASH of Tendring, 29, bachelor, farmer. To marry at: Tendring. Bond: Edward SALLOWS of Bentley Parva, farmer. Witness: George SMYTHIES.
  • 23 Oct 1748. Sarah CARDONNEL of Wivenhoe, aged 22, spinster. & Parish FISHER of Fingringhoe, widower, aged 30, farmer To marry at: Colchester St. Mary’s or Holy Trinity. Bond: John SMITH, mariner of Fingringhoe.
  • 1731. Mrs. Susannah CARNALL, widow of Bradwell, Essex & Robert MEACHEM, widower, yeoman of same. [Doesn’t say where they are to marry]
  • 13th July 1727. Susannah CARNELL, singlewoman, of Tendring, aged 18 and Thomas BAXTER, singleman of Weeley, aged 26. To marry at St Giles’, Colchester. Bond: Thomas SALLOES x of Tendring. Witness: Robt. Middleton [transcriber’s note: bride’s surname presumably meant to be CARDINALL]
  • 10 Aug 1725. Ann CARRINGTON, singlewoman of Ramsey, aged 22 & Thomas STEVENS, singleman of Harwich, aged 22. To marry at Ramsey. Bond: Henry STEVENS, father of Thomas, of Harwich, mariner & William CARRINGTON, father of Ann, of Ramsey, yeoman. Witnesses: Richard DRAKE, John QUILTER, Griffith COWELLUR
  • 10 Dec 1745. Anne CARRINGTON, singlewoman of Bradfield, aged 19 & Robert HOW of Dovercourt, aged 26. To marry at Mistley. Bond: Abraham CARRINGTON of Bradfield. Witnesses: William CARRINGTON, William HOW, David MUSTARD (Rector of Mistley).
  • 30 Jul 1759. Ann CARRINGTON, spinster of Tendring, aged upwards of 21 & Amis HEMPSON, singleman, farmer, of Ramsey, aged upwards of 21. To marry at Tendring. Bond: John GIBSON of Harwich, surgeon. Witnesses: Thomas GIBSON, Thomas GIBSON jnr, Susan GIBSON.
  • 27 Nov 1739. Elizabeth CARRINGTON, singlewoman of Bradfield, aged 27 & Henry DINES of St Osyth, singleman, aged 27, carpenter. To marry at Little Bromley or Bradfield. Bond: John CARRINGTON of Bradfield, farmer. Witnesses: H. CROSSMAN, Fra. HALL.
  • 22 Oct 1765. Margaret CARRINGTON, spinster of Ramsey, aged upwards of 23 and Maurice GOUGH, bachelor, Doctor in Divinity, Rector of the Parish of Wrabness, aged upwards of 40 years. To marry at Wrabness. Witnesses: Jas. Taylor, Hen. Bate.
  • 25 Oct 1731. Mary CARRINGTON 22 of Bradfield & Francis WILSON 31 of Tendring. To marry at Little Bentley. Bond: John FINER of Tendring. Witnesses: Nathanael POOLE, Sarah ANGIER x
  • 20 Feb 1754. Mary CARRINGTON, widow of same, aged 43 & Lewis LE FEVER, singleman of Bradfield, farmer, aged 30. To marry at St Nicholas, Harwich. Bond: Joshua BAKER of Harwich, innholder. Witnesses: Thomas GIBSON, George WYATT.
  • 03 Jul 1772. Mary CARRINGTON, spinster of Bradfield, aged upwards of 21 & Henry NUNN, widower, surgeon of Manningtree, aged upwards of 21. To marry at Bradfield. Witness: William CARRINGTON.
  • 10 July 1792. Elizabeth CAVELL, widow of Boreham & George HART, widower, farmer of same. To marry at Boreham. Bond: John DOE. Witness: W. MARYON.
  • 12 Jan 1747/8. Mary CHANDLER, widow of Great Clacton, aged 30 & Jonah JOYE, bachelor of same, grocer, aged 23 &. To marry at Grinsted below Colchester. Bond: John JUERS (he signs JEWERS) of All Saints, Colchester, farmer. Witnesses: B. OWEN (Rector of Grinsted), Edmund LILLEY.
  • 10 Jan 1748/9. Mary CHANDLER, singlewoman of same, aged about 20 (no mention of her being a minor or parents’ names given for consent) & Nathaniel WENLOCK, singleman of Brightlingsea, farmer, aged about 36. To marry at Brightlingsea. Bond: Thomas CHANDLER x of same, farmer. Witnesses: Tho. LUCK, Anthony SCOTT.
  • 14 Oct 1736. Sarah CHANDLER, singlewoman of Romford, aged 22 & Thomas DENNIS, singleman, yeoman, of South Ockendon, aged 25. To marry at South Ockendon. Bond: Philip BENTON of South Ockendon, yeoman. Witnesses: Ja. Kennedge (Record of South Ockendon), Sarah ROBERTS.
  • 6 Aug 1723. Mary CHAPLYN, of Halsted, singlewoman, aged 22 & William CARDENELL (he signs – spelt CARDINAL elsewhere in document), widower, aged about 30, of same, factor?. To marry at: Pateswick [Pattiswick] Bond: Christopher CARDINEL of same. Witnesses: A [J_] COOKE, S. MARSH
  • 13 Oct 1773. Elizabeth CHANDLER, spinster, aged upwards of 21, of Elmstead & George HAZELL, bachelor, aged upwards of 21, farmer of same. To marry at same.
  • 13 Nov 1742. Sarah CHIGNELL of Tolleshunt Darcy, widow, aged 40 & Christopher CARDINAL of same, singleman, aged 30, yeoman. To marry at: Langford Ulting or Toleshunt Bushes. Bond: John KENDALL x, labourer of Heybridge.
  • 22 Oct 1672. Alice CLARKE, spinster of Boxted & John FISHER of Dedham, clothier. Bond: John SMITH of Dedham, woolcomber. In the presence of Michael COULE.
  • 25 May 1726. Mary CLARKE, widow of Great Oakley, aged 27 & Richard CARRINGTON, singleman of Bradfield, aged 29. To marry at Great Oakley. Bond: Thomas HURRAN of Great Oakley, yeoman. Witnesses: Richard DRAKE, Samuel GOFF.
  • 13 Oct 1763. Mary COOKE, spinster, of Thorington, aged upwards of 19 years & Joseph NUNN, bachelor, of Great Bromley, farmer, aged upwards of 21 years. To marry at Thorington. With consent of her father John COOKE of Thorington, farmer.
  • 21 Sep 1738. Sarah COOPER, spinster of Fingringhoe, aged 20 years and upwards & John RAYNER, bachelor of Wivenhoe, aged 25. To marry at Fingringhoe. Bond: Thomas COOPER. Witnesses: T. GOODWIN, Elizabeth COOPER.
  • 15 Aug 1759. Sarah COOPER, spinster of Fingringhoe, Essex, aged upwards of 25 years & Alexander LONGVILL, bachelor, mariner of Sunderland, County Durham, aged upwards of 25 years. To marry at Fingringhoe.
  • 25 Mar 1742. Isabella COUSINS of Beaumont-cum-Moze, 34, widow & Charles CARDINAL of Beamont, singleman, aged 30, farmer. To marry at: Brightlingsea. Bond: James BULL of Brightlingsea, inholder. Witnesses: Tho. LUCK, Geo. BARTON
  • 10 Jan 1737/8. Susan COWEY, widow of same, aged 30 & Samuel KERRINGTON x, bachelor of Wrabness, yeoman, aged 22. To marry at St Martin’s, Colchester. Bond: Thomas CLARRIDGE of Colchester, butcher. Witness: R. TURNER.
  • 28 April 1766. Sarah CRICKET, widow of St Mary’s at the Walls Colchester, aged upwards of 51 & Robert CHANDLER (he signs CANDLER), widower, carpenter of St Nicholas Colchester, aged upwards of 50. To marry at St Nicholas Colchester. Witness: Geo. Kirby.
  • 22 January 1730/1. Ann CROOKS, widow, aged abt 30 years & John MAXFIELD x, bachelor, aged abt 26 years, both of Great Bromley. To wed at Great Bromley. Bondsmen: Johannem MAXFIELD x de Bromley Magna et Guilelmum KNOLLER x de eadem parochia.
  • 28 Dec 1812. Sarah CROSS of Wivenhoe, spinster & Nathaniel LITTLEWOOD, widower, victualler of Brightlingsea. To wed at Brightlingsea.
  • 05 Jul 1750. Mary CRYSON (she signs KYSON), spinster, of Kirby, aged 30 & Moses GILL, singleman, farmer of same, aged 26. To marry at St Giles, Colchester.
  • 9 Nov 1758. Sarah CURTIS, aged 21 of Haverill, Suffolk & Christopher CARDINALL, aged 20, of Tolleshunt Darcy. To wed at Haverill. (From Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Suffolk)


