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The Griffin family left a lot of wills, as did people associated with them, all containing interesting information about their friendships and relationships. Rather than provide full transcriptions, I have included all of the names in the wills, plus identifying information, but not all the details of what people were left. I have included notes in some cases to identify certain people – these are transcriber’s notes in square brackets.

The wills are arranged alphabetically. This is in progress: more wills to follow.


Joshua Aldridge of Peckham, Surrey, gentleman, 1879
[Joshua’s sister Emma married Thomas Griffin (1829-?), son of John Griffin (1798-1840) and Ann Phillis Carr (1801-1881)]

Address: 44 Burchell Road, Queen’s Road, Peckham, Surrey

All real and personal estate to his two sisters, Emma Griffin and Fanny Aldridge

Executors: Stephen Westbrook of 250 Camberwell New Road, Camberwell, Surrey, gentleman

Witnesses: Elizabeth Pennington and Eliza Boddy, both of 250 Camberwell New Road

Written 13 Oct 1877, died 17 March 1879, probate 25 Sep 1879


John Barrell of Turnham Green, Middlesex, gentleman, 1865
[John married Sarah Griffin, daughter of Daniel Griffin (1757-1835) and his second wife Sarah Fowler(1762-?)]

Address: Alpha Cottages, Turnham Green, Middlesex

Executor: George Harry Barlow of 14 Westbourne Villas, Harrow Road, Middlesex

Son-in-law George Harry Barlow

Son James Barrell, now in Australia, £100 on his mother’s death “in token of my forgiveness and reconciliation”

Sarah wife of George Wood Rodway, John Griffin, Charlotte wife of George Harry Barlow, William.

Witnesses: Edward Woolf of Tudor Road, Upper Norwood; A. Wilcox of 5 Westcroft Place, Hammersmith

Written 25 Jun 1864, died 26 May 1865, probate 13 Nov 1865

Thomas Barrell of Gloucester, linen and woollen draper, 1849
[Thomas Barrell (1815-1849) was the half-brother of John Barrell (1795-1865). John’s wife was Sarah Griffin, daughter of Daniel Griffin and Sarah Fowler]

Address: 1 Westgate Street, Gloucester

Everything to my wife Ann Douglas Barrell, sole executor

Written 1 Sep 1840, proved 13 Nov 1849

He died on 18 Sep 1849

Elizabeth Benning of Tring, widow, 1823
[Elizabeth’s sister Lydia married George Griffin (1761-1840)]

My nephew William Butcher of Wilsterne [Wilstone], Herts

My sister Eleanor Meade of Chesham, spinster

My friend George Griffin, gentleman

My nephew Thomas Butcher of Tring, grocer

The minister of New Mill Chapel to be allowed to reside in my house in Tring

John Garrett and William Garrett, both of Chesham, sons of my sister Susannah Garrett (lately deceased)

Elizabeth Hughes, William Hughes, Lydia Merrick Hughes: three children of my niece Elizabeth Hughes, late of Hogshaw, Bucks, deceased

Anne Butterfield wife of Joseph Butterfield of Tring

Ann Bowler, granddaughter of the said Anne Butterfield

Elizabeth Benning of Tring, spinster

John Meade of Tring, son of my uncle Richard Meade lately deceased

Susannah Foster wife of Edward Foster of Tring, sister of the said John Meade

Written 27 March 1818

Codicil (28 Dec 1818) revokes the house going to the minister. Instead, the house goes to William Butcher, and the chapel receives £200 instead.

Proved 16 Aug 1823


Alexander Brown of 342 Strand, Middlesex, bookseller, dealer and chapman, 1865
[Alexander’s first wife was Elizabeth Rodway (1823-1853), sister of Opie Rodway (Harriet Griffin’s second husband) and cousin of George Wood Rodway (husband of Sarah Barrell, Harriet’s niece)]

Everything to wife Sarah (freehold and leasehold, household effects, business)

Executors: William Rothwell of Chapel House, Enfield Highway, Enfield, schoolmaster; Sarah Brown (Alexander’s widow)

Witnesses: Joseph Mackey, draper etc of 20 Blackmoor Street, Strand, London; Henry Rothwell

Written 12 Aug 1865, died 17 Aug 1865, probate 25 Sep 1865

William Butcher of Tring, grocer, 1789
[Lydia married George Griffin in Tring in 1797. Note that Thomas Butcher jnr married Elizabeth Woodman in 1802 – see Meacher will below for marriage of Job Woodman and Frances Meacher (sister of George’s first wife, Ann Meacher).]

Daughter Elizabeth Butcher: £800 when 25

Son Billey

Son Thomas Butcher: estates in “Draytobesham” [Drayton Beauchamp] and Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire, and Tring, Hertfordshire

Wife Lydia Butcher: his house

Son William Butcher

Executors: son William and wife Lydia (to carry on the grocery business), Mr John Garrott of Chesham

Written: 11 June 1788, proved 6 May 1789



George Chorley of Lambeth, floorcloth manufacturer, 1848
[George’s wife was Sarah Griffin (1792-1865), daughter of William Griffin (1755-1839) and Elizabeth Edge (1757-1824)]

To my wife (unnamed) all plate, linen, glass, china, books, pictures, wines, liquors, household goods, furniture

To my sisters: Charlotte Cook, Maria Draper and Ann Sharp: £50 each

My children: unnamed, except for eldest daughter Elizabeth, wife of William Croxford, who had a £500 marriage portion

Executors: Alexander Griffin of Stonefield St, Islington, gent, and my wife

Written 21 Feb 1848, proved 15 Apr 1848


Richard Cleaver of Edgware Road, St Marylebone, cheesemonger, 1809
[Richard was the father of Mary Cleaver, who married Thomas Griffin (1788-1860), who worked as an grocer, oilman and tallow chandler in London]

Wife Nancy/Nanny

Executors: Robert Gardner of Edgware Road, gentleman, and James Butler of St John’s, Hampstead, victualler [Robert was Richard’s father-in-law, and James was married to Nanny’s sister Mary]

Written 25 Nov 1808, proved 28 Sep 1809


[Richard was buried at Mary’s, Paddington Green, on 1 June 1809 as Richard Cleaver of St Marylebone. His wife was buried in the same churchyard on 6 Dec 1809.]

Charlotte Collins of Colchester, widow, 1884
[Charlotte (1790-1884) was the daughter of William Griffin and Elizabeth Edge. She married William Collins in 1811. Her daughter Ann Collins married William Griffin (1823-1874). William was the son of Wiliam Griffin, a Colchester linen draper (and son of Daniel Griffin and Sarah Fowler) and Charlotte Lainson. William Griffin and Ann Collins shared a pair of great-grandparents – William (1729-1799) and Mary Griffin, so they were second cousins. Charlotte’s daughter Caroline (1825-1914) married William’s brother George Lainson Griffin (1826-1903).]

Executors: Thomas Croxford of Wendover, Buckinghamshire, farmer, and George Lainson Griffin of Colchester, upholsterer.

To my sons-in-law Mr Thomas Croxford and Mr William Griffin of Colchester: £100 each

Rachel Collins, only child of my son William Collins by his first wife

My three daughters:
Sarah wife of the said Thomas Croxford
Ann wife of the said William Griffin
Caroline wife of the said George Lainson Griffin

Written 19 Oct 1867

Witnesses: Thomas R Quilter, saddler of Head Gate, Colchester, and Evan J Prosser, chemister, of same

Codicil 7 Feb 1873: William Griffin replaced as executor by George Lainson Griffin. Witnessed by solicitors

Codicil 13 Feb 1873: Several years ago, lent William Collins £500. That money when paid back to form part of my estate. Witnessed by H S Goody, solicitor [son-in-law of Ann Phyllis Griffin], Henry Hollaway

She died on 8 Feb 1885, and her will was proved on 26 May that same year.

