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These wills are from a variety of sources – some from the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, and others from county record offices. Most of the wills have been transcribed to include all the names mentioned, but not necessarily all of the details of what each person received, so please see the originals for complete details.

Reynolde, John, gentleman of Gray’s Inn, Middlesex

Wife Elizabeth

Daughter Mary, under 21, unmarried

Nephew William Reynolde, son of my brother William Reynolde

Servants Edward Hunt and Edward Maddington

All the other sons and daughters [unnamed] of my brother William Reynolde

Brother Edward Reynolde

Father-in-law Mr James Altham

Brother John Barne

Servant John Rycande

John Baker, brother of Thomas Baker: land bought from Thomas Baker to John, as long as he pays executors £150.

Executors: Mr James Althum, Master William Winter, Mr John Barne, Edward Hunt

Witnesses: John Barne, Edward Hunt, William Conway, Edward Wadlington

Written 23 Nov 1567, probate 4 March 1567/8


Transcriber’s notes: Mary, the testator’s daughter, married William Derehaugh of Gedgrave in 1584 at Latton.

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