  • 20? Oct 1682. Mary DANCE of Ipswich & John WHITTAKER x of Colchester?, Essex, fabrio? (craftsman?) farrarrer (metalworker?). To marry at: St. James’, Colchester. Bond: William Harvey of same, fabrer? (craftsman?). [Written in Latin, handwriting difficult]
  • 15 Jun 1771. Isabella DAWSON of Fryerning, spinster, aged upwards of 22 & John LINGWOOD, bachelor, horseler of same, aged upwards of 26 &. To marry at Fryerning. Witness: John POTTER.
  • 8 Dec 1736. Ann DAY, singlewoman of Little Bromley, aged 25 & John JEWERS (surname spelt Jures on the document, but he signs Jewers), singleman of All Saints Colchester, aged 25. To marry at Aldham. Witnesses: Revd Mr Richard BRIGGS of Holy Trinity Colchester. Witnesses: John SNELLOCK x, John CARLETON.
  • 27 Oct 1771. Anne DAY, spinster of Grinstead in Colchester, aged 19, a minor & George DAY, bachelor, husbandman of same, aged upwards of 21. With the consent of Mary DAY x, widow of same, her mother. To marry at same. Witness: J. SMYTH.
  • 8 Jun 1771. Elizabeth DAY spinster of Thorrington, aged 20 years, a minor, daughter of Abraham DAY x of Thorrington & Lawrence WARD x bachelor of Elmstead, husbandman, aged upwards of 21 years. To marry at: Elmstead. Bond: groom and bride’s father.


