High Ongar St. Mary

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High Ongar St. Mary church, photographed by Helen Barrell

Photographs of headstones and memorial plaques. The gallery is hosted at Flickr – to see brief transcriptions, just hover over the image in the gallery slideshow below. Click on an image to see a larger version of the photo on Flickr. The churchyard is still in use but I have only included stones up to the early-mid 1900s. The oldest stones can be found by the path leading up to the church door. Behind the church (to the north) is an interesting feature – a row of nineteenth century headstones in different styles. There is a stone raised by subscription for two young men, struck by lightning whilst sheltering under a tree in the churchyard during a thunderstorm. I have included the war memorial – some of the names on the memorial can be found on other stones in the churchyard (for instance, where servicemen died of wounds in England and were buried in St. Mary’s churchyard). The church wasn’t open when I visited, so I was unable to photograph memorial plaques and stained glass windows which are inside the church.