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These wills are from a variety of sources – some from the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, and others from county record offices. Most of the wills have been transcribed to include all the names mentioned, but not necessarily all of the details of what each person received, so please see the originals for complete details.

Atmere, Henry, Citizen and Alderman of Norwich, 1513

  • To be buried in the churchyard of St Andrew “upon the bank next directly afore the dove of my mese [dovecote of my messuage/house] which opens into the said churchyard”
  • Money to churches and religious houses etc.
  • Pray for the souls of his parents John Attmere and Elizabeth his wife
  • Pray for the souls of Thomas Cok, Walter Haugh, Richard Browne, and all my friends’ souls
  • Brother Thomas Attemere
  • Nephew Henry son of brother Thomas Attemere, under 17
  • Wife’s mother Alice Haugh
  • Wife Elizabeth
  • Elizabeth’s former husband Thomas Cokke

Executor: wife

Witnesses: Walter Stubbe gent, Mr Edmund Stubbe, clerk, Yoven? Day, Yerven? A Bonefeld etc.

Written 22 March 1512/3, probate 16 Nov 1513

NRO will (Coppinger 87)

Transcriber’s notes: See the wills of Henry, the nephew, and Thomas, the brother below. The nephew is presumably the “cousin” mentioned in the 1552 will of William Pawe of Belaugh. The testator was an executor of Andrew Pawe (1511). I wonder if Thomas Cok/Cokke, former husband of the testator’s wife, is related to Robert Coke who married Winifred Knightley? Robert Cooke and Jane Cooke are mentioned in the 1559 will of the testator’s nephew, Henry (see below).

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Atmere, Henry, of Norwich, 1559

  • To be buried in the churchyard of St Peter Parmentergate in Norwich “against the porch where my father and mother lie.”
  • Money to churches, the poor, Lazar houses, and prisoners
  • Wife Agnes
  • Jane Cooke to be virtuously brought up
  • Robert Cooke
  • The children of John Barrett
  • The children of William Barrett
  • Thomas Barrett
  • John Beaver, servant

Executor: wife Agnes

Supervisor: John Gybbes

Witnesses: John Bysle?, William Wolmer, John Gybbes, Leonard Sharelowe, Edmund Butt

Written 18 Nov 1559, probate 27 Nov 1559


Transcriber’s notes: Henry Atmere is named in the will of William Pawe as his cousin, and Henry witnessed the will of William Knightley of Norwich (1548). His uncle witnessed the 1511 will of Andrew Pawe (William Pawe’s father). It might be that Henry’s mother might’ve been a Pawe, the daughter of Andrew Pawe. This would make him William Pawe’s first cousin, and would make Henry’s father and uncle brothers-in-law of William Knightley (William Knightley’s first wife was Margaret Pawe, Andrew’s daughter).

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Atmere, Thomas, of St Peter Parmentergate, Norwich, 1526

  • To be buried in the church of St Peter Parmentergate
  • John Berret
  • William Berret and Philip Berret, children of Jone Berret, under 21
  • Son Harry
  • Wife Joan

Executors: son Henry and wife Joan

Supervisor: [Mr? Wm? Abbreviation unclear] Knightley

Witnesses: Sir John Hazard, Sir Robert Lenys [or Levys?], John Berret “and others”

Written 17 Aug 1526, probate 24 [month not given] 1526

NRO will (Haywarde 110)

Transcriber’s notes: father of Henry (1559) and brother of Henry (1513) above. His supervisor was William Knightley, and his brother Henry was an executor of Knightley’s father-in-law Andrew Pawe.

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