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Some wills have been transcribed in full, whereas others are a paraphrased transcription. If they are paraphrased, they contain the names of all those mentioned in the will, with the gist of what they were (or were not!) bequeathed, but to find the full details, such as the names of property, requests as to how they were to be buried etc., please contact the relevant archive. The wills are either from the Suffolk Record Office (ERO), the Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PCC), or the Norfolk Record Office (NRO).

Barker, Jane, widow of Lavenham, 1562

  • Late the wife of John Barker of Lavenham, Suffolk
  • To be buried in the churchyard at Lavenham
  • Poor of Lavenham: 20sh
  • Daughter Margaret 40sh, some clothing and household goods
  • Margaret Pryk 20sh on her marriage. If she dies before her marriage, the money to the children of my daughter Margaret

Executor: son William Bird, rest and residue

Witnesses: Thomas Kyng, Thomas Bayley

Written 19 Nov 1558, probate 5 Oct 1562


Transcriber’s notes: widow of John Barker of Lavenham (died 1544) whose will is immediately below.

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Barker, John, clothmaker of Lavenham, 1544

  • To be buried in Bildeston churchyard
  • £20 to repair the highways between Bildeston and Ipswich
  • £10 to priests, clerks and other poor folk to pray for my soul, my son Robert’s soul, and all Christian souls
  • Sir Mongo Thornton, priest, 30sh to pray for my soul and all Christian souls
  • Wife Johan: household stuff that was hers while a widow, before our marriage, and all corn and hay I have at Lavenham and Pakenham, three milk beasts and my geldings, and 20sh, and all my wool and yarn, both white and coloured, which is in my house in Lavenham. Except £5-worth of wool to her son, William Byrde.
  • John Birde, wife’s late husband: his will stated that his lands and tenements at Pakenham, Thurston and Barton to be sold to perform his will by his executor. I have paid his debts out of my own money, and the property hasn’t been sold. It remains to my wife Johan. Wife to receive rest and residue after other legacies
  • John Barker of Bildeston, son of Robert Barker of same, deceased, owes me £65 15sh for certain broadcloths. I leave John £35 15sh of the money, provided he enter a bond with Thomas Laurence, my executor, for the £30 of debt remaining
  • Also to the said John “my hackney horse I was wont to ride upon”
  • Reynoulde Barker, brother of the said John: property in Burteylle [Burstall? Reginald mentions the manor of Burstall in his will], Suffolk, and to his heirs. If no heirs, to his brother Michael [Reginald left the manor of Burstall to Michael’s daughter]. If Michael has no heirs, to be sold, and money divided among the children of Robert Barker of Bildeston deceased, who are then living. Executor to have rents and profits of said property until Reynoulde or Michael are 21
  • Michael Barker: a tenement called Jarnys in Bildeston, and a tenement in same caled Beryffes, and a meadow in same, and to his heirs. If he has no issue: to John Barker his brother. Parnell Barker of Bildeston, his mother, to have the property until Michael is 21.
  • Elizabeth Laurence of Bildeston to have free occupation of Beryffes until Michael is 21.
  • Reynoulde Barker: £10, a pounced piece of silver, and two silver spoons
  • Michael Barker: £10, a “wyned” cupboard, a two silver spoons
  • Elizabeth Laurence: £10, a silver goblet, two silver spoons and my best gown
  • Parnell Barker, a child of the said Robert, my son, £10, a great featherbed, and boulster that I had from Bildeston and two silver spoons
  • Anne Barker, her sister: £10, a down bed that I had of Master Parcynall of Ipswich, and two silver spoons
  • Executor to keep the money, plate and household stuff until they come of age or are married
  • Agnes Ive of Bildeston: 6sh 8d

Executor: Thomas Laurence of Bildeston, rest and residue in order to pay debts and perform legacies

Supervisor: William Watkynson, parson of Bildeston

Witnesses: George Pie, Thomas Taylor, John Alyngton, Sir Mongo Thorton priest.