  • 30 Nov 1730. Susan EDMUNDS of Great Bromley & Nathaniel WILES x of same. To marry at Little Bentley. Bond: Francis CRAMPHORN x of Little Bentley. Witnesses: B. LIDGOULD, H. PAGETT.


  • 26 Oct 1767. Susan FAIRS, spinster of same, aged 19, a minor & Benjamin DAY, bachelor of Ramsey, wheelwright, aged upwards of 21. With the consent of Susan FAIRS x, widow, her mother. To marry at same. Witness: Robt LIVING.
  • 7 Nov 1795. Maryanne FINCH, spinster of Margaretting, aged upwards of 21 & John NUNN, bachelor of same, aged upwards of 21. To marry at same. Bondsman: Richard FINCH, butcher of Chipping Ongar. Witnesses: Mary ALLEN, Geo. HOLGATE.
  • 15 Feb 1730/1. Hannah FISHER, singlewoman of Manningtree, aged 27 & Joshua NUNN, singleman of Wivenhoe, aged 24. To marry at Manningtree. Bondsman: Samuel ROBERTS. Witnesses: T. GOODWIN & Anne GOODWIN.
  • 8 Dec 1683. Anne FLETCHER of Beaumont, Essex & William WHITAKER x of same, farmer. To marry at same. Bond: Patri PRYOR x of Colchester (occupation hard to read – begins with T). [Written in Latin, handwriting difficult]
  • 29 Dec 1761. Mary FULCHER, spinster of Witham, aged 22 & John STARLING x, bachelor, horsedresser of Witham, aged 23. To marry at Witham. Bond: John STARLING & John HARPER, coachman of St. Mary’s Colchester. Witnesses: Phil. Morant, Susannah RICHMAN.


  • 11 Nov 1723. Anne GARDINER, aged 20 years, of Much Bromley, Essex & William CROOKS, of St. Leonard’s, Colchester, aged 24 years. To marry at Much Bromley, Essex. Bondsmen: Guilelmus CROOKS de parochia Sti. Leonardi et Guilelmum WAYMAN de parochia Sti. Jacobi infra Colchestiana card maker.
  • 1 Oct 1741. Mary GARDINER, single woman, aged 19 years & Joseph NUNN, single man, of Mistley, aged 23 years. To marry at Little Clacton or Frinton. Bondsmen: Joseph NUNN of Mistley and Philip SMITH of Little Clacton. Witnesses: James & Anne HINSUM.
  • 28 Sep 1782. Sarah GARDINER, spinster, of St. Runwald’s, Colchester, aged 22 years and upwards & William ELEY, bachelor, bucklemaker of St. James’, Clerkenwell, Middlesex, aged upwards of 25 years. To marry at St. Runwald’s, Colchester. Bondsman: William ELEY, John DEAN of St. Osyth, gent., Francis Smythies esq. of Colchester.
  • 18 Aug 1726. Mary GENTRY, widow of Great Oakley, Essex, aged 53 & Thomas NUN, widower of Hadleigh, Suffolk, aged 56. To marry at Great Oakley. Bond: William ARTHY of Groton, Suffolk, baker. Witness: Rich. DRAKE.
  • 24 Oct 1721. Esther GREEN of Brightlingsea, singlewoman, aged 25 & Robert CHANDLER of same, singleman, aged 22. To marry at Alresford. Bond: George GREEN x of Brightlingsea. Witnesses: Dorothea GREEN x, Johan Ley
  • 29 Mar 1731. Elizabeth GRICE, singlewoman of St Osyth, aged about 22 & Benjamin VALE of same, aged about 29. To marry at: St Laurence, Colchester. Bond: James WOOD of St Laurence, Colchester [Note: the marriage licence allegation seems to say “St Laurence, Colchester” but there was and is no such church. The marriage of Benjamin and Elizabeth can, however, be found in the register for St. Leonard’s, Colchester].
  • 30 Oct 1756. Elizabeth GRISE, singlewoman of St Osyth, aged 21 and upwards & George JACKSON, singleman of same, butcher, aged 21 and upwards. To marry at same. Bond: Isaac SIMPSON of Beaumont-cum-Moze, yeoman.
  • 17 May 1712. Mary GRICE of St Osyth & Timothy RAINHAM of same, gentleman. To marry at Great Holland. Bond: Richard HAWORD of St Osyth, gentleman.
  • 7 Jan 1768. Sarah GROVE, spinster, of Langham, aged upwards of 21 & James BLYTH junr, bachelor, aged upwards of 21, farmer, of same. To marry at Langham. Bond: William GROVE of same, carpenter. Witness: John SMYTH.


