Nunn administrations from Bury St. Edmunds Record Office


If someone dies intestate, without a will (or the will is incomplete), administrators have to be appointed. The following are admons from the record office at Bury St. Edmunds for certain people with the surname Nunn (and variants) in Whepstead and Hawstead. They are all in Latin, except for the one in 1750, and are printouts from microfilm. Some don’t have the month stated on them. They are all just the name and abode of the deceased and the person to whom admon was granted, so contain less information than a will would normally, but still contain some information of use.

  • 14th June 1682 Elizabeth Nun of Whepstead to Henry Nunn, her natural and legitimate brother.
  • 26th ? 1683 Sarah Nunn alias Chinnery of Acton, to Thomas Chinnery, her natural and legitimate brother and closest blood relative.
  • 30th ? 1683 William Nunne of Whepstead, to Ambrose Nonne and Richard Everard, principal creditors of the deceased, and to Rebecca Nunne, his widow.
  • 11th May 1687 George Nunn senior of Hasted, to Maria Nunn his widow.
  • 13th May 1687 Robert Nunn the younger of Hawstead to Maria Alexander alias Nunn, wife of Joseph Alexander, his natural and legitimate sister.
  • 17th ? 1690 Maria Alexander alias Nonne of Nolton, to Joseph Alexander (clerk), her husband. Also mentions Robert Nonn senior late of Hawstead, and Robert Nonn junior.
  • 30th March 1692 Robert Nunne of Whepstead, to Elizabeth Nunne, his widow.
  • 17th March 1707 (1707/8?) John Nunn of Hawstead to Roger Nunn (relationship unclear – seems to say ‘patri’ – Roger is John’s father?).
  • 10th October 1750 Robert Nunn of Whepstead, to Robert Nunn, natural, lawful and only son of the deceased.

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