Frinton St. Mary Magdalene

The tiny church at Frinton.

Arny Webb has transcribed these marriages from Frinton; a very small place indeed (as you can see from the tiny dimensions of the church!) before it became a swanky seaside resort!


  • The marriages run from 1762 to 1860 across two separate registers. These are the registers officially covering the periods 1754-1812, and 1813-1837. However, three anomalous post-1837 marriages have crept in (two for 1839 and one for 1860). More marriages occured at Frinton post-1837, so please consult the register which covers 1837-1937 (D/P 228/1/6), which hasn’t been transcribed here yet.
  • Edward VIII frequented Frinton-on-Sea as Prince of Wales, his retreat with Wallis Simpson. He does not, needless to say, appear in these transcriptions. Winston Churchill and Princess Margaret were also fans of Frinton.