  • 21 Aug 1711. Mary HAMMOND, spinster of Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire & William NUNN, merchant of Southwold, Suffolk. To marry at Bishops Stortford or Farnham, Essex. Bond: Jeffery ARCHER of Bishops Stortford. Witnesses: William MILLBANK, Sarah OLIVER, Wm [PR]OLHILL
  • 05 Apr 1753. Mary HECKFORD, singlewoman, of Great Bentley, aged about 28 & John GARDINER, singleman, of Great Bromley, aged about 27. To marry at Great Bentley. Bond: Samuel HECKFORD of Great Bentley. Signed: John Gardener, Samll Heckford jnr.
  • 4 March 1730/1. Mary HOPKINS of Brightlingsea aged 27 & Robert CHANDLER x of Tendring, butcher, aged 22. To marry at Brightlingsea. Bond: John HOPKINS x of Brightlingsea, “ostrearium” (oyster fisherman/merchant?). Witnesses: Thomas LUCK (surrogate, vicar of Brightlingsea), Jonathan REEVE.
  • 1 Oct 1745. Eleanor HULL, singlewoman of Wivenhoe, aged 28 & Thomas NUNN, singleman of Alresford, Essex, aged 30. To marry at Alresford. Bond: Samuel MERTIN of Wivenhoe. Witness: Francs. TENNANT.
  • 10 Oct 1673. Anne HUTCHEN of Walthamstow & John BURTON, husbandman, of Walthamstow. Bondsman: William CHAULKLEY, victualler of Waltham Holy Cross.


  • 06 Sep 1803. Mary JAGGARD, spinster, of Great Bromley, aged upwards of 21 & John FIELD, singleman, labourer of same, aged upwards of 21. Bondsman: Stephen LUFKIN, farmer of Frating.
  • 8 March 1768. Ann JEWERS, widow of All Saints Colchester, aged upwards of 40 & Ralph STANWAY, bachelor of same, farmer, aged upwards of 40. To marry at same. Witness: Nat. Forster.


  • 2 Jan 1699/00. Martha KELSEY, singlewoman of Rittle [Writtle] & Francis NUNN, singleman of Chipping Ongar, Essex. To marry at Abbess Roding. Bond: James COCK of Stanford Rivers & Thomas HUTCHIN of same. Witnesses: Joannis CAMPE & Susanna CAMPE.
  • 26 Mar 1726. Ann KERRINGTON [CARRINGTON], widow of Great Oakley, aged 30 & John CARDINALL of Tendring, singleman, aged 29, yeoman. To marry at: St. Nicholas’, Colchester. Bond: John ELDRID of Colchester. Witnesses: Sarah SADLER, Richd BERRIFFE, G. LAYDEN
  • 4 Sep 1732. Rose KERRINGTON, singlewoman of same, aged 23 & Nathaniel CUTTING, bachelor, “lamiat” [Latin word – butcher?] of Bradfield, aged 21. To marry at St Martin’s, Colchester. Bond: Richard HUTCHINSON, goldsmith of Colchester. Witness: R. TURNER.


  • 12 Feb 1770. Mary LARGE, spinster of same, aged upwards of 21 & John LAPPAGE, bachelor, cordwainer of Thorrington, aged upwards of 21. Bondsman: William LAPPAGE x, farmer of Frating. To marry at Thorrington.
  • 9 May 1741. Elizabeth LAYSEL, singlewoman of Brightlingsea, aged 20 (age given 21 elsewhere and no mention of her being a minor, so perhaps 21 is the correct age) & Robert CHANDLER x, widower of same, butcher, aged 36. To marry at same. Bond: Anthony SCOTT of Brightlingsea, farmer. Witnesses: Thomas LUCK, Peter ANDORTON.
  • 7 April 1717. Judith LISLE of Thorp[e-le-Soken], aged 20, singlewoman & Robert CANHAM of same, aged 22, a bachelor, aromatop. [aromatopola = grocer]. To marry at Rabness [Wrabness]. Bond: George LISLE of Colchester, pharmacopolam [pharmacist]. Witnesses: Esther DOGGET x, R. TURNER
  • 13 Jun 1728. Sarah LIVERMORE, singlewoman of Coggeshall, aged 23 & James WHITAKER (he signs WITAKER), bachelor, butcher of same, aged 24. To marry at St Martin’s, Colchester. Bond: Jasper WHALEY, wine merchant, of Colchester [In Latin]