Written 31 Oct 1544, delievered to executor 2 Nov 1544, probate 13 Nov 1544

Transcriber’s notes: the testator was the father of Robert Barker of Bildeston (see will below), who died a couple of months before John did. The only grandchildren mentioned by the testator are the children of his son Robert Barker.

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Barker, John the elder, of Bildeston, 1585

  • Wife Phillip: capital messuage where I now dwell and all buildings and lands adjoining, and all other lands and tenements in Bildeston, and my woodhouse lately purchased of Henry Martin, and all lands and tenements in Hitcham, Suffolk, for as long as she is a widow. To pay my son John Barker £10 a year.
  • After her death or remarriage, said property to my son John Barker for life. After his death, to his heirs.
  • I am bound to Barnaby Gibson and William Blomfeld to ensure a certain sum of money to son John’s now wife Anne.
  • If son John doesn’t ensure that Phillip is held harmless of the bond, all the said property to my son Robert, after Phillip’s death.
  • Daughter Mary Barker £200 when 21 or married.
  • Servant Dudley Loye 40sh
  • Poor of Bildeston £20

Executor: wife Philip, rest and residue

Witnesses: Raynolde Barker the elder, Raynolde Barker the younger, William Grimwood

Written 18 Nov 1584, probate 23 Jan 1584/5


Transcriber’s notes: The testator was the son of Robert Barker and Parnell his wife (see their wills below). His son Robert Barker, husband of Margaret Coke (niece of William Cardinall of Great Bromley’s second wife, Lettice Knightley) became a serjeant-at-law in 1603, and lived in Monkwick, Essex. The testator’s sister Margaret appears to have been the first wife of William Vesey.

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Barker, Parnell, widow of Bildeston, 1571

  • To be buried in the parish church of Bildeston
  • To grandsons John Barker the younger, Robert Barker, and Rainolde Barker, sons of my son John Barker: £20 each when 21
  • Son Michael Barker £62
  • Granddaughter Mary, daughter of my son John Barker: 40sh
  • Ranolde Barker £62 [presumably her son]
  • Daughters Parnell Cotler and Anne Martin £10 “as a remembrance of my good will”
  • Granddaughter Dorothy Cutler, my daughter Faysses daughter 20sh
  • Granddaughter Katherine Lawrence, daughter of my daughter Laurence, £3
  • Money to the poor of Bildeston
  • Son John Barker and his male heirs: three closes of land and a meadow called Crames
  • Rest and residue to be divided into three parts: one part to son John, executor; one part to son Rannolde, supervisor; one part to son Michael, supervisor
  • Witnesses: John Barker, Michael Barker, Ranolde Barker, John Martyn

Written 5 Oct 1569, probate 25 Aug 1571

Transcriber’s notes: Parnell was the widow of Robert Barker of Bildeston, who died in 1554 (see his will below). Her grandson Robert (son of her son John) became a serjeant-at-law in 1603, and his wife was Margaret Coke (niece of William Cardinall’s second wife, Lettice Knightley, and sister of Sir Edward Coke). This will contributes to the evidence which suggests that William Vesey of Hintlesham’s first wife was Margaret Barker – as Parnell mentions her granddaughter Dorothy Cutler, daughter of “my daughter Faysses”. Dorothy went on to marry William Maddock, and appears in the will of Parnell’s son Reginald as his niece, and also in the will of Joan Cutler/Walton/Vesey, who was William Vesey’s second wife.

