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Some wills have been transcribed in full, whereas others are a paraphrased transcription. If they are paraphrased, they contain the names of all those mentioned in the will, with the gist of what they were (or were not!) bequeathed, but to find the full details, such as the names of property, requests as to how they were to be buried etc., please contact the relevant archive. The wills are either from the Suffolk Record Office (ERO), the Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PCC), or the Norfolk Record Office (NRO).

Rous, Anthony, gentleman of Badingham, 1555

To be buried in the chancel of the church in Badingham

Executors to have the manor of Badingham Hall, the manor or grange of Jurdies in Peasenhall, and his other property (unnamed) in Suffolk for eight years to pay debts and bring up his children.

His mother: Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Fuller of Finborough, an annuity, in recompense forher jointure with testator’s late father Reinold Rous.

John Thwarwarden alias Karner rents a house from testator called Dorantes

After the eight years, wife Mary to have Badingham Hall Manor, and some other land for life, on condition that she pays son Reynolde Rous £20 a year. After her death, the manor to said son Reynolde.

Also after eight years, Jurdies and some other property to son Reynolde, as long as he pays the aforesaid Elizabeth Fuller her annuity, and pays 40 shillings a year to each of testator’s sons: Edward, Thomas, John and Francis Rous.

When 21, son Reynold Rous to release his interest in land in Ubbeston called Saxleis to the possession of William Baldrye.

After death of wife and mother, testator’s brother Arthur Rous to be paid 40 shillings a year.

Daughter Prudence Rous

Executors: wife Mary; brother-in-law Robert Gurdon of Little Waldingfield, gent; the Right Worshipful Sir Edmund Rous; Robert Thorpe of Brindley, gent; Right Worshipful Mr Michael Haare of Bruisyard esquire.

Witnesses: George Rous, Anthony Storer, William Baldrye, Nicholas Lingewood, William Castleton, James White, John Harmon, Thomas Myles, Thomas Baldrye, Thomas Skynner, Roger Perse, Thomas Plu_ton (abbrevation after 3rd letter of surname), “and others.”

Written 22 Nov 1554, probate 19 July 1555


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Rous, Rayghnold, gentleman of Peasenhall, 1627

Wife Mary, executrix

Son Thomas

Bridget Tockley (relationship not given)

Daughter Lawter “my marrying ring that was her mother’s” (implying that her mother was a previous wife)

Son Reighnold Rous

The poor of Badingham, Peasenhall and Wenhaston

Three daughters: Elizabeth Rous, Katherine Rous, Annes/Agnes Rous

Cousin Arthur Cooke

Reignhold Rous of Badingham (relationship not given)

Witnesses: William Shynning, Nicholas Barefoote

Written 15 March 1623/4, probate 2 May 1627


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