  • 07 May 1761. Margaret MANWOOD, spinster, of Mistley, aged 22 years and upwards & Stephen GARDENER, bachelor, sea-faring man of Little Bromley, aged 21 years and upwards. To marry at Mistley. Bond: Stephen GARDENER (he signs Gardner) seafaring man of Little Bromley, John ORMAN senr of Dedham, bricklayer. Witnesses: John ALLEN, Robt ROGERS
  • 30 Mar 1782. Mary MARSDEN of the said parish, spinster and minor, aged upwards of 19 years, by and with the consent of John MARSDEN, work-knitter, her natural and lawful father & Thomas WAYNMAN, bachelor, seedsman of St Runwald’s, Colchester, aged upwards of 21 years. To marry at St. Runwald’s, Colchester.
  • 28 Mar 1808. Elizabeth MEGGS, spinster, of Bromley, aged upwards of 23 years & Robert Bones FOLKARD, bachelor, farmer of Dedham. To marry at Dedham. Witnesses: Wm MEGGS, malster. Thos HOLLARD, servant.
  • 15 Oct 1687. (In Latin) Margaret MINTAR of Great Bromley & John FISHER of Tendring, lansone?. To marry at: Great Bromley or some other church in Essex. Bond: Samuel KEEBLE of Colchester, farmer?. In the presence of Guil. SHELTON.
  • 24 Jul 1804. Rachel MUNT, spinster, of St Nicholas Harwich, over 21 & James WEBSTER, bachelor, confectioner, of Bloomsbury, Middlesex, over 21. To wed at St Nicholas Harwich. Bondsman: John DOE.


  • 11 Jun 1741. Abigail NELSON, singlewoman of Manningtree, aged 40 & Henry NUNN, widower of Misley, aged 48. To marry at St. Andrew Grinsted below Colchester. Bondsman: James NELSON of Manningtree. Witness: Edmund LILLEY.
  • 20 Jun 1743. Sarah NEWCOMB, singlewoman of Tendring, Essex aged 28 & James ALLEN x, widower, aged 44. Bond: Thomas NEWCOMB. Witness: Robert JACOB x.
  • 5 Oct 1743. Ann NUNN, singlewoman, aged 18, of same & John WOODS, singleman, aged 28, of Little Clacton, Essex. To marry at Frenton [Frinton]. Bond: Francis WOODS of Little Clacton. Witnesses: Joseph CAL[U_]AR, Henry PARFERRY x
  • 22 Oct 1787. Ann NUNN, of Great Coggeshall, aged upwards of 21 & William KITSON x, bachelor, labourer of same, aged upwards of 21At same. No bondsman.
  • 2 Oct 1735. Catherine NUNN, singlewoman of Rifnel [transcriber’s note: Rivenhall?], aged 23 & Munford BARBER, singleman of Great Coggeshall, aged 24. To marry at St. James’, Colchester. Bond: Adam POLLY of Great Coggeshall. Witnesses: Wm. HALLYWELL, Geo. KILBY. [Note: the groom signs his first name ‘Munford’ but others spell it ‘Mumford’]
  • 18 Jun 1672. Elizabeth NUNN & Thomas BRIDGE x, farmer of East Donyland, Essex. Bond: Thomas ALLEN of St. ?, Colchester. Witnesses: Ludovici GRIFFIN, Joanna COU[T_][E_].
  • 18 Oct 1741. Elizabeth NUNN, a maiden of Barkway, Hertfordshire, aged 28 & Thomas REYNOLDS, bachelor, carpenter of Tottenham, Middlesex, aged 29. To marry at: Layston, Hertfordshire. Bond: Jon. SKEGG, wheelwright of Buntingford, Hertfordshire. Witness: H. HETON.
  • 4 Mar 1671/2. Margarett NUNN, widow of Langley & Jeremiah MALING, yeoman of same, Essex. Bond: John HORNSEY x of Royston, Essex. Witnesses: Sa. Milles & John Milles [place they intend to marry not given].
  • 22 Jul 1725. Mary NUNN, spinster of same, aged 23 & Edmund TUFFIL, bachelor of Corneath Parva (Little Cornard), Suffolk, aged 30. To marry at Bulmer, Essex. Bond: Isaac TUFFIL x, labourer of Great Henny. Witnesses: Geo. RUTTERFORTH, John HARVEY.
  • 15 Jul 1747. Mary NUNN, singlewoman of Aldham, Essex, aged 20 & John PITTOCK x, bachelor, farmer of same, aged 35. To marry at Aldham or St. Mary’s Colchester. Bond: Christopher HARRISON of St. James’ [Colchester?], millwright. Witness: Philip MORANT.
  • 11 Feb 1764. Mary NUNN, minor of Mistley, aged upwards of 18, with consent of her lawful and natural father, Joseph NUNN & Samuel RISBEE, bachelor, farmer of Mistley, aged 28. To marry at Mistley. Bondsman: Joseph NUNN, farmer of Mistley. Witness: J. MILTON.
  • 13 Mar 1770. Mary NUNN, spinster of Great Braxted, aged 27 & Thomas RUFFELL, bachelor, farmer of Hatfield Peverel, aged 35. To marry at Hatfield Peverel. Bond: William BREWSTER of Great Braxted, farmer. Witness: J. PERKINS.
  • 29 Jul 1735. Mary Plum NUN of Pebmarsh, singlewoman, aged 24 & John POND, singleman, farmer of Belchamp Walter, aged 22. To marry at Gestingthorpe. Bond: Henry NUN, farmer of Pebmarsh (he signs his first name: Hranry). Witnesses: J. E. AISTON, Thomas CHAPMAN.
  • 22 Nov 1739. Rachel NUNN, singlewoman of Misley, aged 20, having the express consent of her parents & John MOORE, singleman, farmer of Little Bentley, aged 27. To marry at Little Bromley or Misley. Bondsman: John MAFFEN, farmer of Little Bromley. Witness: Fran. HALL.
  • 19 Jan 1802. Rachel NUNN, spinster of Rivenhall, aged upwards of 21 & Thomas LAY, bachelor, farmer of Aldham, aged upwards of 21. To marry at Rivenhall. Witness: Thos. Barston (surrogate).
  • 24 Dec 1731. Rose NUNN, singlewoman, aged 22 of Bures Hamlet & James WARD, singleman, farmer, of Bures Hamlet, Essex, aged 26. To marry at Mount Bures, Essex. Bondsman: Thomas WARD, farmer of Bures Hamlet. Witness: Sackv. TURNER.
  • 10 Sep 1750. Rose NUNN, widow of same, aged 30 & John GRIGGS jnr, singleman, farmer of Belchamp Otten, aged 39. To marry at Bulmer, Belchamp Otten or Halsted. Bond: John GRIGGS senr of Belchamp Otten, farmer. Witness: J. LOVEKIN
  • 15 Mar 1736/7. Sarah NUN, singlewoman of Heydon, Essex, aged 30 & John WEBB, singleman of Linton, Cambridgeshire, aged 30. To marry at neither [either?] or Little Chishill, Essex. Bond: John NUN jnr of Heydon, Essex. Witnesses: Rebekah MELVILL, Mary HUNT x.
  • 2 Mar 1742. Susanna NUNN, spinster of Beauchamp Roding, aged 22 & Richard ROSS x, singleman, butcher of High Ongar, aged 20. To marry at Beauchamp Roding or Moreton. Bond: Benjamin BINGHAM of Beauchamp Roding, yeoman. Witnesses: John BERNARD, Rebeccah STOCK.


