The East Anglian; Or, Notes and Queries

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Title page of the first issue of The East Anglian.

The East Anglian; Or, Notes and Queries on Subjects Connected With the Counties of Suffolk, Cambridge, Essex and Norfolk was published between 1858-1910. It’s available to read at, but as it’s confusing to navigate, with some pieces all bound as one volume, but others online as individual issues, I’ve put all the pieces together on one handy page, with links to

See also articles from The East Anglian: Charles Partridge’s Partridge and Pattrick research, and miscellaneous articles about specific topics, locales, and people. Suffolk memorial inscriptions are among the Suffolk parish register transcriptions.

See also The Proceedings of the Suffolk Institute of Archaeology: issues online from 1853-2018.

Vol I, 1858-1863

Vol II, 1864-1866

Vol III, 1866-1868

Vol IV, 1869-1871

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Third series, vols I-XII, 1885-1908

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New series, vol XIII, 1909-1910

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