William Collins, late of St John St Smithfield, Middlesex, now of Eastbury House, Kennington, Surrey, gentleman, 1833
[William married Charlotte Griffin, daughter of William Griffin (1755-1839) and Elizabeth Edge (1757-1824)]

To be buried in the family vault in the churchyard of St Sepulchre, City of London

To my wife Charlotte: household furniture, wine etc, china, books, etc

To my son James: my watch

To each of my friends a two guinea mourning ring: Mr William Boden of Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel, Mr William Griffin of Claremont Place, Islington, Mr Thomas Griffin of Drayton, Buckinghmashire, Mr George Griffin of Ivinghoe, Buckinghamshire

[William Boden died in Somerset in 1866 aged 83 (born about 1783). He was from Walsall and lived in London. He doesn’t appear to be a relation. He appears in Alexander Griffin’s will too as his friend Mr William Boden of Clevedon, Somerset. William Griffin is his father-in-law. Thomas Griffin is his wife’s brother who was born in London but returned to his father’s birthplace where he worked as a farmer. George Griffin is his wife’s uncle]

My sons William Collins and Francis Collins

My daughters Sarah Collins, Ann Collins and Caroline Collins

William owned various securities and shares.

Executors: Mr Alexander Griffin of King Square, Goswell Street Road, Mr George Chorley of Westminster Bridge Road.

Written 11 March 1833, proved 13 Apr 1833.

[Buried at St Sepulchre, Holborn, 28 Mar 1833: William Collins of Kennington, aged 55]


George Charles Coward of St George Hanover Square, tailor 1838
[George’s sister Ann was born Ann Cleaver. She was an older sister of Mary, second wife of Thomas Griffin (1788-1860).]

Wife Ann: universal legatee and executor

Witnesses: Henry Fox of 203 Regent Street [Husband of Ann’s sister, Sophia]; W H Chapman of Great Portland Street

Written: 27 June 1827, probate 11 Dec 1827


[Burial: 22 Oct 1827 at St George Hanover Square: George Coward of Hanover Street, aged 34. Baptism of George and Ann’s son George William took place at St George Hanover Square on 12 July 1821. George was recorded in the register as a tailor of Hanover Street.]

William Coward of No. 2 Hanover Street, tailor 1838
[Father of the above George Charles Coward]

Son George Charles Coward: leasehold of No. 2 Hanover Street, and the tailoring business

Wife Elizabeth, executrix: money plus house in Maida Vale, Paddington

Exec: Mr John Peacock of New Bond Street, woollen draper

Witnesses: William Rose, solicitor’s clerk; Jane Dupree of 37 Duke Street, Manchester Square

Probate 26 Jan 1813



Thomas Evans formerly cooper, now yeast merchant, of Southwark, Surrey, 1838
[Thomas was one of the witnesses of William Neville’s will. I wondered if he was related to Elizabeth, Daniel Griffin’s third wife, who was a widow, Elizabeth Evans when she married Daniel. Thomas’ will doesn’t offer any clues]

Executors: My friends Jame Potter of Park Street, Southwark, and Joseph Rideal of Union Street, Southwark.

My sons Thomas Evans and John Evans

The children of my late daughter Mary Ann Filling

My wife Rebecca Woodward Evans

My daughter-in-law Mary Holland Evans, wife of my son Thomas Evans

My son-in-law Samuel Jordan

Deacons of the Baptist church at the new meeting house in Park Street, Southwarl

My daughter Lydia Evans

My daughter Sarah Jordan

My daughter Eliza Evans

My son Thomas’ business partner: Mr John Lascelles

My wife to be the guardian of any of my children who are under 21.

Written 9 Sep 1835, proved 9 Apr 1838


[Thomas Evans, aged 70, of Great Guildford Street, was buried in a vault at Bunhill Fields, the non-conformist cemetery, on 31 March 1838. Mary Ann Filling, his late daughter, was buried at Bunhill Fields on 31 July 1831. She was 35, of King David Lane, Shadwell. Thomas had married Rebecca Woodward Godfrey, a widow, on 24 Sep 1839. The witnesses were Thomas and Unity Olney – note that Unity Olney was one of the witnesses of Harding Olney’s will. So Thomas Evans had two links to the Griffins. Rebecca’s maiden name was Rippon, the daughter of Theophilus Rippon who was presumably a nephew of John Rippon, minister of the New Park Street Baptist chapel. Rebecca was somewhat younger than Thomas.]


Evan Firth of Holborn St Andrew's, Middlesex, 1849
[Evan Firth (1785-1849) was one of the witnesses of Daniel Griffin’s third marriage to a widow named Elizabeth Evans. I wondered if Evan was related to Joseph Firth, husband of Daniel’s niece, Ann, who lived in the same parish. And would there be clues in Evan’s family to help me find Elizabeth’s maiden name and family background? His will didn’t offer many clues and unfortunately I’m still none the wiser.]

My wife Sarah Ann: all of my property, household goods, wearing apparel etc including three leasehold houses at Nos. 12, 37 and 46 Durham Street, Hackney, Middlesex.

Recommends that Sarah Ann leaves the houses to my sister Mary Burgess, and after her death, my nephew Benjamin Burgess.

Executors: wife Sarah Ann, and Mr James Cooke of Greenwich.

Witnesses: Charles Mills, James Cooke

Written 6 July 1830, proved 9 Feb 1849.

Joseph Clark of No 7 St James’ Place, St James’ Street, Piccadilly, gent, appeared personally to say that he knew Evan Firth, late of Stanley Terrace, Kings Road, Chelsea, Middlesex, deceased, “for many years before and to the time of his death”, and knew his handwriting. Joseph swore that the will was in Evan’s handwriting, and the will was proved.

[Evan Firth was buried All Souls, Kensal Green, on 22 Dec 1848]

Joseph Firth of St Mary Lambeth, Surrey, licensed victualler and of Middle Row, Holborn St Andrew, 1828
To be buried in the churchyard of St Andrew’s, Holborn

Housekeeper: Ann Maskell at Middle Row

My wife Mary

Leasehold of public houses: the Royal Oak at Henry Street, and The George at Middle Row

My son Joseph to be employed at the Royal Oak

My son William to be employed at the George

My daughter Ann

Executors: William Collins, tobacconist of St John Street West Smithfield, City of London, and George Chorley of Westminster Bridge Road, Surrey, gentleman.

Written 26 April 1828, proved 5 Aug 1828


Sarah Ann Firth of 127 Pentonville Road, widow
[Born Sarah Ann Townley, the daughter of John Townley and Hannah Beesley in 1787, she married Evan Firth in 1807. Evan was one of the witnesses of Daniel Griffin’s third marriage, to a widow called Elizabeth Evans. It is possible that Evan, who lived in Holborn, was related to Joseph Firth, who had also lived in Holborn and was married to Daniel’s niece Ann. Note that Sarah Ann left legacies to two of Daniel Griffin’s children.]

Formerly of 72 Euston Road.

Harriet Doney of Watford, Hertfordshire £40, my chiffonier, and my portrait of Mr Townley [Harriet was baptised at St George Hanover Square in 1807, having been born on 22 March 1795, the daughter of George Edward Doney and his wife Elizabeth. It is possible that her father was a servant working for the Earl of Essex, whose seat was in Watford. George was born in Gambia and was sold into slavery as a child. For several years, Harriet was Watford’s postmistress.]

Opie Rodway of George Street, Stroud, £5 for a ring

Opie’s wife Harriet £10 [Harriet was the daughter of Daniel Griffin and his third wife Elizabeth. Sarah’s husband had witnessed their marriage]

Simpson Noakes of Bushey, Herts, £10 for a ring

Joseph Blake of 348 City Road, Islington, £5 for a ring, and for Sarah his wife

Louisa Harley of 39 New Church Road South, Camberwell, £100

Benjamin Burgess, Islington, £5 for mourning

Firth Burgess, his brother £10 for mourning

Sarah Burgess, their mother, £10 for mourning

Charles Griffin of St John Street Road, Clerkenwell, £15 [Charles was the youngest of Daniel Griffin’s children by his second wife, Sarah Fowler]

Joseph Oats of 76 Euston Road, £2 for a ring

Sarah his wife, £2 for a ring

Joseph Clark of 7 St James Place, St James Street, Piccadilly: £40 and my easy chair, my late husband’s gold watch, and all my pictures except the Mr Townley

Catherine Clark his wife: my gold chain

Elizabeth Clark, their niece: £10, and my bed and bedstead

John Wilcox of Maynard Street, Crouch End, £40

Mary Ann Wilcox his wife: my silver teapot and watch chain

Elizabeth Burgess daughter of Sarah Burgess: leasehold house 12 Durham Street, Hackney

Sarah Burgess: leasehold house 44 Durham Street, Hackney

Benjamin and Firth Burgess: leasehold house 37 Durham Street, Hackney

James Simpson junior of Daventry, Northants: £10

James Cannee of Prospect Place, Keston Bromley, Kent: £10

Phillis wife of Samuel Dad of 72 Euston Road: £2 for a ring

Rest and residue to be divided among all legatees

Witnesses: Henry Luke of 75 Euston Road, Samuel Dade of of 72 Euston Road

Written 27 Oct 1864, died 26 June 1865 at 127 Pentonville Road, probate 29 July 1865

William Firth of Middle Row, Holborn, victualler, 1838
[A son of Joseph Firth and Ann Griffin]

All estate and effects to wife Mary Ann, sole executor

Witnesses: Wm Henry Withall of No. 7 Parliament Street, Westminster, and James Baker of No. 13 Middle Row, Holborn.

