Wills from elsewhere – G

These wills are from a variety of sources – some from the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, and others from county record offices. Most of the wills have been transcribed to include all the names mentioned, but not necessarily all of the details of what each person received, so please see the originals for complete details.

Gleede, Thomas, of St Lawrence Old Jewry, 1597

Wife Alice

Daughter Marie wife of Robert Sparrow

Sons: Thomas, Samuel, William, Robert, John.

Daughters: Abigail and Sarah, both under 21 and unmarried

To Roger Jackson – money owed by Thomas Dowe, and money “by the appointment of” the late Francis Bowyer, alderman, and Harry Bowyer his brother

In 1585, had paid William Downing of Beccles, Norfolk, £150 to be employed by the Dean and Chapter of Norwich, which land is now in suit, and if recovered, profits to his eldest son Thomas

Money to Elizabeth Bothe and her children

Executor: eldest son Thomas

Written 15 July 1596

Codicil, written 25 Nov 1597

Executor now to be son Samuel.

Son Samuel to have the “tuission” and the custory of the inheritance of testator’s children John and Sarah until they reach 21 or marry, whichever is first.

Son Thomas to have the same of testator’s children William, Robert and Abigail.

Son-in-law Robert Sparrow to have all debts owed by John Smithe, Henry Hilton and Dayne. Also to have all household goods of the testator’s currently in “the dwelling house of the said Robert Sparrow situate in Dart Street, London.”

Witnesses: Thomas Bothe notary public, Edward Roydon, Robert Sparrow, Thomas Whitley

Probate 22 Dec 1597


Transcriber’s notes: The baptisms of Thomas’ children can be found in the register of St Nicholas’, Ipswich, all bar John and Abigail, the two youngest. His children appear again in the will of Johane Vaysey of Hinstlesham, written 1586, which states that her “daughter Glede” is deceased. Her husband, John Walton, mentioned two daughters in his will – Anne and Rose. Presumably one of them married Thomas Glede. There is a marriage for a Thomas Glede and an Ann Coppin in the early 1570s, which could be them – if Ann was a widow when she married him.

The testator was buried at St Lawrence Jewry on 29 Nov 1597, as Thomas Gleade, merchant. He mentions the name of several ships in his will, which might explain why he was in London, if he was involved in the port in Ipswich.

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Gleed, Thomas of St Lawrence by Old Jewry, 1615

Money to the poor of London and Ipswich

Leases of property “over and of each side of the gate of the swan with two necks” to be divided among his siblings

Brother William £40 and his best apparel

Sister Abygall Woodhouse £40

Sister Mary Williams £20

Nephew Thomas Sparrow, testator’s sister Mary’s son £10

Nieces Mary and Elizabeth Sparrow, Mary’s daughters, £5 each when 21

Cloth for cloaks and gowns for siblings

Friends Mr William Buckenham and Mr Cutbert Crompton

Rest and residue to sister Sarah Gleed, executor

Written 8 Aug 1614, declared by testator 1 May 1615, probate 5 May 1615


Transcriber’s notes: The testator is the son of Thomas Gleed, above. He was born in Ipswich, the son of Thomas and his wife – a daughter of Joan Cutler by her first husband John Walton.

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