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Some wills have been transcribed in full, whereas others are a paraphrased transcription. If they are paraphrased, they contain the names of all those mentioned in the will, with the gist of what they were (or were not!) bequeathed, but to find the full details, such as the names of property, requests as to how they were to be buried etc., please contact the relevant archive. The wills are either from the Suffolk Record Office (ERO), the Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PCC), or the Norfolk Record Office (NRO).

Smyth, Daniell, gentleman of Walton, 1639

To be buried in the chancel at Walton where his father and brother were buried.

Wife Bridget: lands and houses in Walton and Felixstowe Priory, for life, then to sons Daniel and Jeremy

Eldest son Daniell, under 21

Youngest son Jeremy, under 21

All goods and chattels to Bridget, then to her sons.

Poor of Walton 40 shillings

Sister Barber 40 shillings

Nephew and niece Charles and Audrey, children of his brother Smyth, 20 shillings each.

Executor: wife

Written 15 Aug 1530, probate 11 Jan 1639/8.


Transcriber’s notes: The testator’s wife Bridget was the daughter of Anthony Mannock and Bridget Hopton/Pannell. The probate says, in Latin, that his widow was Margaret, not Bridget. It looks as if Bridget predeceased her husband. There is a record of a marriage licence, dated 24 Sep 1636, between Daniel Smith and Margaret Joblett, a widow of Walton, to marry at Felixstowe. I couldn’t see Daniel’s burial in Walton in the Suffolk Family History Society’s burials CD, which includes burials in Walton for that period. The church has been drastically made over, so it seems that any memorials for the Smyths that once existed no longer do so.

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Stratton, John, gentleman of Shotley, 1627

Sick in body.

Poor of Shotley £3

Out of the manor of Thurcalton alias Surcalton in Shotley, occupied by Thomas Cample, to wife Anne £50 a year.

Son John is a minor. When 21, remainder of rents due from the manor after £50 a year deducted for wife Anne to John. And after her death, the manor to John.

Manor of Kirton Hall, where I now dwell, in occupation of me, Richard Throward, Christopher Wilton and John Wilton. Kirton Hall to be sold, to pay debts and legacies:

To sons William and Anthony, £100 each when 21

To daughters Anne (the eldest daughter), Elizabeth, Mary and Dorothy, £100 each when 18

Money leftover from the sale to son John.

All goods and chattels to be sold, except to wife Anne: a silver can, 6 silver spoons, a little silver salt, two feather beds, half the linen and half the pewter.

Brother Benjamin Stratton £6 13sh 4d and a mourning cloak.

Brother Joseph Stratton 40sh for a ring, and a mourning cloak.

Son John: velvet-lined cloak, seal ring, white hatched sword, and a mourning cloak.

Wife Anne: a mourning gown

All servants 5sh each

Kinswoman Margaret Harrison 20sh.

Executor: wife Anne

Supervisor: Mr Thomas Clench of Holbrook.

Witnesses: John Havell senr, John Wilton

Written 24 Sep 1621, probate 19 May 1627

Transcriber’s notes: John Stratton was buried at Shotley on 4 May 1627. The transcription of the register says he was of “Fordley”, Essex, but other sources say he lived for a time in Ardleigh, Essex. Fordley might be a misreading of Ardleigh. John’s wife Anne was born Anne Derehaugh. She was the daughter of Thomas Derehaugh of Badingham. John and Anne are, apparently, ancestors of US politician John Kerry. The will of John’s father, Thomas Stratton, is below.

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Stratton, Thomas of Shotley, 1596

Of Kyrketon, Suffolk [presumably Kirton Hall]

Wife Dorothy to enjoy Kirton Manor for life, as per her jointure, and lands in Shotley, and all household stuff in the house in Dedham “where I now do remain.” A silver pot that was her sister’s, one silver salt, six silver spoons that were her father’s, a silver bowl, and five of my milk beasts.

Manor of Thurkoulton asl Shurkelton and all lands and tenements occupied by Thomas Crickman and Robert Runtinge in Shotley, and 6 acres occupied by John Sparke “which I had to me and my heirs of Sir Philip Parker”, to my cousin John Morgan, gentleman of St Clement’s, Ipswich, until my son John is 21. John Morgan to use the lands for education and upbringing of Thomas’ children. If wife Dorothy died before John is 21, John Morgan to manage her lands.

Son Benjamin: £10 annuity for life

Daughter Mary £50 on her marriage, and £5 a year for life

Daughter Elizabeth £50 when 21

Granddaughter Sarah Beriffe, “my daughter’s child”, £20 when 21.

Son Joseph £100 when 21 (and to receive £5 per year from the age of 14)

Sister Elizabeth Hankyn 20sh for a ring.

Nephews, the sons of sister Elizabeth Hankyn: Roger, Thomas and John 40sh each when 21.

Servants Elizabeth Squire and Kathryne Sallowes 6sh 8d each.

Poor of Shotley £5

Poor of Dedham 20sh.

Executors: wife Dorothy and John Morgan.

Remainder of lands in Suffolk to eldest son when 21, in trust in the meanwhile to John Morgan.

To cousin John Collett a black colt on Dedham Heath, and a mourning cloak

To wife and eldest daughter Mary: a mourning gown each

To son John: a cloak

Mourning cloak to cousin John Morgan, and a coat to his man.

Anne Morgan, wife of my cousin Morgan, 20sh for a ring “as a gentle token of my remembrance.”

Wife: my grey ambling colt at Shotley.

Mr Dr Chapman 40sh

Sister Elizabeth Hankyn £10 in ten years after my death.

Servant Thomas Bate: the end of the house he now lives in for life.

Witnesses: John Collett and William Debnam.

Written 15 Apr 1596, probate 4 Nov 1596


Transcriber’s notes: Thomas was buried at Shotley on 1st June 1596. His daughter Cecily had married William Beriffe of Brightlingsea, a widower, at Shotley on 9 April 1594. His son Benjamin, who is mentioned in both this will and that of John Stratton, was buried at Shotley on 23 May 1627. There are several burials and baptisms for the Strattons in Shotley at this period.

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