Written 30 May 1838, proved 11 Sep 1838

[Buried at St Andrew’s, Holborn, on 20 July 1838. William Firth of Holborn, aged 29]

Edward Foster of Tring, butcher, 1795
[Possibly related to Charlotte Foster, daughter of William and Jane (baptised at Tring, 1764), who married John Griffin (1753-1820)]

Wife Elizabeth

Children: William, Edward, Thomas, John, Elizabeth, Mary

Brother-in-law Edward Stevens of Marsworth, Buckinghamshire, farmer

Kinsman: William Foster of Akeman Street, weaver


Sarah Fowler of Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire, widow, 1857
[Her husband might be related to Sarah Fowler, Daniel Griffin’s second wife]

Thomas Fowler, baker

Ann wife of George Robinson of Aston Clinton [married in Aston Clinton, 16 Oct 1815]

Elizabeth widow of George Thorn of Aston Clinton [married in Aston Clinton, 5 July 1819]

Sarah wife of William Higgs of Aston Clinton [married in Aston Clinton, 19 Nov 1829. Higgs was a widower]

Sophia wife of Henry Axtell [married 4 Aug 1846]

Agnes Fowler, spinster

William and Philip Fowler

Mary widow of William Evans of Aylesbury [married at Aston Clinton 25 Dec 1826. Is William something to do with the first husband of Elizabeth Evans, widow, Daniel Griffin’s third wife?]

Thomas Fowler and John Fowler, both of London

Written 12 Jan 1852, proved 29 July 1857


[Sarah was 78 in 1851, born in Stoke Mandeville, Buckinghamshire, maiden name Smith. She was the wife of John Fowler, aged 83 in 1851, a wheelwright born in Aston Clinton. John was baptised on 13 Dec 1767, the son of Thomas and Ann Fowler. John’s parents were married in 1766, and his mother’s maiden name was Markham.]

William Fowler of 21 Marmaduke Street in the parish of St George(-in-the-East), Middlesex, gentleman
[This man appears to be one of the witnesses to Mary Griffin’s will, written in 1804. I have transcribed it in case it offers clues about Sarah Fowler’s family (she married Mary’s son, Daniel). The closest match I have is Sarah’s brother William, baptised in 1757 in Aston Clinton. The William Fowler who wrote this will was 79 when he died in 1831, so was five years older, unless they are the same man and his age was given incorrectly at his burial.]

My funeral to plain. One hearse and one carriage only. Six male mourners to be chosen by my executors. No women to attend, and Messieurs Wire and Chambers aren’t to attend either.

To my niece Elizabeth Fowler, widow: £30 a year in the 5% annuities. After her death, to be paid yearly between Mary Ann Wire wife of Robert Wire of Ann Street, St George’s, tailor [married at St Botolph’s Aldgate, 13 June 1819] and Sarah Chambers, wife of Charles Chambers of Lambeth Street, St Mary Whitechapel, gunlock polisher,[married at St Dunstan’s, Stepney, on 12 May 1822] the two daughters of the said Elizabeth Fowler.

To my niece Sarah Fowler, widow: £30 a year, and after her death to Mary Ann, infant daughter of the said Sarah

To my servant Eleanor Keep: £1000 in the 3% annuities, and some of my household goods

To my late servant Mary Nairn of 18 Marmaduke Street, widow: 6 shillings a week

To my grandnephew William Fowler of King Street, Commercial Road, St George’s, schoolmaster: rest and residue

To Abraham Pearce of Jubilee Place, Commercial Road, St Dunstan’s, Stepney, bricklayer: £20

To Benjamin Cornish of Jubilee Place aforesaid, master mariner: £20

Executors: William Fowler, Abraham Pearce, Benjamin Chambers

Witnessed by solicitors

Written 12 Feb 1831, proved 21 May 1831

Buried on 10 May 1831 at St George-in-the-East, Tower Hamlets: William Fowler of Marmaduke Street, aged 79 (so born about 1752)

A William Fowler, gentleman, of Marmaduke Street baptised two children, William in 1836 and Mary in 1838 at St George’s-in-the-East. This is presumably the nephew who was a schoolmaster in 1831.



Robert Gardner of Edgware Road, St Marylebone, gentleman, 1818
[Robert Gardner was the grandfather of Thomas Griffin’s wife, Mary Cleaver (1801-1862). He appears to have brought up his grandchildren following their parents’ deaths within a few months of each other in 1809]

To my daughter Mary Butler of Hampstead, widow, £1,000, and the leasehold house in Edgware Road, occupied by Robert Toms, butcher, and shared in Golden Lane Brewery

To my daughter Sarah Bennett, wife of Joseph Bennett of Tottenham Court Road, St Pancras, cabinet maker, £200

To my brother-in-law John Rolls of Kings Road, Chelsea, nurseryman, to John Gardner Rolls of same and to George Coward of Hanover Street, Hanover Square, tailor, my executors: £2,000 and leasehold at No. 25 Weymouth Street, St Marylebone – rents and profits to the said Sarah Bennett

My grandson George Legg

The two children of my late granddaughter Mary Ann Rolls deceased: Mary Ann and John Rolls

My grandson Richard Cleaver

My granddaughter Ann wife of George Coward [Possibly married in 1813]

To my granddaughter Mary Cleaver: No. 126 Edgware Road, where I now dwell. Groundrent £4 per annum

My grandson James Butler

My grandchildren Richard and Mary Cleaver: all the household goods at No. 126 Edgware Road

My sister Elizabeth Allibone

Eliza and Sophia, my youngest grandchildren, the children of my late son-in-law Richard Cleaver and my late daughter Nanny Cleaver

To my servant Jane Stevens £15 “in recognition of her care and attention towards my grandchildren” [presumably she helped look after the Cleaver grandchildren]

Rest and residue to be invested for the benefit of my Cleaver grandchildren.

Written 19 Dec 1817, proved 18 April 1818


[Burial at St Mary’s, Paddington Green, where Richard and Nanny Cleaver had been buried: 26 March 1818, Robert Gardner of Edgware Road, St Marylebone, aged 73 (therefore born about 1745)

Alexander Griffin of No. 10 East Stonefield Street, Islington, gentleman, 1865
[Alexander Griffin (1788-1865) was a son of William Griffin and Elizabeth Edge]

Executors: my brother Thomas Griffin of Gothic Place, Harlow, Essex, gentleman, and George Lainson Griffin, linen draper

Nephew Joseph Firth, son of my late sister Ann Firth

Joseph’s sister Ann Firth

Nephews: James Collins and William Collins of Aston, near Stafford, the two surviving sons of my sister Mrs Charlotte Collins

Nieces, daughters of Charlotte Collins: Sarah wife of Thomas Croxford, Ann wife of William Griffin, Caroline wife of George Lainson Griffin

Nephews and nieces, children of my sister Sarah Chorley: George Chorley, Sarah wife of William Croxford, Emma wife of Peter George Poile

Nephew Thomas Griffin son of my brother Thomas Griffin

My friend Mr William Boden of Clevedon, Somerset

Money on trust for children of my late nephew James Watson: Elizabeth, James, George and Robert

Alice Eliza Watson, only daughter of my late nephew Jesse Watson

To my brother Thomas Griffin: freehold house, the Queen’s Head pub on the corner of Peters Lane and St John’s Lane, St John Street, Middlesex

Mentions his share in a pub called the African Chief on Wilsted Street and Chapel St, Somers Town, Middesex.

