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Having scratched my head for years and years over where David Nunn, my great-great-great grandfather was born, I found a clue in a very unlikely place: a marriage announcement in an Australian newspaper from 1862.

At least two of David’s daughters, Mary Ann and Lydia, emigrated to Australia. Mary Ann went first, and on 11 December 1862, she married Duncan Hamilton in Geelong, in the Australian state of Victoria. The marriage announcement declares her to have been the daughter of David Nunn of Hadleigh in Suffolk!

So, at last a clue. But still no sign of David in Hadleigh in the parish registers or wills. But as, over the years, several Nunns lived in Hadleigh, it seemed worth researching them to see if I could find anything. Interestingly, some of the early Hadleigh Nunns are related to my father – ironic, given that David Nunn is one of my mother’s ancestors! My grandad had said that there was a Joshua on David’s side of the family, and having already found a Joshua Nunn who was possibly his nephew, I’ve also noticed some other Joshua Nunns popping up in Hadleigh too. Intriguing… what will I find out?

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