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These wills are from a variety of sources – some from the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, and others from county record offices. Most of the wills have been transcribed to include all the names mentioned, but not necessarily all of the details of what each person received, so please see the originals for complete details.

Flint, Robert, 1559

To be buried by late wife Elizabeth

Money to the bedridden poor

Late sister Margaret Hill, widow of Norwich, desired me to be good to my brother William Flint’s two daughters, to have £40 or £50 on their marriages. She requested houses in the parish of St Peter Per Mountergate, Norwich, to be sold for the payment of the money. “There is but one of them alive.” Wife to pay the surviving daughter £100.

Daughter Margaret Flint £160, and 100 marks from sister Hill.

All my serving men: 20sh each

Wife: all leases of Lakenham Manor, all corn, cattle, household goods, husbandry stuff.

Executor: wife “praying her to accept my true heart, for if I had £10,000 more than I have, I would give her every penny.”

Witnesses: John Spencer, John Spencer junior, Robert Flint, Stephen Prowett parson, Richard Davy, John Benjamin, Robert Monds, Jane Harrison

Probate [in Latin] to his widow Barbara. No abode for Robert is given in the will.

Written 4 Nov 1559, probate 18 Dec 1559


Transcriber’s notes: the brother of Margaret, who was married to Andrew Pawe (until 1510/11 – see his will), and Philip Hill (until 1538 at the latest – see his will). See her 1549. There is an interesting doodle at the foot of the first page of this will – it’s not clear if he’d drawn it, or if the clerk copying up the wills had. Evidently Robert wrote the will himself, as his note to his wife seems to indicate. He was of Gray’s Inn when his sister wrote her will, so presumably practiced law. The Norfolk Visitation says that his daughter Margaret married Martin Barney of Gunton, Norfolk, and that Mary, daughter of Thomas Baxter married Robert Flint of Ellingham, Norfolk. It’s not clear if Mary Baxter married this testator, or his son.

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