Written 1 Dec 1859, proved 26 Sep 1865.

Alexander died on 22 Aug 1865 at his brother Thomas’ home of Gothic Place, Harlow

Ann Griffin of Winslowe, widow, 1732
[Transcribed in case she is linked to my Griffins]

Son Nathaniel Griffin [Ann has other sons and daughters, but Nathaniel is the only one to be named in the will]

Late husband Benjamin Griffin (who left a will)

Sister Martha Norman

Sister-in-law Ann Gyles, wife of my brother Joseph Gyles

Elizabeth daughter of Joseph and Ann Gyles, a “suit of pinners which I bought with me from Dunstable.”

Written 31 May 1727

Codicil, dated 6 April 1731: Ann Gyles owes her money

Probate 19 Oct 1732


Ann Phillis Griffin of Colchester, widow, 1885
[Ann Phillis Carr (1801-1885) married John Griffin (1798-1840) in 1820. John was the sixth child of Daniel Griffin and Sarah Fowler. Ann lost John and two of their children, Charlotte and Daniel Carr Griffin, within days of each other to scarlet fever. Ann continued to run their drapery business in Camberwell for a while, but by 1851 had moved to Colchester.]

Address: 2 St Mary’s Terrace, Colchester

Executors: Thomas Wickham of Mile End Road, Leytonstone, son George Griffin of Ipswich, son-in-law Henry Goody of Colchester, solicitor

To be buried in the vault at Norwood with her late husband and children.

To daughter Rebecca Weeks: gold watch

Daughters: Eliza Alston, Emily Moore, Esther Goody, Sarah Griffin

Daughters-in-law: Charlotte Martha widow of my son John Griffin, Eliza daughter of my son George Griffin

Sons-in-law: John Weeks and Henry Goody

Grandson Thomas John Griffin (son of my son Thomas Griffin): “as he has not had the paternal advantages of my other grandchildren.” [It looks from the censuses that Thomas left his wife. He appears on no censuses following 1861, and his son Thomas John Griffin was born in 1862.]

Late son John Alexander Griffin

Written 6 Oct 1881, proved 24 Oct 1885. Witnessed by two solicitors.

Ann Phillis Griffin died at No. 2 St Mary’s Terrace, Lexden Road, Colchester, on 24 Sep 1885, and was buried at Norwood, as she had requested, on 1 Oct 1885.

Benjamin Griffin of Great Marlow, Buckinghamshire, esq, 1761
[Transcribed in case he is linked to my Griffins]

Man servant Benjamin Beaver

Kinsman Samuel Norman of Henley-upon-Thames, Oxfordshire, mercer

Nephew William Griffin, son of my brother Nathaniel Griffin

Kinsman Benjamin Griffin Jackson, son of my niece Hester Jackson. Under 21 [Benjamin was baptised at St Bride’s, Fleet Street, in 1755. Michael Jackson (!) and Easter Griffin were married at St Pancras on 30 Dec 1750.]

Nephew John Griffin, the eldest son of my brother Nathaniel Griffin

Widow of my deceased brother Jacob Griffin

Mary Hawkins, niece of Benjamin Beaver

Written: 10 Aug 1761, probate 12 Sep 1761


[Possible burial at Wokingham, 26 Aug 1761]

Charles Griffin of St John Street Road, Middlesex, 1881
[Born in 1805, Charles was the youngest son of Daniel Griffin (1757-1835) and his second wife Sarah Fowler (1762-?).]

Address: no. 35 St John Street Road, Middlesex.

Executors: son Edwin Griffin of same, wholesale milliner, and Eli Havard of 19 St John Street Road, wheelwright

Daughter Mary Louisa Griffin

Daughter Maria Griffin

Son Edwin Griffin

Son-in-law John Skerritt [John married Charles’ daughter Louisa Mary in 1870]

Son-in-law Eli Havard [Eli married Charles’ daughter Charlotte in 1876]

Witnesss: solicitor’s clerks

Written 25 Aug 1880, died 25 Nov 1880, probate 24 Jan 1881

Daniel Griffin of Rowsham, Wingrave, Buckinghamshire, yeoman, 1780
[Daniel is the uncle of William Griffin (1729-1799). He married Margaret Pateman in Wingrave on 29 September 1730.]

Nephew William Griffin: house with one acre in Rowsham, and pieces of land in Wingrave, and Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire

Legacies to Thomas Shockley and Richard Shockley, sons of Thomas Shockley of Wingrave, farmer

Godson Daniel Griffin, son of the said William: £5 [Daniel (1757-1835]

Mentions that his late wife Margaret left a will. Executors are to pay her legacies. [Her will is held at Buckinghamshire archives]

Witnesses: William Hows, Elizabeth Edwards x, Farmor Bull

Written: 29 Jan 1777, proved 6 May 1780


Daniel Griffin of Great Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, yeoman, 1835
[Daniel Griffin (1757-1835) was the son of William Griffin and his wife Mary. He married three times and was the father of eleven children. When he died in 1835, he was living in the parish of Ivinghoe, Bucks, where his brother George lived, and where he was buried]

To my wife Elizabeth £300

Everything to be put into government funds and Elizabeth to receive the proceeds for life. After her death, £700 of the principal to be divided equally between my seven children Thomas, William, Sarah, Daniel, John, Elizabeth and Charles. [His first child, Elizabeth, died in infancy. His son George died in 1819, and his child Alic (Alex?)/Alice had presumably died by the time Daniel wrote this will. It isn’t clear why he didn’t include his daughter Harriet among the seven who would each receive £100.]

Executors: my wife Elizabeth, and my brother George Griffin of Ivinghoe, Bucks.

Witnesses: Thomas Frederick Robinson, attorney at Tring; William Collins of Berkhampstead [Daniel’s niece Charlotte had married a William Collins – I wonder if this witness was related to him?]

Written 27 Feb 1830, proved 10 Oct 1835

Elizabeth Griffin of Swanbourne, Buckinghamshire, widow, 1833
[Transcribed in case she is linked to my Griffins]

Daughter Mary Griffin

Sons William Griffin and John Griffin, executors

Witnesses: Dav. Thos. Willis, attorney of Winslow; Samuel Carter, clerk

Written 25 March 1831, probate 15 Jan 1833


Elizabeth Griffin of Chepping Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, spinster, 1868
[Transcribed in case she is linked to my Griffins]

Wearing apparel to Elizabeth, wife of brother John Griffin

Said brother John Griffin: £200

Thomas Kipping of Haslemere, Hughendon, Bucks

Mary wife of the said Thomas Kipping

Children (unnamed) of the said Thomas and Mary Kipping

Children (unnamed) of late uncle John Brown

Children (unnamed) of said brother John Griffin

Witnesses: solicitors

Executors: John Huntley of Chepping Wycombe, gent; Thomas Lucas of same, gent [they both affirm rather than swear – were they Quakers?]

Elizabeth Griffin of Amersham, Buckinghamshire, widow, 1872
[Transcribed in case she is linked to my Griffins]

Executor to sell her estate

Sister-in-law Ann Olliffe

Children (unnamed) of her late brother John Coggins

Executor: John Crook of Waddesdon, Bucks, farmer

Witnesses: Thomas Parrott of Aylesbury, Bucks, solicitor, and John James Wilson of Amersham

Written: 30 Aug 1869, died: 19 March 1872, probate: 20 April 1872

Elizabeth Griffin of Linslade, Buckinghamshire, widow, 1872
[Transcribed in case she is linked to my Griffins]

Son George Griffin

Daughter Elizabeth wife of Christopher Elliott

Daughter Louisa Liddington

Daughter Mary wife of Robert Willison

Grandson Henry Edward Griffin, son of her son George Griffin

Grandchildren Ernest Joseph Griffin and Bertha Griffin, children of late son Edwin Griffin

Grandfather of Ernest and Bertha: Joseph Seamons of Weedon, Bucks, farmer

Executors: George Griffin of Rowsham, Bucks, farm bailiff, the son; Christopher Elliott of Hulcott, Bucks, farmer

Witnesses: Fred. Willis, solicitor, Leighton; James Monteath, his clerk

Written: 5 March 1872, died 21 March 1872, probate 16 May 1872

Emma Griffin of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, spinster, 1855
[Emma Griffin was the daughter of John Griffin (1786-1843) and his first wife, Frances Kingsley (1792-1821). Her grandparents were John Griffin and Charlotte Foster (John senr was the eldest child of William (1729-1799) and Mary Griffin).]

