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Some wills have been transcribed in full, whereas others are a paraphrased transcription. If they are paraphrased, they contain the names of all those mentioned in the will, with the gist of what they were (or were not!) bequeathed, but to find the full details, such as the names of property, requests as to how they were to be buried etc., please contact the relevant archive.


Jaggard, Thomas of Fingringhoe, farmer, 1812

I give and devise all that my messuage wherein my son Thomas Jaggard now dwells, with the farm lands and hereditaments thereto belonging, containing by estimation 55 acres more or less in Fingringhoe aforesaid, unto and to the use of him, my said son Thomas Jaggard, his heirs and assigns for ever, and discharged of and from the principal money charged thereon by way of mortgage and the interest due and to grow due for the same.

But charged and chargeable nevertheless with the payment of one annuity or clear yearly sum of £30, which I give, devise and bequeath unto my dear wife Charlotte, until my youngest child James shall attain the age of 21 years, or in case of his death before such age, then until my son Henry shall attain his age of 21 years, for and towards the maintenance of herself and the maintenance, education and bringing up of my said sons Henry and James, during their minorities. Which annuity or clear yearly sum I direct to be paid by equal half yearly payments, the first whereof to begin and be made at the expiration of six months, to be completed from the day of my decease.

And also subject and chargeable with the payment of one annuity or clear yearly sum of £15 to my said wife, to begin and commence from my said son James’ attaining his said age, or in case of his death before such age, then to begin and commence from my said son Henry’s attaining his said age.

And in case of both their deaths under such age, then from and after the decease of the survivor, and to continue payable to my said wife during the then remainder of her life, by equal half yearly payments. And also subject to and charged with the payment of the sum of £100, which I hereby give and bequeath to my said son Henry at his age of 21 years, and to the like sum of £100 which I hereby give and bequeath unto my said son James at his age of 21 years.

Also I give and bequeath the messuage wherein I now dwell, with the farm lands and hereditaments thereto belonging, containing by estimation 57 acres more or less, in Fingringhoe aforesaid, unto my son William Jaggard during his life, and after his decease, I give and devise the same messuage lands and premises unto all and every the children of my said son William, lawfully to be begotten, and their heirs, equally to be divided between them if more than one, as tenants in common, and if there shall be only one such child, then the whole to such one child his or her heirs. But in case my said son William shall leave no child or children living at his death, then I give and devise the same hereditaments and premises unto my own right heirs for ever.

Also my will is that my said wife shall have the liberty of residing in the said messuage devised to my said son William for such time as she shall remain single, and think proper to reside and dwell therein, without paying any rent or making any allowance therefore.

Also I do charge and make chargeable the said hereditaments and premises devised to my said son William, with the payment of one annuity or clear yearly sum of £30 which I give and devise unto my said wife [same conditions as the annuities of £30 and £15 to his wife mentioned above, as well as legacies of £100 each to James and Henry].

Also I give and bequeath such part of my Household Goods and Furniture as my said wife shall make choice of unto her, my said wife, not exceeding the value of £100.

And all the Rest and Residue of my Goods, Chattels, Personal Estate and Effects whatsoever and wheresoever, after and subject to the payment of my just debts, and particularly the debt due from me on my said Estate devised to my said son Thomas, my Funeral and Testamentary Expenses, I give and bequeath unto my said sons Thomas and William, equally to be divided between them, share and share alike.

Executor: my son, Thomas Jaggard

Witnesses: James Barker, John W Cooper, Jno. Perry

Written: 29th January 1812. Thomas died in Fingringhoe on 2nd February 1812. Proved: 21st March 1812

ERO ref: D/ABW 199/2/52

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Jaggard, Thomas of Wix, 1852

His mortgaged farm in Fingringhoe to be sold, and all his personal estate to be sold. The money to pay of his mortgage and debts, and any remainder to be divided between his children (unnamed in the will).

Witnesses: Robt Marson, Arthur Godfrey (clerks to William Salmon Cooper, solicitor of Colchester).

Executors: George Frederick Cooper and Benjamin Page, both of Fingringhoe

Written: 3rd October 1846 (originally said “of Wivenhoe” but changed to Wix) Proved: 30th September 1852. Note says he died in Wix on 4th April 1851, but he was in fact buried in Wix on 12th March that year.

ERO ref: D/ACW 45/1/27

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Josselyn, Hugh of Mount Bures, farmer, 1809

[My transcription includes notes from other sources such as marriage registers]

Son-in-law Thomas Taylor of Dovercourt, miller. £500 in trust, interest to pay out for his natural life. On his death, money to be divided between the four children he had by my late daughter Susanna (note: married Mt Bures 1791)

Daughter Mary Page, widow, £500 in trust, interest for life, after death, divide between her children.

The “children or reputed children/natural children”. All born of Mary Hammond, Hugh’s housekeeper. Surnames of the ones not married “Josselyn otherwise Hammond”. The married women all seem to have used Josselyn when marrying though. The sums are all intended to be interest-only and divided up among their children on their
death, as above.

Sarah wife of Samuel Ratcliff of Toppesfield, farmer (married 1801, Mt Bures) (£200)

Mary wife of John Josselyn of Great Oakley, farmer (married 1801, Mt Bures) (£200)

Ann wife of Arthur Allen of the Ordnance Office at the Tower of London (£200) (they married in 1807 in London)

Elizabeth wife of Francis Josselyn of Wix, miller (£500)

Mark Josselyn/Hammond (£500)

Rose Josselyn/Hammond (£500)

Charlotte Josselyn/Hammond (£500)

James Josselyn/Hammond: Newly erected property in Mt Bures, inc. windmill, and some land.

Hugh Josselyn/Hammond: land in Mt Bures which Hugh J senr had inherited from his father in 1766.

£600 in trust for housekeeper Mary Hammond, to live on interest. Mary Hammond and her unmarried children by Hugh to live in Hugh’s house for a year after his death, money for them to live on from executors.

Executors: Sons James and Hugh, John Kingsbury of Wormingford, gent.

Written 19 Jun 1809. Hugh senr died 18 Oct 1809. Will proved 26 Dec 1809

ERO ref: D/ABW 118/1/84

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