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Barker, Robert, merchant man of Bildeston, 1544

  • To be buried in the churchyard of Bildeston
  • Wife Parnell: house and meadows in Bildeston for life. After her death, to my son John Barker and to his heirs. If he has no issue, to my son Reynoulde Barker
  • Wife Parnell to have house called Gervayse, late of Robert Garvayse, and the house that Thomas Laurence lives in called Berewis until my son Michael is 21
  • Daughters Parnell and Anne: £20 each when 20 or married, whichever happens first.
  • Sons John, Reynould and Michaell: £20 each when 21
  • 40sh for a priest for Bildeston, over three years
  • Money to repair the highway

Executor: wife Parnell, rest and residue

Witnesses: John Barker of Laneham [Lavenham], clothier; Thomas Laurence, yeoman; William Watkynson, parson of Bildeston; John Butcher, clerk

Written 18 Mar 1543/4, probate 28 June 1544

Transcriber’s notes: The husband of Parnell Barker (see will above), and the son of John Barker, who died only a few months after him (see will above). Comparing the two wills, Robert mentions only two daughters, missing out the wife of Vesey, and the wife of Lawrance (they are identified in the Barker pedigree in the Suffolk Visitation as Margaret wife of William Vesey of Hadleigh, and Elizabeth wife of William Lawrance of Faulkbourne, Essex, but they’ve been entered in the wrong generation, so appear to be the testator’s granddaughters when they were, in fact, his daughters. It’s possible that Elizabeth’s husband was actually Thomas Laurence of Bildeston, as he appears in the Barker’s wills). It’s possible that the two daughters omitted from the will had already married and received their marriage portions.

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Borough / Burrowe, Christopher, clothier of East Bergholt, 1607

  • Brother Jonathan Burrowe: procure executors of my late father Christopher Burrowe deceased or two other able men to be bound to my executors
  • Brother Jonathan: all lands, tenements etc, freehold & copyhold in East Bergholt, held of the manors of St John’s and Old Hall, and right of the pump or well held of Mr Lambe, and have reserved from the house of George Goffe in East Bergholt. Jonathan to pay as follows:
  • Cousin William Cardynall £100
  • Cousin Edward Cardynall £100
  • Cousin John Cardynall £100
  • Cousin Robert Hedge £100 for his children, to be equally divided among them when they’re 21.
  • Children of cousin Elizabeth Ravens, when they’re 21: £100 divided among them
  • Children of cousin Alice Marks when they’re 21: £100 divided among them
  • Lands in Hally [Hadleigh?] occupied by Rowland, a butcher, to be sold to perform will.
  • Robert Thompson and Parnell his wife £40
  • Cousin Jeremy Hedge £20
  • My uncle Nicholas Hedge and his wife, my aunt, shall have their dwelling in the house where they now dwell, and £30
  • Uncle Stephen Cardynall £20
  • Aunt Judith Cockerell £20
  • Cousin Elizabeth, wife of Robert Barker
  • Cousin Anne Corball, one of the daughters of my aunt Dowe £20
  • Cousin Christopher Dowe £50
  • Cousin Michael Dowe £50 (Michael is underage)
  • Cousin Elizabeth Perse, daughter of my uncle Cardynall deceased £30
  • Cousin Thomasin Cardynall £30
  • Cousin Rose Cardynall £30
  • Cousin Mary Cardynall £30
  • Cousin Stephen Cardynall £30. If he is not thought meet to use it, my cousin William Cardynall to buy £30-worth of land to give Stephen £3 a year.
  • Cousin Christopher Hedge £20
  • Steven Skynner of East Bergholt £10
  • Michael Lewes the younger £5
  • Nicholas Denham £20
  • Robert Skynner of East Bergholt £5
  • John Barwick of Stratford £10
  • John Greenliff of East Bergholt £30, as long as he releases executors of his demands
  • Leonard Ussher 40 sh
  • Oliver Cheape, smith, to have his dwelling for 6d
  • Poor of East Bergholt £20
  • East Bergholt school £20
  • £20 towards the debts of late brother John Burrowe, deceased
  • If brother Jonathan won’t be bound with executors, Edward Cardynall to have the lands etc. If Edward Cardynall won’t be bound either, John Cardinall to have the lands. If John won’t be bound, the lands to be sold.
  • Executors: Edward Cardynall and [gap – it looks like a name was going to be entered, but wasn’t].
  • Rest and residue to be divided among his “kindred”, “where my executors shall see most meet.”
  • Executors to be bound to Samuel Skynner and John Haywarde of East Bergholt to perform the will.

