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These wills are from a variety of sources – some from the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, and others from county record offices. Most of the wills have been transcribed to include all the names mentioned, but not necessarily all of the details of what each person received, so please see the originals for complete details.

Mannocke, Dyonisius, spinster of South Pickenham, Norfolk, 1651

Brother Thomas Mannocke of Wetherden, Suffolk, £5 of the £20 which Nicholas Hazell of Lavenham, Suffolk, has of mine. And all such money due to me by the gift of my brother William Mannocke deceased which are in the hands of Master Thomas Greene of Hintlesham, Suffolk

Sister Frances Benlowes of Norwich, widow, £20

Kinswoman Dyonis Hart of Liston, Essex, £5 of the remaining £20 in Nicholas Hazell’s hands

Remaining £10 of the sum owed, to Master John Yates of Long Melford, Suffolk

£100 to pay my debts

Rest and residue to be disposed of at executor’s discretion

Witnesses: John Martin, Francis Martin

Executors: Sir Roger Martin, and his third son, Henry Martin

Written 5 Jul 1640, probate 8 Nov 1651


Note: Dyonis Hart is a married daughter of Thomas and Anne Mannock of Ardleigh, Essex. There is a burial in Liston, Essex, in 1651, for William Hart, a recusant, who might be Dyonis’ husband, especially considering that the Mannocks were recusants too. It seems likely that the testator and her siblings mentioned in the will are the children of one of the sons of Thomas Mannock of Wormingford and his wife Dennis/Dyonisius Roberts – perhaps Edmund, their second son. Edmund’s daughter Dennyse was baptised Holton St Mary, Suffolk, on 22 October 1581. If this is the testator, then Dyonis Hart was her first cousin. Edmund also had sons Thomas and William, although I haven’t seen a baptism for a daughter called Frances (it might not have survived, given how long ago it was). It appears that Frances left a will which is at NRO.

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Mannocke, Thomas, Merchant Tailor and Citizen of London, 1623

To be buried at St Mary Aldermary, London

Brother-in-law Peter Coale of Ipswich, Suffolk, grocer. £100 to pay Thomas’ mother mother Bridget Mannocke, widow, £6 8s 4d per year.

When Bridget dies, from that money: £20 to said brother-in-law Peter, £40 to his wife, my sister Mary, and £20 to my nephews Daniel Coale and John Coale.

Brother-in-law Daniel Smith of Ipswich £200 to pay mother Bridget £13 6s 8d a year. On her death, from that money: nephew Daniel Smith (the eldest son of said brother-in-law Daniel Smith) £100, £10 to brother-in-law Daniel Smith, £90 to sister Bridget, wife of Daniel Smith.

Sister Dorothy Mannock: £100

Mother Bridget: £20

Brother-in-law William Bendish, gentleman, £5, and to his wife Thomasine (my sister) £15.

Cousin Mary Dards £5 for a ring

Cousin Mary Dards daughter of the said Mary Dards £5

Brother-in-law Jeremy Burges, clerk, £5

Sister Phenelophey (! Penelope) wife of Jeremy Burges £15

Brother William Mannock, gentleman, £6 13s 4d, a watch clock and larum, a bay nag which is now in the custody of my brother-in-law Daniel Smith, my best black cloak, my sword, my gold girdle, my best seamed gloves, my crimson silk stockings with black garters and roses

I had from my cousin John Mannocke, gent, £5 for the repayment of £40 after 20 years if Margaret Purbett daughter of Mr Edward Purbett did so long live as by my bond it doth appear – pays £13 and takes the bond.

Apprentice John Thornton £40

£5 to the poor of Little Oakley, to be disposed of by Jeremy Burges

£5 to the poor of Ipswich, in the parish where my mother lives, to be disposed of by Peter Coale

£5 to be disposed by my executors to the godly poor in need

£3 to the poor of St Mary Aldermary by the parson, Mr Watson

My partner Mr William Risbey £5 for a ring, and Mrs Elizabeth Risbey £5 for a ring

My partner Andrew Beach, draper, £10, and his wife (my cousin) Avis Beech £15 and all my household stuff

My uncle Henry Pannell 40s for a ring, and my aunt his wife 40s for a ring

My cousin Robert Pannell 40s for a ring

My uncle Mr Arthur Hopton £50, plus rest and residue. Executor.

Witnesses: John Thornton, Mary Shard x

Written 9 Aug 1623, probate 10 Nov 1623


Transcriber’s note: “Thomas Mannocke, a drapper, living at Mr Beeches house in Bowe Lane” was buried at St Mary Aldermary’s on 20 Aug 1623. Thomas was the son of Anthony Mannock and Bridget his wife (Paynell/Pannell or Hopton). Anthony was a son of Thomas Mannock of Wormingford, and grandson of George Mannock of Gifford’s Hall and Sudbury.

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