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A collection of unusual or unintentionally amusing names found in parish registers, updated as I come across them.

  • Adjutant Philbrick, baptised in Wivenhoe in 1800.
  • Rhoda Carriage, buried in Wivenhoe in 1810.
  • Pammely Pye, a bride in Elmstead who married in 1807.
  • Adam Eve, a groom in Bulphan, who married in 1827.
  • Tempest Dickson, who lived in Lawshall in the 1670s.
  • Cleopatra Knipp, who witnessed a marriage in West Bergholt in 1805.
  • Hamlet Armstrong, who lived in Lawshall in the 1670s.
  • In the 1830s, Abraham Livermore  of Wivenhoe was, fortuitously, a butcher.
  • Cook Rice, a labourer who lived in West Bergholt in the 1830s.
  • Spring Winkle, appears as the father on some marriages in Wivenhoe in the 1830s & 1840s.
  • Repent, an illegitimate child baptised in puritanical hotspot Dedham in 1607. His mother had another illegitimate child three years later who was also called Repent.
  • Libbeus Dimbleby, not a Dickens character; he lived in Dedham in the late 1500s/early 1600s.
  • Father Christmas, buried in Dedham on 30th May 1564.
  • Thimblethorpe, Brickelbank, Laverocke & Crackstone: not a firm of solicitors, but surnames found in Mistley in the 1560s.
  • Godsgyfte Robertsonne, baptised in Dedham in 1585
  • Freegift Witham, wife of Mistley‘s minister in the 1620s
  • Christmas Barns was baptised in Manningtree in 1721… in November.