Witnesses: Samuel Skynner, Robert Goff


Susan Hedge, Ruth Hedge and Meriam [Miriam?] Hedge, £20 each.

Probated by Edward Cardynall.

Written 3 Nov 1606, probate 16 May 1607


Testator’s notes: Christopher Burrowe was the grandon of John Burrowe (see his will below), and the son of Christopher Burrowe senior (who was living in Wix when he wrote his will not long before his son) and Anne Cardinall, a daughter of Stephen Cardinall of East Bergholt and his wife Ann Grith. This will helps to date the death of William Cardinall, a son of Stephen and Ann – his daughter Elizabeth married John Pearce, and Christopher tells us that Elizabeth Perse is the daughter of his “uncle Cardinall deceased” – so William died before November 1606.

The other Cardinalls in the will can be identified as followed: uncle Stephen – the third son of Stephen and Anne (according to the 1612 Suffolk Visitation), aunt Judith – eldest daughter of Stephen and Anne (her second husband, George Cockerell, had died in 1599. She and George are also mentioned in the will of Thomas Bowes, below). Cardinall cousins: William, Edward, John, Thomasin, Rose and Mary, and Stephen (who the testator wasn’t sure could be trusted with £30) are all the children of William Cardinall and Mary Maynard, the siblings of the abovementioned Elizabeth Perse.

The Hedges: Christopher’s aunt Alice (his father’s sister, a daughter of John Burrowe of East Bergholt, see his PCC will) married Nicholas Hedge. Alice’s father’s will mentions his Hedge granchildren: Robert, Christopher, Jeremy, Alice, Elizabeth, Susan and Ruth. In this will, you can see Christopher mention his aunt and uncle (they’re allowed to live in a house, which is as per Christopher’s father’s will), as well as their sons Robert, Christopher and Jeremy. As he names his cousins Elizabeth Ravens and Alice Marks just after he mentions, Robert Hedge, it’s possible that Elizabeth and Alice were Hedges.

His Aunt Dowe’s identity isn’t clear. She might have been a Burroughes though. John Bramston’s 1582 PCC will was witnessed by Richard Dowe, minister, who was a Puritan minister in nearby Stratford St Mary. The testator mentions his cousin Elizabeth, wife of Robert Barker. His father’s will (written 1604) mentions a Mr Robert Barker, serjeant-at-law, who could be the same man. The History of Parliament says that a Robert Barker who lived in south-east Suffolk and north-east Essex was made serjeant-at-law in 1603. By 1587 he had married Margaret, sister of Edward Coke, and daughter of Robert Coke and Winifred Knightley. Robert was therefore a nephew of Lettice Knightley, who had married William Cardinall of Great Bromley (a cousin of the East Bergholt Cardinalls) in the early 1540s. It is possible Margaret Coke had died, and he had married an Elizabeth, or that the Robert Barker mentioned in this will is a son of Robert and Margaret.

Christopher’s father’s will mentions his daughters Elizabeth, Mary and Sarah (all under 19 when the will was written in 1604, but none are mentioned in this will, and neither is Christopher’s mother. Unless Elizabeth Barker was Christopher’s sister, but then you might expect him to name her as such. His father’s will mentions sons-in-law Henry Goldingham and Alexander Harris, as well as Mr John Burrough of London – none of them are mentioned by this testator either.

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Bowes, Thomas, gentleman of East Bergholt, 1598

Noncupative will

  • Money owed to him for leases and for a bond of £160 to be divided among his three daughters: Judith, Anne and Elizabeth Bowes. If his wife Bridget is with child, the child to share in that money.
  • Mentions the wardship of his son, Thomas Bowes.
  • George Cockerell and his wife Judith should have the portion of daughter Judith for her education and upbringing.