Executors: William Griffin of Wingrave, and John Kingham of Westonhead, Buckinghamshire

To my sister Jane Kingham’s four eldest children £50 each, which money is held by Alfred Roads of Rowsham

To Mrs Elizabeth Dawney of Aylesbury “for the extra trouble I have given her.”

Rest and residue to be divided between my brother John Griffin and my sister Jane Kingham

Witnesses: William Griffin, Elizabeth Dawney

Written 14 July 1855, proved 14 July 1855


[Emma’s death was registered in the Aylesbury registration district in 1855. She was 35 years old. On the 1851 census, Emma was a visitor at the home of Mary Ann Simons who lived on Railway Terrace in Aylesbury. Next door was Rachel Bartlett, with her granddaughter Miriam Daubney. I wonder if Miriam was related to the Elizabeth “Dawney” in the will?]

George Griffin of Ivinghoe, Buckinghamshire, 1840
Executives: my nephew Alexander Griffin, son of my brother William, and my nephew William Griffin, son of my brother John, and my nephew Thomas Griffin, son of my brother William.

To be buried in the burial ground at New Mill chapel, Tring, beside my late wife.

Copyhold in Ivinghoe to my nephew Thomas Griffin

Wife Lydia Griffin

The house where Elizabeth Griffin, widow, lives [transcriber’s note: is this Elizabeth, widow of George’s brother Daniel who had died in 1835?]

Wife Lydia’s son Thomas Butcher, a grocer of Tring

Wife Lydia’s grandchildren by her daughter Elizabeth Hughes: Elizabeth, William and Lydia

Niece Mary Ann wife of Charles Pain of Chesham [transcriber’s note: daughter of his first wife’s brother]

The three daughters of my late niece Sarah, late wife of Ebenezer Daniels of Luton [transcriber’s note: daughter of his first wife’s brother]

The widow of my late brother Henry: £50

The wife of my late brother Daniel: £50

My sister Elizabeth: £50

My servant Elizabeth Kempster: £50

Rest and residue: to the children of my three brothers John, William and Daniel, and the children of my sister Elizabeth.

My said nephew Thomas Griffin’s sister Elizabeth Watson

Witnesses: Harry Smith (clerk), George Dollimore of Ivininghoe Green

Written: 22 Sep 1837, proved 8 Feb 1840.


George Griffin of Ipswich, Suffolk, 1917
[George was born in Surrey in 1839, a son of John Griffin (1798-1840) and Ann Phillis Carr (1801-1885)]

Address: Eyreville, Belstead Road, Ipswich

Execs: wife Eliza Griffin; Ernest Carr Griffin, commercial traveller of 30 Alpe Street, Ipswich

Son Percy Mortimer Griffin

Son Douglas Hamilton Griffin

Daughter Rosie Marion Griffin

Daughter Mabel Eliza Griffin

Son Leonard Brown Griffin

Written 1911

Codicil 1916, because son Douglas Hamilton Griffin had been an executor but had died.

Died 15 Dec 1916

Probate 9 Feb 1917

James Griffin of Tring, Hertfordshire, 1927
[James was a son of John Griffin and Charlotte Kingsley and grew up at Tring Folly Farm. He spent some years in Australia before returning to Hertfordshire where he paid for a statue to be put up in Aylesbury of John Hampden. In 1880, he married his housekeeper. He described himself as “a representative of an old Buckinghamshire family” on a large plaque on the side of the statue, which garnered negative comments from the local newspaper that thought such a glowing tribute to himself on a statue gifted to the public was rather self-aggrandising.]

Executors: William Newman Mead of Gainnel Wharf, Tring, miller, and Alfred Freeman of 9 Mandeville Road, Aylesbury, gent (£500 to each)

Mrs Henry Jenny

Mrs Brown, wife of William John Brown of 2 Park Road, Tring

Richard Griffin of Aston Clinton, now at the asylum of Stone, Bucks [possibly his brother, although he was born in 1824]

Mrs Alice Gertrude Wells of Wing, Buckinghamshire

Written: 1 Feb 1923, probate: 25 April 1924

Died 2 March 1924

John Griffin of Great Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, carpenter and builder, 1827
[Transcribed in case he turns out to be part of my Griffin family]

Wife Ann Griffin

Son William Henry Griffin [Baptised 16 March 1806, born 1 Jan 1806. Third son of John and Ann]

Daughter Ann Griffin

Daughter Mary Lewen of Watford [Married Fawcett James Lewin in Berkhamstead on 30 April 1830]

Daughter Emma Griffin

Son John Griffin

Son Edward Jones Griffin [Baptised at Great Berkhamstead 28 Sep 1800.]

Witnesses: Richard Woodman, grocer; Thomas Martin, William Starn

Written 10 Nov 1822, probate 18 May 1827


[Buried at Great Berkhamstead 25 Nov 1826. John Griffin, aged 68]

John Griffin of Camberwell, Surrey, linen draper, 1840
All estate and effects to John Bunn of Park Street, Camberwell, gent and ___ Haydon the elder of Wandsworth, draper. [Transcriber’s note: John Bunn had married Anna Neville (as a widow, Anna Maynard, in 1820). Anna’s sister Rebecca Neville was married to John Griffin’s brother Daniel (1793-1844).

Wife Ann to carry on the business, if she remains a widow

Mentions he has sons and daughters, but doesn’t name them in the will

£50 each to his brothers and sister: Daniel Griffin, Charles Griffin, Thomas Griffin, Elizabeth Nunn

Witnesses: Robert Young, surgeon of Camberwell, Henry Child, solicitor

Crossed out at the beginning: wife Ann Griffin, friend William Cook the younger of the firm of Cook Gladstone & Co of St Paul’s churchyard

Written: 16 April 1840, proved 1 June 1840


John Griffin of Folly Farm, Tring, Hertfordshire, 1843
Brother William Griffin of Wingrave, Buckinghamshire

Thomas Woodman of Grove Farm, Tring

Wife Charlotte

Children: John, Jane, Emma, Charlotte Kingsley, Thomas, Sarah, James, Charles, Hester [Charlotte Kingsley Griffin possibly baptised as Eliza Charlotte Griffin]

Written 15 Feb 1839, proved 24 June 1843


Margaret Griffin, wife of Daniel Griffin of Rowsham in the parish of Wingrave, Bucks, 1777
Mentions an indenture dated 26 Jan 1729/30, before her marriage, between Daniel Griffin of Wingrave, husbandman (her soon-to-be husband) on one part, and on the other, John Dudley Pateman of Newton Longville, Bucks, husbandman, and John Ashwell of Leighton Buzzard on the other.

Nephews John Keene and Thomas Keene, both yeomen of Wingrave

Cousin Ann, wife of Thomas Shockley

Mary Shockley, and Ann wife of Joseph Elliott – two daughers of the said Ann Shockley

John Pateman, son of nephew John Pateman

niece Elizabeth wife of [first name not given] Cook

Mary Smith and Sarah Smith, daughters of John Smith of Leighton Buzzard

Margaret signs, Daniel marks

Executor: husband Daniel Griffin

Witnesses: Sarah Higgs, Gabriel Allen x, Farmor Bull

Written 18 June 1773, probate 31 May 1777

Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies

Mary Griffin of Drayton Beauchamp, Buckinghamshire, widow, 1806
[Widow of William Griffin, 1729-1799. Her maiden name is unknown. She married William as a widow called Mary Markham and I cannot find the baptisms of her two daughters from her first marriage mentioned in the will below, or her first marriage.]

