Nunn grooms and family clusters: 1760s Suffolk

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Joshua Nunn and Sarah Clarke, 1760

Married 25 Jun 1760 at Stowmarket. Groom is of Stowupland.

John Nunn and Mary Argent, 1760

Married 29 Jun 1760 at Haverhill. The groom is a widower.

John Nunn and Ann Deadman, 1760

Married 23 Dec 1760 at Bury St Edmunds St James.

John Nunn and Sarah Mitchell, 1760

Married 26 Dec 1760 at Hawstead. Groom is of Lavenham.

Robert Nunn and Mary Westropp, 1761

Married 19 Feb 1761 at Campsea Ashe. Groom is of Fen Stanton, Huntingdonshire.

Robert Nunn and Sarah Scott

Married 2 March 1761 at Dalham.

Richard Nunn and Mary Moyse, 1761

Married 10 March 1761 at Bury St Edmunds St James

William Nunn and Sarah Downing, 1761

Married 10 May 1761 at Sutton.

James Nunn and Bette Foreman, 1761

Married 17 Sep 1761 at Stanningfield.

Martin Nunn and Elizabeth Baldwin, 1761

Married 24 Nov 1761 at Hawstead.

James Nunn and Martha Coats, 1762

Married 17 June 1762 at Kettleburgh. Groom is of Brandeston.

Thomas Nunn and Elizabeth Archer, 1763

Married 23 Jan 1763 at Holbrook.

William Nunn and Mary Spuring, 1763

Married 10 Feb 1763 at Newmarket.

John Nunn and Ann Macro, 1763

Married 7 Apr 1763 at Icklingham.

John Nunn and Mark Markall, 1763

Married 23 May 1763 at Elmswell. Groom is of Bury St Edmunds St James.

Henry Nunn and Mary Vinson, 1763

Married 1 Aug 1763 at Burgate.

Cornelius Nunn and Sarah Drake, 1763

Married 11 Oct 1763 at Wetherden. Groom is of Elmswell.

William Nunn and Mary Chapman, 1764

Married 19 March 1764 at Shottisham. Groom is a widower, of Sutton.

Peter Nunn and Sarah Keeble, 1764

Married 18 June 1764 at Martlesham.

Thomas Nunn and Sarah Abbott, 1764

Married 17 Sep 1764 at Bury St Edmunds St James.

Thomas Nunn and Elizabeth Wilkin, 1764

Married 12 Oct 1764 at Hessett.

James Nunn and Elizabeth Segrave, 1764

Married 16 Oct 1764 at Rattlesden.

Edmund Nunn and Mary Hayward, 1764

Married 1 Nov 1764 at Lavenham. Groom is a widower.

Joshua Nunn and Frances Genery, 1765

Married 8 Jan 1765 at Crafield. Groom is a widower.

Joshua Nunn and Jane Flack, 1765

Married 19 Feb 1765 at Withersfield. Groom is a widower. See Nunn families of Withersfield.

Robert Nunn and Penelope York, 1765

Married 22 Apr 1765 at Norton.

John Nunn and Mary Pleasants, 1765

Married 26 Apr 1765 at Worlington.

Thomas Nunn and Elizabeth Sharpe, 1765

Married 6 May 1765 at Poslingford.

Thomas Nunn and Mary Hinnell, 1765

Married 23 Sep 1765 at Rattlesden. Groom is a widower of Norton.

Row Nunn and Sarah Blomfield, 1765

Married 6 Oct 1765 at Grundisburgh. Groom is of Woodbridge.

John Nunn and Anne Freeman, 1765

Married 12 Nov 1765 at Thorndon.

John Nunn and Mary Baker, 1765

Married 15 Nov 1765 at Cockfield. Groom of Horringer, bride of Felsham.

John Nunn and Sarah Miller, 1766

Married 6 March 1766 at Ramsholt.

Thomas Nunn and Elizabeth Jermyn, 1766

Married 3 Apr 1766 at Bradfield St George. Groom is of Nowton.

Martin Nunn and Mary Davis, 1766

Married 1 May 1766 at Risby.

Robert Nunn and Mary Wessey, 1766

Married 10 June 1766 at Mendlesham.

Houlden Nunn and Hannah Cooper, 1766

Married 20 July 1766 at Hargrave.

William Nunn and Elizabeth Freeman, 1766

Married 10 Sep 1766 at Bramfield. Widower and widow.

Robert Nunn and Elizabeth Catchpole, 1766

Married 2 Oct 1766 at Brandeston. Groom is a widower of Easton.

James Nunn and Ann Smith, 1766

Married 14 Oct 1766 at Felsham. Groom is a widower of Lawshall.

James Nunn and Ann Shade, 1766

Married 21 Oct 1766 at Coney Weston. Groom is of Barningham.

Samuel Nunn and Sarah Allerton, 1767

Married 24 May 1767 at Dalham. Groom is of Halkin, Cambridgeshire.

James Nunn and Mary Reeve, 1767

Married 26 June 1767 at Campsea Ashe.

John Nunn and Susan Challis, 1767

Married 8 Aug 1767 at Depden. Groom is of Chevington.

Robert Nunn and Mary Bridge, 1767

Married 26 Oct 1767. Groom is of Hargrave.

James Nunn and Bridget Presland, 1768

Married 8 Feb 1768 at Hartest.

Joshua Nunn and Anne Paine, 1768

Married 23 Sep 1768 at Coddenham. Groom is of St Lawrence Jewry, London. He eventually moved to Witham in Essex and died there, leaving a will. A son of Joshua Nunn and Mary Baker of Stonham Aspall.

Peter Nunn and Sarah Grimwood, 1768

Married 8 Dec 1768 at Great Bricett.

Thomas Nunn and Sarah Challis, 1768

Married 19 Sep 1768 at Chevington.

Thomas Nunn and Ann Shin, 1768

Married 13 Oct 1768 at Wangford, near Brandon.

Robert Nunn and Sarah Woodward, 1769

Married 12 June 1769 at Rede.

John Nunn and Mary Copsey, 1769

Married 23 July 1769 at Chevington.

George Nunn and Ann Holden, 1769

Married Aug 1769 at Hessett. Groom is of Drinkstone.

Robert Nunn and Mary Complin, 1769

Married 6 Aug 1769 at Bury St Edmunds St James. Groom is of Long Melford.

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