Executor: wife Bridget

Witnesses: John Duke, Christopher Burrough, George Cockerell, Stephen Cardynall

Written 26 Nov 1598, probate 15 Dec 1598


Transcriber’s notes: Thomas’ son became Sir Thomas Bowes, the Justice of the Peace who helped Matthew Hopkins, the self-styled Witchfinder General prosecute and persecute “witches”. Thomas’ widow Bridget was born Bridget Starling in Dedham. Her second husband would be Charles Cardinall. Several people mentioned in the will are connected with the Cardinalls of East Bergholt – Judith Cockerell was the daughter of Stephen Cardinall (d1573) and Ann Grith. George Cockerell died the year after Thomas Bowes. Judith’s first husband was John Branston, who died in 1582 (see his will below). Christopher Burrough is either the son or husband of Ann Cardinall, Judith’s sister. The father died in Wix, Essex, in 1605, and the son in East Bergholt in 1607 [their wills to appear on this website soon – April 2021]. Christopher Burrowe also witnessed the will of his brother-in-law, John Branston.

Thomas’ daughter Judith appears to have married William Hubbard of Little Clacton in 1609 – Charles Cardinall was the executor of William’s great-uncle, who left William Bovells Hall in Little Clacton. His daughter Anne married George Fenn of Clare, Suffolk, in 1612 – she was living in Dedham at the time. Thomas’ daughter Elizabeth married Martin Salter at Great Bromley in 1620.

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Bragg, John, gentleman of Stratford, Suffolk, 1638

  • Wife Elizabeth all messuages and tenements, freehold and copyhold. After her death to my son William Bragg and his male heirs. If no male heirs, to son Nicholas Bragg. If no male heirs, to youngest son John Bragg. If no male heirs, to the right heirs of my son John.
  • Son Nicholas Bragg: £400
  • Son John Bragg: 500 marks when 24
  • Daughter Elizabeth: 500 marks when married or 21. If she married without the consent my wife, £100 to be deducted
  • To my four married daughters, 20 nobles each: Elizabeth, wife of John Taylor; Alice wife of Edmund Creamer; Frances wife of Roger Kerrington; Anne daughter of William Jones
  • Grandchildren 40sh each when 21
  • Son-in-law John Taylor: forgiven the £50 he owes me
  • My three parts in the three ships: if my son Nicholas believes they would be worth more than his legacy of £400, he is to take the parts in the ships, instead of having £400
  • Brothers-in-law Mr Charles Veasie and Mr William Veasie: 40sh each for a mourning ring
  • William Lynsell, his son, my godchild: £5
  • Mathey Downes my servant: £5 when 21
  • Elizabeth Coe 10sh
  • Samuel Huse: 10sh when his apprenticeship finishes
  • John Cobb 10sh “when his years come out” [an apprentice too?]
  • Stratford: £10 for the poor
  • Wife Elizabeth: the lease of Stratford Hall and all household goods, and plate in the houses
  • Rest and residue to be divided between executors to pay off my debts and legacies

Executors: wife Elizabeth, and son William Bragg

Witnesses: John Barwicke, Daniel Pickford, Ro. Dove

Written 1 Sep 1638, probate 16 Oct 1638


Transcriber’s notes: the testator’s wife Elizabeth was a daughter of William Vesey of Hintlesham (d abt 1616) and his wife Elizabeth Reynold. According to the will of Robert Derehaugh of Gray’s Inn, Elizabeth Vesey/Bragg’s uncle (half-brother of her mother Joan Cutler/Walton/Vesey), Elizabeth was the eldest of William and Elizabeth’s daughters. She was already married to John Bragg at the time her uncle wrote his will in 1611.

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Branston wills

Note: these are all PCC wills. There are several Branston wills at SRO, including the following for testators giving East Bergholt as their abode: 1509 Christian, 1526 Richard, 1571 William, clothier, 1585 Rose, widow, 1601 Christopher, 1632 Edmund, 1638 Stephen, 1689 Mary Brandson.