  • 25 May 1775. Elizabeth PALMER of Wrabness, aged upwards of 21 & Pariss FISHER the younger of Wix, farmer, aged upwards of 21. To marry at: Wrabness. Bond: Francis EVANS of Beaumont, clerk. In the presence of N. EVANS, Ann EVANS.
  • 27 Sep 1722. Elizabeth PARSONS, singlewoman of Tey Parva, Essex, aged 29 & Henry NUNN, bachelor, farmer of Brantham, Suffolk, aged 26. To marry at St. Peter’s, Colchester. Bondsman: Robert NUNN of Tey Parva, farmer. Witness: R. Turner.


  • 13 Oct 1746. Elizabeth RAYNER, spinster, aged 30, of Wivenhoe & John HART, bachelor, aged 24, of Clare, Suffolk. To marry at St Martin’s, Colchester. Bond: Robert WALKER of 3 Cupps, St Peter’s, Colchester. Witnesses: Tho. HALLEY, Eliz. BAYLES.
  • 18 Dec 1753. Sarah RAYNER, widow, aged 31, of St Botolph’s, Colchester & William WAYNMAN, widower, innkeeper, aged 32, of Manningtree, Essex. To marry at Fingringhoe. Bond: Robert DURRELL, mariner, of St Leonard’s, Colchester. Witness: J. MILTON.
  • 27 Feb 1745/6. Martha RISBY of Elmstead , aged about 22 Henry SIMONS x of same, aged about 24 &. To marry at same. Bond: William SIMONS of same.
  • 7 Nov 1730. Ann RUFFLE, singlewoman of Wickham St. Paul, aged 19 & Edmund NUNN, singleman, landholder of Bures Hamlet, aged 24. To marry at Wickham St. Paul, Alphamstone or Lamarsh. Bond: Joseph NUNN of Bures Hamlet, yeoman. Witnesses: H. BURROUGH, Lydia Ann MINTER