Daughter Mary Brill: £30 [William Brill married Mary Markham at Drayton Beauchamp, 6 Jan 1766. Children born at Weston Turville and Wendover]

Son-in-law Richard Morris, late the husband of my deceased daughter Hannah Morris: £30 [Richard Morris married Hannah Markham at Buckland, 24 Feb 1770. Hannah died in Buckland in 1804, having had eleven children]

Granddaughters Mary (£20) and Jane (£10), daughters of my son John Griffin

Grandson James Burnall: £10

Son Henry Griffin: my bed I normally sleep on [and other pieces of furniture and some household goods]

Rest and residue of household goods not going to Henry: to my daughters Mary Brill and Elizabeth Burnall, and my granddaughter Sarah Morris (daughter of the said late Hannah Morris)

Rest and residue of everything else to be divided between my children who are living at my decease, and to the children of those who may have died.

Executors: William Griffin and George Griffin

Witnesses: William Fowler of Cannon Street Road, St George’s in the East, London, and Arthur Charles Stone, attorney at law of Tring

She marks.

Written: 26 July 1804, proved 20 Nov 1806


Mary Griffin of Tring, Hertfordshire, spinster, 1874
[Transcribed in case she is linked to my Griffins]

Nephew William Griffin of Tring, carpenter, executor. To sell her estate. William to keep half of it, the remainder to other nephew George Eames Griffin

Witnesses: J M Shugar, solicitor, Tring; R W Lipscombe, surgeon, Tring

Written 23 Jan 1872, died 9 April 1874, probate 5 May 1874

Mary Ann Griffin of Tring, Hertfordshire, widow, 1881
[Transcribed in case she is linked to my Griffins]

Children of my late brother Thomas Elliman:
– Clara wife of Rev. Frederick Smith
– Sarah Elizabeth Elliman
– Lucy wife of Rev. Thomas Farmer Collins
– Augusta wife of Edward Maruner [Mariner?] – Samuel Elliman

Children of my late brother James Elliman:
– Eliza Jane wife of How
– Ellen Mary Elliman

Old servant Rebecca Rodwell

Elizabeth Rodwell (Rebecca Rodwell’s niece)

Mary Jane Faithfull, daughter of late niece Mary Ann, wife of George Lockton Faithful

Children of said niece Clara Smith:
– Henrietta Litt
– Amy Gertrude
– Mabel Clara Stern
– Frederick Percival Litt

Children of late nephew George Elliman:
– Frederick William Elliman, eldest son
– Edgar George Elliman
– Catherine Elliman

Lucy Elizabeth Elliman, widow of late nephew George Elliman

Witnesses: Thomas Carr, solicitor’s clerk; John J Clement, watchmaker of Tring

Written: 9 March 1878

Thomas Griffin Elliman now seriously ill, so Arthur William Vaisey added as executor

Witnesses: John J Clement, watchmaker, of 33 High Street Tring; Annie Elizabeth Glover of 18 High Street, Tring

Written 24 April 1880, died 16 March 1881 in Tring, probate 31 March 1881

Thomas Griffin of Gothic Place, Harlow, Essex, gentleman, 1881
[Thomas Griffin (1794-1881) was a son of William Griffin (1755-1839 – who sailed with Captain Cook) and Elizabeth Edge (1757-1824). He married Martha Bigg (1795-1862) and they had one child, Thomas (1820-1907).]

Everything to son Thomas Griffin [This included his father’s souvenirs from his travels with Captain Cook, which Thomas had inherited from his brother Alexander Griffin. On Thomas jnr’s death, his wife sent the items to auction, and they are now mostly held by the National Maritime Museum.]

Witnesses: Edward B Jupp, solicitor of Carpenter’s Hall; Thomas Worrall (Jupp’s clerk)

Written ?, died 6 Feb 1881, probate 7 March 1881

[I was sent the cover sheet for Thomas’ will without the attached will, then I was sent the coversheet for another Thomas Griffin who died the same year, with Thomas’ will attached to that. In the confusion, I have lost my copy of Thomas’ will and haven’t made a note of the date on which he wrote the will]

William Griffin the elder of Morton in Dinton, Buckinghamshire, grazier, 1782
[Icluded here in case there is link between him and the Aston Clinton/Drayton Beauchamp Griffins]

Has a large stock of cattle on a farm he rents in Charlton, Northamptonshire. He is in partnership at Priors Marster, Warwickshire. Both are managed by his eldest son, Charles

Also has a farm in Dinton managed by his son William

Wife Elizabeth

Daughter Elizabeth Griffin

Uncle James Griffin (deceased – left daughter Elizabeth £300)

Written 1774, proved 1782


William Griffin of Claremont Place, Clerkenwell, Middlesex, 1840
Executors: My brother George Griffin, my son Alexander Griffin, my son-in-law George Chorley

My son Alexander: Queen Elizabeth’s Head public house on the corner of Peter’s Lane, St John’s Street West, Smithfield, and “the spear pillar club fishes head sharks jaw shells and other things which I brought home fro the South Seas”

My sister Elizabeth Burnell, widow

My sisters-in-law: widow of my late brother John Griffin, wife of my brother Daniel Griffin, wife of my brother George Griffin, widow of my late brother Henry Griffin

My daughter Elizabeth Watson

My two grandchildren James Watson and Jesse Watson, sons of my daughter Elizabeth Watson

My grandchildren, the sons and daughters of my late daughter Ann Firth: Joseph Firth, William Firth, Ann Firth, Elizabeth Firth, Charlotte Firth.

My daughter Ann Firth’s late husband Joseph Firth

My daughter Charlotte Collins

My son Thomas Griffin

My daughter Sarah Chorley, wife of George Chorley

My granddaughter Sarah Chorley

Written 23 Oct 1833, proved 6 April 1840 by the surviving executors, Alexander Griffin and George Chorley


William Griffin of Tring, Hertfordshire, esq, 1842
[Transcribed in case he is related to my Griffins]

Old servant Thomas Mew

Wife Mary Ann Griffin, executrix

Ann Aram, widow of John Aram of Nottinghamshire, nurseryman [This seems to be a mistake and her name should be Mary Ann. In Tring on 31 May 1815, Mary Ann Woodman, spinster, married John Aram of Mansfield, Notts. Witnessed by Diana Griffin, Elizabeth Woodman and John Aram]

Richard Saunders of Leighton Buzzard, grocer

Richard’s sister Sophia Blake, wife of Blake of Haddenham, Buckinghamshire, farmer

Richard’s brother Robert Saunders

Witnessed by solicitors.


William Griffin the younger of Colchester, silk mercer and linen draper, 1874
[William (1824-1874) was “the younger” in 1859 when he wrote his will – his father William died in 1863. He was the third son of William Griffin (1789-1863) and Charlotte Lainson (1793-1860). His wife was Ann Collins (1823-?), daughter of William Collins (1778-1883) and Charlotte Griffin (1790-1884). Ann’s mother, as a daughter of William Griffin (who sailed with Cook) was first cousin of William’s father – they shared one set of great-grandparents, making William jnr and Ann second cousins].

Wife Ann Griffin: £100, plus use of all household furniture, plate, linen etc, and all houses, land etc while a widow

Executors to carry on business until eldest son is 25. Eldest son to be offered the business. If he refuses it, to be offered to next eldest son, etc.

After Ann’s death or remarriage, personal and real estate to be sold and divided among children when they reach 25.

Witnesses: Henry Goody, solicitor, Colchester [husband of William jnr’s cousin Esther Griffin, daughter of John Griffin and Ann Phillis Carr]; Daniel Stock, his clerk

Written 20 April 1859, died 21 July 1874, probate 28 Oct 1874

William Griffin of Colchester, 1864
[William (1789-1863) was the second child of Daniel Griffin and Sarah Fowler. He moved to Colchester where he worked as a successful linen draper, a business that over the generations would evolve into Williams and Griffins department store.]

Executors: my son George Lainson Griffin and my daughter Jane, wife of Samuel Blomfield.

Everything to be sold and divided between my six children. My sons Alfred, William, George and John to receive £500 less each than their sisters

Witnesses: H S Goody and Henry Goody, solicitors (H S Goody was the husband of William’s niece, Esther, daughter of John Griffin and Ann Phillis Carr)

Written 28 Aug 1863, proved 18 March 1864.

William died in Colchester on 30 Dec 1863.

He later wrote a codicil saying that all debts between himself and his children had been settled.


William Lainson the elder of Silchester, Hampshire, farmer, 1822
[William was the father of Charlotte Lainson, who in 1818 married William Griffin, Daniel Griffin and Sarah Fowler’s second eldest child. William and Charlotte moved to Colchester, where he ran a drapery business that eventually evolved into Williams & Griffin department store.]