Richard could’ve been John the elder’s father or uncle. Christopher and William could’ve been John the elder’s sons. Rose could’ve been William’s wife. Edmund could’ve been the supervisor of John Branston’s 1611 will. Stephen could’ve been the son of John (1611 will) or one of the Stephens mentioned in Thomas Branston’s 1638/41 will.

Branston, John the elder of East Bergholt, 1558

  • To be buried in the church at East Bergholt
  • Sons Thomas and John
  • Wife Katherine
  • Names various pieces of property
  • The poor of East Bergholt
  • Daughters Agnes, Margaret and Emme, under 21
  • Sons Robert, Simon, Richard and Christopher, under 27
  • Son William
  • Robert Keche and Christine his wife, their children: Thomas, Rauf, Anne, Martha and Joyce, under 22
  • William Beckett and Catherine his wife, their children: William, Thomas Henry and Awsteyn (Austin), under 22
  • Godson John Branston
  • Grandchildren (unnamed) of son Thomas
  • Grandchildren Charles Branston and Susan, son and daughter of son William
  • Brother Thomas, and brother Thomas Branston the elder [presumably the same man, rather than Thomas the elder and younger]
  • Debts (“obligations”) owed him by Thomas Turner and Gerard Shylberyes, both of Colchester; William Beckett

Executors: brother Thomas Branston the elder, son Thomas Branston

No witnesses.

Written 10 Nov 1556

Note at end of will saying the will was read in the testator’s house before his body was removed, and that it was seen to be in his own handwriting. Witnesses: Stephyn Cardynall, Robert Wyles, William Branston, Phillipp Symond, John Branston, Richard Branston, Simon Branston. Gives his date of death as 24 Feb 1557/8

Probate 14 May 1558


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Bramston [Branston], John, clothmaker of East Bergholt, 1582

  • Wife Judith
  • The houses where Thomas Barbor, George Gooffe and “old Baker” live
  • Son John Bramston
  • Sisters Catherine, Margaret, Emme
  • The poor of East Bergholt
  • Daughters Catherine and Judith: both unmarried and under 20
  • Dr Chapman, Mr Dr Allyen of Arrerton Creke, Mr Welche, Mr Dowe, Mr Morsse the preacher, Mr Alcock, George Farrar, Edward Ryche
  • Debts due to bonds: testator and his brother Thomas, and Thomas’ son John are bound to Mr Henry Reignald of Belstead for money or goods of the testator’s deceased brother Richard Bramston

Executor: wife Judith

Witnesses: Richard Dowe minister, Christopher Borrowe, Edward Riche, John Bramston the younger

Written 10 January 1581/2, probate 17 May 1582

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Branston, Katherine of East Bergholt, 1559

  • The poor of East Bergholt
  • Daughters Agnes, Margaret and Emme, all under 18 and unmarried
  • Sons Thomas, John, Robert, Richard and Christopher
  • Robert Keche and his wife Christian
  • William Beckett and his wife Katheryn
  • Goddaughter Katheryn Bransted

Executors: sons Thomas and John

Witnesses: Thomas Barker, Richard Branston, John Ellis “and others”

Written 6 Feb 1558/9, probate 24 Apr 1559

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Branston, Richard, clothier of East Bergholt, 1567

  • Wife Katherine, currently pregnant
  • Son Thomas, under 21
  • Eden Branston, daughter of Thomas Branston
  • Mary Branston, daughter of John Branston
  • Cardinall
  • Thomas Dawson
  • Christopher Dawson, “my brother”
  • Sisters Katherine, Annes [Agnes], Margaret, Emme
  • Brethren [this means brothers-in-law as well]: Thomas Branston, John Branston, Richard Cardinall, Robert Dawson, Adam Cardinall, Christopher Lewes, Richard Weston
  • The poor of East Bergholt