  • 16 Oct 1716. Elizabeth SALLOWS single woman 19 of Tendring & Joseph COCKEREL x bach 26 of Thorpe-le-Soken, farmer. To marry at St Peter’s, Colchester. Bond: Thomas SALLOWS of Tendring, farmer. Bond: James HEDGE, Richd. BYE x yeoman of Little Bentley. Witnesses: W. EVANS, Benjaming CARRINGTON.
  • 21 Feb 1728/9. Mary SALLOWS single woman 21 or thereabouts of Tendring & John YOUNGE x single man 21 of Elmstead. To marry at Tendring. Bond: Thomas SALLOWS of Tendring. Witnesses: Gal. BREE, Elizabeth WHITE.
  • 5 Feb 1750/1. Mary SALLOWS single woman 20 of Great Oakley & Samuel BARKER single man 33 of same. To marry at same. Bond: John SALLOWS of Tendring. Witnesses: Francis FOOT, Jonathan GOFF.
  • 26 Jul 1762. Mary SALLOWS 21 & upwards of same & Thomas GASCOYNE 21 & upwards of Great Clacton, farmer. To marry at same. Bond: Thomas GAYMER of Beaumont-cum-Moze, victualler. Witnesses: Ann & W. EVANS, Robt. CANHAM.
  • 24 Oct 1735. Sarah SALLOWS single woman 30 of Woodham Ferrers & Richard NAYLER [he signs NAYLER, his surname is written NAYLOR on the document] widower 43 of same. To marry at same. Bond: Richd BOWIS of Danbury, Essex. Witnesses: Jos. MASON.
  • 8 Jun 1736. Sarah SALLOWS single woman 35 of Tendring & John MASH x bachelor 32 of Mistley, yeoman. To marry at Tendring. Bond: Jacob WURRELL of Great Bromley, wheelwright. Witness: R. TURNER.
  • 22 Oct 1749. Sarah SALLOWS single woman about 21 of Tendring & Robert BECKWITH single man about 26 of same. To marry at Great Bentley. Bond: Thomas SALLOWS of Tendring. Witnesses: George & Mary CALDECOTT.
  • 26 Apr 1755. Sarah SALLOWS single woman 21 & upwards of Little Bentley & John BROWN x single man 21 & upwards of Beaumont-cum-Moze. To marry at Beaumont-cum-Moze. Witnesses: John GARDENER, Richd. BYE, yeoman of Little Bentley.
  • 27 Jul 1823. Elizabeth SCRUTTON, spinster, of Great Oakley & Thomas Whitaker WADE, bachelor, of Thorrington. To wed at Great Oakley.
  • 19 Apr 1731. Ann SIBLEY of Harlow, Essex, aged 25 & John NUNN jnr, bachelor of same, aged 26. To marry at same. Bond: Samuel SIBLEY, of same. Witnesses: Eliz. WOOD, Sarah WOOD.
  • 9 Sep 1744. Elizabeth SIMONS [of not stated] & John MASKELL of Great Bentley. Bond: Hugh SIMONS of Elmstead. To marry at Great Bromley.
  • 27 Oct 1810. Mary SIMONS of Brightlingsea, spinster & Nathaniel LITTLEWOOD, shoemaker, of same, aged 30.
  • 04 Jun 1831. Elizabeth SIMMONS, spinster of Wivenhoe, over 21 & Samuel William Cardnell WADE, bachelor of Wivenhoe, over 21. To marry at Wivenhoe.
  • 24 Mar 1718/9. Anne SKINGE of Ardleigh, aged 31, widow & William KENDALL of Elmstead, aged 34, widower. To marry at Little Bromley. Bond: Allington HARRISON. Witness: W. SMYTHIES.
  • 14 Oct 1716. Mary SPENCER, singlewoman of same, aged 23 & Abraham KERRINGTON, farmer, bachelor of Bradfield, aged 22. To marry at Wrabness. Bond: Sam. Cross of Colchester, Rower?. Witnesses: Robert TURNER, Esther DOGGET x.
  • 02 Jan 1750. Mildred STEELE, singlewoman of New Sandford, Essex, aged 20 & Thomas NEWCOMB, bachelor, blacksmith of Shalford, Essex, aged 24. To wed at Finchingfield or Wimbish. Bondsman: Mr Thomas Steele.
  • 20 Aug 1729. Mary STEPHENS, widow of Tendring & John WHITTAKERS of St Osyth, gentleman, aged 25. To marry at: Tendring. Bond: Thomas DAVALL, gentleman of Tendring.
  • 29 Jun 1731. Mary STREET, singlewoman of Much Holland, aged 21 & Robert FOLKERD of same, aged 23. To marry at Brightlingsea. Bond: Robertum Folkerd de Much Holland, villicum, et Franciscum BUMPSTEAD de Brightlingsea. Witnesses: Thomas LUCK, Jonathan REEVE.
  • 31 Mar 1761. Sarah SULLINGS, spinster of Little Coggeshall, aged 21 & Jeffery NUNN, bachelor, maltster of Kelvedon, aged 22. To marry at Kelvedon. Witness: Daniel ANDREWS.