Daughter Sarah £300

Daughter Louisa £300

Daughter Charlotte wife of William Griffin of Colchester, linen draper, £200

Wife Catherine £50 a year for life

Son Arnold, exec: rest and residue

Son John, exec

Witnesses: Caleb Coles of 99 Broad St, Ratcliff; William Wise, Silchester

Written 23 Jan 1822, probate 2 Aug 1822



John Markham of Winslow, Buckinghamshire, gentleman, 1746
[I have transcribed this in case it helps to identify the first husband of Mary, William Griffin’s wife, who was a widow with the surname Markham when she married William.]

Eldest son Alexander, executor: all tenements, land, etc

Youngest son Robert £60 a year and a £50 legacy, plus £450 when he reaches 30

But if Robert marries Hannah Hazard, daughter of Hannah Hazard of Winslow, alehousekeeper or any other daughter of the said Hannah Hazard senior, Robert to inherit nothing.

Brother William Markham £10

Nephews and nieces: Henry Markham and his wife, Charles Markham and Elizabeth Markham £5 each

Stamped parchment and law books to son Robert.

£5 to the poor of Winslow

Written 28 Apr 1746, proved 18 June 1746


Thomas Meacher of Ivinghoe, Buckinghamshire, 1793
Transcriber’s note: George Griffin’s first wife was Ann Meacher, one of Thomas daughters. They were married at Ivinghoe on 24 June 1793. George was aged 24, a wheelwright.

Son Thomas Meacher

Grandchildren Mary Ann Meacher and Sarah Meacher, the two infant daughters of my late son John Meacher deceased, £500 when 21 [transcriber’s note: Sarah married Ebenezer Daniels – see George Griffin’s 1840 will]

My son-in-law Peregrine Nash [transcriber’s note: Peregrine married Mary Meacher at Ivinghoe, 3 June 1783]

Ann Meacher [relationship not stated]

Daughter Mary Nash

Late daughter Frances Woodman [Transcriber’s note: Job Woodman married Frances Meacher at Ivinghoe, 21 May 1782]

Son George Meacher

Daughters Ann, Sarah and Henrietta Meacher

Executives Thomas Meacher and Peregrine Nash

Written 4 Dec 1788

Codicil: daughter Henrietta married James Bayley, a surgeon [Transcriber’s note: married at Ivinghoe, 3 May 1790]

Proved 5 Feb 1793 by George Meacher, the other execs renouncing.


William Meade of Chesham, Buckinghamshire, tanner, 1799
[William’s daughter Lydia married George Griffin (1761-1840)]

My wife Lydia

My daughter Susannah Garrett, widow of John Garrett, late of Chesham, tanner, deceased

My daughter Lydia Butcher, widow of William Butcher, late of Great Tring, Herts, grocer, deceased

My daughter Eleanor Meade, spinster

My daughter Elizabeth Benning, wife of Thomas Benning of Great Tring

My grandson Willaim Butcher, eldest son of my daughter Lydia

Executors: my wife, my son-in-law Thomas Benning, my grandson William Butcher

Written 31 July 1793, proved April 1799


Thomas Moore of Colchester, Essex, wholesale grocer, 1872
[Thomas’ second wife was Mary Ann Barrrell, sister of John Barrell (1795-1865), who was Sarah Griffin’s (1791-1875) husband. Mary Ann and John had both moved from Herefordshire to Colchester.]

Executors: wife Mary Ann Moore; sons James Barrell Moore of Colchester, wholesale grocer and George Moore of same, wholesale grocer; brother James Moore of Wivenhoe, grocer; friends John Stuck Barnes, solicitor and Robert Austin, wine merchant of Dedham

Son Thomas Moore

Son Frank Arthur Moore: money to be in trust to the executors. If he recovers from “current illness” it will be given to Frank

Premises on north side of Barrack Street, shop and premises on Head Street, and at Plough Corner, Colchester

Had been an executor of Joseph Carter Eisdell’s will

Written 18 June 1868, probate 16 May 1872


William Neville of Park Street, Camberwell, 1837
[William Neville () was the father of Rebecca Neville, who married Daniel Griffin (1793-1844), the fourth child of Daniel Griffin and Sarah Fowler]

To my wife Martha all my personal property for life, all freehold and leasehold

To my daughter Anna Bunn, my freehold houe in St Botolph’s, Colchester, in the occupation of Mrs Dickinson and Elin Cottage, Park Street, Camberwell

To my daughter Rebecca Griffin, my freehold house in St Botolph’s, Colchester, occupied by Mr Bugg, and Pleasant Cottage, Park Street, Camberwell

To my grandson William Neville, my freehold house in St Botolph’s, Colchester, occupied by Mr Squires

To my grandchildren William Neville, Rebecca Griffin, and Anna Maynard Neville, two leasehold houses in Hatfield Street, Blackfriars parish, Christchurch, Surrey

My brother-in-law William Hammond of Maldon, Essex

Executors: Mr Daniel Griffin of West Ham, Essex, and Mr John Bunn of Park Street, Camberwell [his sons-in-law]

Witnesses: Daniel Olney, gentleman, of Park Street, Camberwell; Thomas Griffin, draper of Bolingbroke Row, Walworth; George Robins, shopman to Mr Griffin [Daniel Olney is perhaps Daniel Sutton Olney’s uncle, as mentioned in his will. Thomas Griffin of Bolingbroke Row was born in about 1803 in Drayton Beauchamp, the son of John Griffin and Charlotte Foster – the first cousin of Rebecca’s husband]

Written 14 Oct 1835, proved 13 July 1837

Elizabeth Nunn, widow of 96 Shoreditch, milliner and dressmaker, 1847
[Elizabeth was the daughter of Daniel Griffin and Sarah Fowler, born in Aston Clinton in 1801. She married David Nunn in 1818 at the church of St George Hanover Square. David died in 1841]

Daughter Sarah Nunn, and Frederick Parks, draper of 76 Shoreditch – executors, and to carry on the family business. [Sarah died in the cholera pandemic in 1849]

Written 13 Oct 1847, proved 19 Nov 1847

One of the witnesses was Mary Griffin, Elizabeth’s sister-in-law (wife of her brother Thomas)

[Frederick Parks was born in about 1804 in Southwark. He died in 1858. He doesn’t appear to have been related to the Nunns or Griffins, but as so many of the Griffins were drapers, he might have known the Nunns professionally, or just as a near-neighbour]



Daniel Olney of Tring, Hertfordshire, canvas manufacturer, grocer and shopkeeper 1831
[Daniel’s grandson Daniel Sutton Olney married Harriet Griffin]

Executors: my daughter Sarah Olney, my friends Thomas Evans of Guildford Street, Southwark, cooper and George Griffin of Ivinghoe, farmer

My son William Olney: my property on Akeman Street, Tring, where I live and carry on my business.

My four children: Sarah Olney, Harding Olney, Daniel Olney and Thomas Olney

Freehold cottages in Wilstone, Tring, which formerly belonged to my son-in-law Thomas Price

My granddaughter Elizabeth Price

My granddaughter Ann Filby, formerly Price

Mary Olney, widow of my late brother William Olney

Sophia Poulton and Sarah Stonnell, daughters of my late brother John

Written 1 Feb 1826, proved 7 Sep 1831

Codicil written 19 May 1830, added following Harding Olney’s death:
Harding’s children: Daniel Sutton Olney, Mary Ann Olney, Elizabeth Harding Olney

Daniel Sutton Olney of Tring, Hertfordshire, canvas manufacturer, 1848
[Daniel married Harriet Griffin, the daughter of Daniel Griffin and his third wife, Elizabeth]

Executors: my wife Harriet; John Griffin of 6 Church Street, Camberwell, linen draper, and my cousin William Potter Olney of 140 High Street, Southwark, fellmonger [John Griffin (1798-1840) was Harriet’s half-brother]

To my wife Harriet £600 and all household furniture, linen, china, etc. Rest and residue to be invested for Harriet, and if Daniel has no children by Harriet, after her death, the money to go to my sisters.

To my mother Ann Tompkins £15, plus £1 a month from the rent of my copyhold house, including its gardens, workshop etc, at Dunsley. My two sisters Mary Ann Olney and Elizabeth Harding Olney to receive the remainder of the rent from the houses. After Ann’s death, my sister to inherit the house.