Executors: brothers John Branston and Thomas Branston

Witnesses: Stephin Cardinall, John Ramsey minister, Thomas Baker

Written 1566 (year only, not full date), probate 11 July 1567


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Branston, Thomas, yeoman of East Bergholt, 1586

  • Wife Julian

Witnesses: Richard Prycke, Christopher Borrow, Edmund Newton


Written 30 April 1586, probate 5 May 1586

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Branston, Thomas, clothier of Flowton, 1641

  • Wife Mary
  • Eldest son John Branston
  • Son Thomas Branston
  • Property in Kirby and Walton, Essex, and elsewhere. Land bought from Christopher Aldham
  • Sister Judith Clearke wife of Joseph Clearke of East Bergholt, and their children: John Clearke, Judith Clearke, Nahomy Clearke [Naomi?]
  • Grandchildren: Wililam Maxcie, Thomas Briminge
  • Brother-in-law Mr Robert Alefounder and my sister his wife. Cousin Robert Alefounder, my said brother’s son [ie nephew]
  • Cousin Elizabeth Trenham, wife of John Trenham of East Bergholt
  • £15 to build a workhouse for the poor in East Bergholt, and another legacy for the poor of East Bergholt
  • Steven Branston, son of John Branston
  • Steven Branston, son of Edmund Branston
  • Rose wife of William Braberton of East Bergholt, and her children, under 21 [unnamed]
  • Richard Alefounder the elder of East Bergholt, and his children Richard and Susan
  • Brother-in-law John Alefounder of Dedham
  • Sisters: Briminge, Sherman, Fenn, Alderman
  • Ministers: Mr Jones, Mr Long and Mr Fisher all of East Bergholt; Mr Witton of Mistley; Mr Newcome of Dedham; Mr Ruse of Bentley
  • Sons-in-law: William Maxie, Briminge, William Boggas

Executor: son John

Witnesses: Robert Doue, Anthony Dade, Ro. Alefounder, William Maxey

Written 3 Sep 1638, probate 29 July 1641


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Branston, William, clothmaker of Barfold [East Bergholt], 1632

  • “Now outward bound, shipt and appointed to go to sea to the East Indies in the good shipp called the Palgrave belonging to the East India Company.”
  • Brother Robert Branston of “same” (ie Barfold, aka East Bergholt), clothier: all wages etc to be received from the voyage. Executor.

Witnesses: Jo. Maxwell, Henry Askwith, Roger Peele, Cha. Charles

Written 12 Feb 1630/1, probate 9 August 1632


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Burrowe, John of East Bergholt, 1578

  • Wife Margaret 40sh a year, to be paid during her life by my son Christopher. Plus a legacy of 200 marks.
  • Linen, beds, bedding, brass, plate, and pewter to be divided in two. Margaret to have one half and first choice, and 6 of the best silver spoons, and fourty of the second sort, and several other items of household goods and furniture.
  • Wife to live with son Christopher is she remains a widow. If they don’t choose to live together, wife to have an extra 40sh a year to live on, as well as milk and firewood.
  • Son-in-law Nicholas Hedge and my daughter Alice £50
  • Granchildren: Robert Hedge, Christopher Hedge, Jeremy Hedge, Alice Hedge, Elizabeth Hedge, Susan Hedge and Ruth Hedge, children of my daughter Alice, £10 each when 22.
  • Son Christopher my “hed howse where I now dwell” and all tenements etc at Brent Oke, and wood called Fenne Wood with a field adjoining, bought from Stephen Cardinall.

Executor: son Christopher, rest and residue. Overseer: wife Margaret.

Witnesses: Robert Hedge, Edward Ritche, William Okye, Thomas Mellis scriptor, William Okey x

Written 10 Apr 1577, probate 28 Jan 1577/8


Transcriber’s notes: Grandfather of Christopher Burrowe of East Bergholt (see his will above), and father of Christopher of Wix (see his will).

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