  • 28 Nov 1717. Elizabeth TATUM, singlewoman, of Nayland, Suffolk, aged 20 & Daniel GARDINER, bachelor, yeoman of Little Bromley, aged 23. To marry at Dedham. Bond: Daniel GARDINER of Little Bromley, yeoman & John RIDDELSDELL yeoman of Lawford. Witness: W. TATUM.
  • 10 Oct 1750. Susan TAYLOR, spinster of Ardleigh, aged 36 & William CAREY x, widower of same, farmer. To marry at All Saints, Colchester. Bond: Edward HOW x, farmer of Ardleigh.
  • 13 Nov 1729. Elizabeth THEOBALD, singlewoman of Easthorp, aged 24 & Cornelius KENDALL, farmer of Marks Tey, aged 26. To marry at Little Tey. Bond: Daniel TOMPSON, baker of Coxhill (Coggeshall?). [In Latin]
  • 18 Feb 1725/6. Sarah THEOBALD of Great Clacton, aged 25 & William CARY of St Osyth, aged 24. To marry at St Mary’s, Colchester. Bond: Thomas WHITAKER (he signs WHITTAKERS) of St Osyth.
  • 13 Dec 1831. Mary THOMPSON, spinster of Wix, aged 39 & John Sorrell NICHOLLS, bachelor of Great Oakley, Essex, aged 47. To marry at Wix.
  • 17 Feb 1787. Hetty TIFFIN, widow, of Copford, at same & Joseph SCOTT, farmer, widower of same, upwards of 21. No bondsman.


  • 31 Jan 1824. In the commissary court of the liberty and peculiar of the Sokens. Charlotte WALLIS, spinster of Thorpe-le-Soken, aged upwards of 21 & Palmer FISHER x, bachelor of Great Oakley, aged upwards of 21. To marry at: Thorpe-le-Soken. Sworn before Wm. Burgis.
  • 3 Apr 1769. Rachel WARD, spinster of Witham, aged upwards of 21 years & Joseph NUNN, bachelor, farmer of Rivenhall, aged upwards of 21 years. To marry at Rivenhall. Bond: John BRETTON of Cressing, yeoman. Witness: Jno. CUTTER.
  • 25 Apr 1822. Elizabeth WARNER, widow of Dedham & Nathaniel LITTLEWOOD, widower, gentleman of Brightlingsea. To marry at Dedham.
  • 30 May 1743. Sarah WATSON of Haidon, Essex [Heydon?], aged 20, a maiden & John NUNN, bachelor, yeoman of same, aged 30. To marry at Layston, Hertfordshire. Bond: John NEWMAN x of Great Chishill, Essex, yeoman. Witness: H. HETON.
  • 22 Sep 1797. Mary WAYNMAN, widow, of St Runwald’s, Colchester & Thomas NICE, bachelor, linnen-draper of St Peter’s, Colchester, aged upwards of 23 years. To marry at St Runwald’s, Colchester.
  • 18 Sep 1755. Mary WHITAKER, spinster of Ramsey, Essex & Thomas COOPER the younger, of Polstead, Suffolk, aged 28, bachelor. To marry at Ramsey. Bondsman: Thomas COOPER of Polstead, Suffolk, farmer & Samuel WALL of St. Martin’s Colchester, Attorney at Law.
  • 6 Jul 1721. Sarah WHITAKER, singlewoman of Kelvedon, aged 30 & John HAWKINS (he signs HAWKEENS), singleman of same, butcher, aged 27. To marry at St. Mary’s, Colchester. Bond: William MORLEY x of St Peter’s, Colchester.
  • 25 Sep 1762. Sarah WHITAKER of Fingringhoe, aged upwards of 21 years, spinster & John TIFFIN of Layer de la Hay, farmer, aged 30, bachelor. To marry at Fingringhoe.
  • 12 Sep 1721. Susanna WHITAKER of Kelvedon, aged 23 & John BATTEN of Harwich, aged 24. To marry at St James’, Colchester. Bond: Joseph OLDFIELD of St Nicholas (Harwich? Colchester?)
  • 24 Dec 1752. Martha WILES of Marks Tey, spinster, aged 17 & Thomas POTTER, widower, aged 40, of Marks Tey &. To marry at St Martin’s, Colchester. Bond: James VINCE of St Martin’s, Colchester. Witness: Tho. HALLEY.
  • 22 Dec 1739. Susan WILES, widow of Great Bromley, aged about 30 years Nicholas BUNDOCK of same, aged about 30 years &. To marry at Mile End, Colchester. Bond: John ALLEN of Elmstead, Essex. Witnesses: Ch. LIDGOULD, B. LIDGOULD.
  • 30 June 1743. Susan WILES, widow of Great Bromley, Essex & Thomas COOKER x, widower of Elmstead, Essex. To marry at Elmstead. Bond: John MUMFORD of Elmstead. Witness: W. BARLOW.
  • 15 Dec 1813. Susan WILES, spinster, of Great Bromley, aged upwards of 21 & Richard BISHOP, bachelor, aged upwards of 21, linen draper, of Harwich. To marry at Great Bromley. Witness: Thomas WILES.


  • 31 May 1755. Mary YOUNGS 21 & upwards of Tendring & Carrington WILSON 21 & upwards of Tendring, yeoman. To marry at Tendring. Bon: Isaac SIMSON of Beaumont-cum-Moze, yeoman. Witnesses: W. & Tris. EVANS.

Image: 1815 woodcut of a proposal scene