If my uncle Daniel Olney is in occupation of the house at my death, he to be allowed to be a yearly tenant of the said house, at £32 a year. [Daniel Olney, canvas manufacturer, lives at Dunsley House on the 1851 census with his wife Charlotte]

Written Feb 1845

Witnesses: James Kerwin senr of 13 Angel Court, Throgmorton Street, London, stock broker; James Kerwin the younger of same, gent.

Codicil 23 July 1847: £1000 to wife Harriet instead of £600
Witnesses: Samuel Sallery of Tring, weaver; Henry Beckett of same, weaver

Proved 7 Nov 1848

[Death of Daniel Sutton Olney registered in Dec qtr of 1848. He was aged 31. He was buried near his father]

Harding Olney of Tring, Hertfordshire, 1830
[Harding’s son Daniel Sutton Olney married Harriet Griffin]

Executors: my wife Ann, my brother Thomas Olney of No. 140 High Street, Southwark, and my brother-in-law John Sutton of Snowhill, City of London

Works as a weaver at Tring, wants brother Thomas, to continue the business. Business to wife Ann until her death or remarriage. Afterwards, to my children, or to be sold.

House at Dunsley, Tring, to my wife Ann until her death or remarriage, then to my son Daniel.

Witnesses: Unity Olney, Lydia Saunders, Henry Silvester, Henry R Silvester

Written 7 Feb 1829, proved 14 Aug 1830


Harriet Rodway of Tower Hill House, Stroud, Gloucestershire, widow, 1907
[Harriet Griffin was born in 1816, the daughter of Daniel Griffin and his third wife, Elizabeth. Her first husband was Daniel Sutton Olney, then she married Opie Rodway].

Executors George Edgar Powell of The Poplars, Langley, Bucks; John Ryland Yates of Rodborough, Stroud, Glos., both drapers.

Grace Coombs of Tower Hill House, domestic

My dear niece Mrs Helen Oakley of Castle Donnington, Lincs, matron: watch and chain, silver spoons marked “O” [Presumably the spoons were from Harriet’s first marriage. Helen was in fact Harriet’s great-niece, born in 1848 as Helen Maud Potter to Harriet’s niece Rebecca Griffin and her husband Thomas Potter. Rebecca was born in 1817, the daughter of Harriet’s brother Daniel and his wife Rebecca Neville. As Harriet was much younger than her siblings, she was only a year older than her niece. Helen married William Day Oakley in 1868.]

My dear nieces Miss Leila Rodway of 4 Albert Terrace, Bradford-on-Avon, Wilts, and Mrs Maria Louisa Tayler of Trowbridge, Wilts, wife of Dr Tayler [Maria was the daughter of Harriet’s husband’s brother, Eusebius Joseph Rodway. Leila was Charlotte Leila Rodway (1855-1948), related to Harriet by blood and by marriage as the daughter of George Wood Rodway (Opie’s cousin) and Sarah Barrell (Harriet’s niece – daughter of Harriet’s sister Sarah Griffin and John Barrell).]

Written 3 Nov 1904

Died 31 May 1907 at Tower Hill House

Probate 14 Aug 1907

Reverend Joseph Rodway of Bradford, Wiltshire, Dissenting Minister, 1843
[Joseph’s son Opie was the second husband of Harriet Griffin. His nephew George Wood Rodway married Harriet’s niece Sarah Barrell]

My wife Mary

My sons Eusebius and Opie Rodway

My other children Anna Maria, Elizabeth, Rowland and Joseph

Witnesses William Bright, Joseph Beaven

Written 31 May 1843, proved 30 Nov 1843


Mary Rodway of Bradford, Wiltshire, widow, 1853
[Mary’s son Opie married Harriet Griffin. Her nephew George Wood Rodway married Harriet’s niece Sarah Barrell]

My trustees: John Knapp, surveyor of Bradford, and my nephew George Wood Rodway of Trowbridge, Wiltshire

My nephew Jeremiah Batten Mundy, under 21

Witnesses: George Wood Rodway of Trowbridge, and Harriet Adlam of Bradford

Written 9 Feb 1852, proved 13 May 1853


Opie Rodway of Tower Hill House, Stroud, Gloucestershire
[Opie was Harriet Griffin’s second husband. He was the son of the Reverend Joseph Rodway and his wife Mary. Opie worked as a linen draper and appears to have made a great deal of money. He gave a lot of money to people in need in Stroud, and opened up his house as a convalescent home.]

Executors: nephew Rowland Henry Rodway of Trowbridge, Wilts, gent; niece Maria Louisa Tatler wife of George Christopher Tayler

George Edgar Powell of Walbridge House, Stroud, cloth manufacturer

House for wife Harriet during her life. After her death, the house to be sold and the proceeds to be divided between the children of late brother Eusebius Joseph Rodway.

Money to various charities for orphans, Baptist missionaries, Salvation Army etc.

Sarah Ann Bonney was one of the witnesses [She was the Rodways’ servant and Opie would send her into Stroud looking for people in need that he could help]

Died 7 May 1904

Probate 13 June 1904


Robert Slocombe of 27 Gloucester Street, Gloucester Gate, Regent's Park, 1851
[Robert’s wife Elizabeth Belcher had a sister called Martha. Martha appears to have been the first wife of Thomas Griffin (1788-1860).]

Daughters of late brother John Slocombe: Sophia, Louisa, Henrietta

Mother of my said nieces [unnamed]

Son-in-law Edward Ive of Limehouse, butcher

Brother Thomas Slocombe

Sister Amelia Slocombe

Wife Elizabeth Slocombe

Son Robert Charles Slocombe

Daughter Eliza, wife of the said Edward Ive

Witnesses: solicitors

Written 4 Dec 1849, probate 23 Jun 1851

Mary Sutton of Tring, Hertfordshire, widow, 1842
[Mary Sutton was the maternal grandmother of Daniel Sutton Olney, Harriet Griffin’s husband. Mary was born Mary Deverell in about 1760 and married John Sutton in Tring in 1791. The witnesses were Thomas Benning and Thomas Mead – which is interesting because the second wife of Harriet’s uncle, George Griffin, was born Lydia Mead, and her daughter married a Benning. Also, Thomas Griffin (1788-1860) was apprenticed to a grocer in Aylesbury call Thomas Deverell. It might be coincidence that these surnames are prolific in the area, but it might also indicate friendship groups between the families across several generations].

Daughter Ann Tompkins: £50. My house for life – after Ann’s death, the house to be sold and the proceeds divided among my grandchildren.

Grandchildren: Daniel Sutton Olney, Mary Anna Olney, Elizabeth Harding Olney, Betsey Sutton.

Executors: Peter Richard, surgeon of Dewsbury, Thomas Clement, watchmaker of Tring

Written 15 May 1841, proved 2 Aug 1842

John Sutton of Tring, Tawyer, 1801
[John Olney was Daniel Sutton Olney’s maternal grandfather.]

Wife Mary universal legatee and executor

Witnesses: Elizabeth Brown, Lydia Howse, Bartholomew Rolls

Probate 10 Mar 1801.


Lambert Tettrell / Tittrell of St Botolph's, Colchester, farmer, 1837
[Lambert Tittrell’s daughter Ann married William Neville in 1816. William’s sister Rebecca married Daniel Griffin (1793-1844).]

Wife Hannah Tittrell

Sons George and John Tittrell

Daughter Ann Tittrell

He signs Lambert Tettrell

Witnesses: Robert Blomfield, Mary Carter, ? Diss

Written 27 May 1813

Probate 4 April 1837



James Watson of Knightsbridge, St George Hanover Square, Middlesex, baker, 1842
[James was the son of James Watson and Elizabeth Griffin (1782-1836). Elizabeth was the daughter of William Griffin (1755-1839) and Elizabeth Edge (1757-1824)]

Wife Elizabeth

Children: Elizabeth, James, George and Robert

Executors: wife Elizabeth, and Mr James Collins of Pulboro Place, Vauxhall

Witnesses: George Chorley of 39 Westminster Bridge Road, Ann Feast of 7 Knightsbridge Terrace

Written 3 April 1842, proved 1 June 1842