Paramor wills

As part of my reserch into the Paramor families of Kent, I’ve started to look at wills left by people from those families in Kent and beyond, including those with Paramor as a middle name, indicating that they are likely descendants of one of the families. Biographical information will be included where available.

Henry Paramore of Preston, Kent

  • son John
  • wife Alice, John’s mother
  • grandson Edward Paramore, son of son Richard
  • son Richard died and left a will
  • daughter Alice Paramore
  • money to seven parishes

A deathbed will, related by John Smithe and Richard Gervase of Preston

Written 3 May 1552, probated by son John, 13 Feb 1553/4


Biographical notes: presumably Henry who appears in the Paramor pedigree on page 13 of the 1619-1621 Visitation of Kent. It notes that he married Alice Fowell in 16th year of Henry VIII, about 1524. Only one son, John, is mentioned in the pedigree, who married Jane, the daughter of Thomas Beke. The pedigree continues from his son Thomas, who was mayor of Canterbury and died in 1621. A memorial to Thomas and his wife is in the church at Minster, Isle of Thanet. His will is at the Kent Record Office.

Henry’s son Richard might be the Richard Paramore of Monkton who wrote his will in 1546, and it was probated the next year. The will is also at the Kent Record Office.

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Thomas Paramore esquire of Monkton, Isle of Thanet, 1652

  • to be buried in the parish church at Minster, Isle of Thanet, as near as convenient to “the grave of my father and the monument of my grandfather.”
  • wife Katherine
  • sister Mary wife of Thomas Paramore of Leeds
  • sister Anne Paramore
  • younger sister Mary Paramore
  • kinswoman Elizabeth Hart, widow

Executor: brother Henry Paramore

Witnesses: Mary Paramore Nicholas Thorowgood, James Thurbarne

Written 6 May 1652, probate 20 May 1652


Biographical information: as the testator mentions his grandfather’s monument in the church at Minster, he is presumably the grandson of Thomas Paramore, mayor of Canterbury, who died in 1621. He is therefore likely to be the great-great-grandson of Henry Paramor and Alice Fowell, mentioned above.

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Thomas Paramour, clerk of Monkton, Isle of Thanet, 1654

  • wife Mary
  • son Thomas U21
  • brother Saphir Paramour
  • brother Joseph Paramour
  • mother [unnamed in the will]
  • sister Katherine
  • sister Margaret
  • sister Susan Huffam [Huffans?]
  • Master Thorowgood, preacher at Monkton

Executor: wife’s (or “wises”?] brother Henry Paramour of Monkton

Witnesses: Richard Culmer, Henry Paramour, Mr. Thorowgood

Written 3 April 1654, probate 12 May 1654


Biographical notes:

Saphir Paramour might be the man who married Margaret Terry on 30 April 1638 at Eastry, Kent, by licence, or Saffery of Pluckley, aged 29 in 1621 when he applied for a licence to marry Bashia Sharpie, a widow.

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William Parramore, yeoman, of Sheldwich, Kent, 1654

  • brother John Parramore
  • daughter Frances Parramore
  • daughters Joane Parramore, Elizabeth Parramore, Susan Parramore, Barbara Parramore: all U21 and unmarried
  • son John Parramore U21
  • Nurse: Hannah Turney

Executor: brother John Parramore

Witnesses: Edward Kennett, George Besbeech

Written 18 Aug 1654, probate 31 Oct 1654


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William Parramore, yeoman of Shipton, Salon [Shropshire], 1655

  • money to the poor of Shipton
  • son John Parramore, U21
  • brother-in-law Francis Sheppard
  • brother Edward Parramore
  • six children of “my brother and sister Stich”
  • brother Francis Parramore
  • brother Richard Parramore
  • daughter Joane Parramore U21, unmarried
  • brother-in-law Thomas Stich
  • cousin William Harley of Long Stanton

Executors: brothers Richard and Francis Parramore

Witnesses: John and Urian Baldwin, Edward Baldwin, Isaac Prince x

10 Jan 1654/5: removed brothers Richard and Francis Parramore from executorship, and made brother-in-law Thomas Stich and cousin William Harley executors instead.

Written 12 Dec 1654, probate 20 March 1654/5


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