Nunn marriage extracts: an online shoebox



I have transcribed marriage licence allegations for some of these marriages, which give more information, such as age, abode, marital status and parentage.

Nunn grooms

  • 12th November 1730. By licence, at Lamarsh. Edmund NUNN, singleman of Bueres St. Mary. Anne RUFFLE, singlewoman of Wickham St. Paul.
  • 17th February 1730/1. At Manningtree. Joshuah NUNN, singleman & Hannah FISHER, singlewoman.
  • 17th July 1731. By licence, at Magdalen Laver. Thomas NUNN and Mary Stone of Harlow.
  • 25th March 1733. By licence, at Little Braxted. Richard NUNN, singleman of Great Braxted. Ann NEWCOMB, singlewoman of Witham.
  • 6th December 1737. By licence, at Greenstead-juxta-Colchester. William NUN, bachelor & Elizabeth BUTCHER, widow. Both of this parish.
  • 11th June 1741. By licence, at Greenstead-juxta-Colchester. Henry NUN, widower of Misley & Abigail NELSON, single woman of Manningtree.
  • 24th August 1745. By licence, at Brightlingsea. Jonathan NUNN, singleman of Great Clacton & Sarah BURRIDGE, singlewoman of Brightlingsea.
  • 29th September 1745. By licence, Saffron Walden. John NUNN, of Castle Camps & Jane DEBNEY, of Walden.
  • 24th August 1746. By licence, at Chelmsford St. Mary the Virgin. Thomas NUNN, bachelor & Elizabeth VINTNER, spinster, both of Laindon Hills.
  • 13th Aug 1772. By licence, at Frating. Thomas NUNN, singleman of Alresford. Mary WILKIN, singlewoman. Witnesses: Benjamin. WILKIN, Thomas WILKIN

Nunn brides

  • 22nd September 1719. By licence, at Matching. Thomas GRAYLING of White Rooding, & Martha NUN, widow of this parish.
  • 22nd July 1725. At Bulmer. Edmund TUFFILL & Mary NUN (no marital statuses or abodes given in register).
  • 25th October 1731. At Mount Bures. James WARD & Rose NUN (no marital statuses or abodes given in register).
  • 2nd September 1735. By licence, at Colchester St. James. Mumford BARBER & Catherine NUNN (no marital statuses or abodes given in register).
  • 4th April 1738. By licence, at Colchester St. Mary at the Walls. Thomas ARTHY & Sarah NUNN, both of Wivenhoe.
  • 6th January 1744/5. At Saffron Walden. William Watson & Mary Nun, both of Haydon.
  • 10th May 1747. By licence, at Tolleshunt D’Arcy. Samuel WORRELL, widower & Elizabeth NUNN, widow. Both of this parish.
  • 15th July 1748. By licence, at Colchester St. Mary at the Walls. John PITTOCK, singleman & Mary NUNN, singlewoman, of Aldham.
  • 10th October 1749. By licence, at Colchester St. Leonard. John JENNINGS, singleman & Sarah NUNN, singlewoman, of Great Oakely.
  • 10th September 1750. By licence, at Halstead. John GRIGGS, bachelor & Rose NUNN, singlewoman, both of Belchamp Otten (Note: see the marriage licence allegation – it says Rose was a widow).
  • 18th February 1762. By licence, at Wickham St. Paul. Edward HIGHAM, farmer of Faulkbourne (marital status not in register) & Margaret Newton NUNN x, spinster, of this parish. Witnesses: John Ruffle, John Cant
  • 26th May 1772. By licence, at Manningtree. John ROGERS, bachelor & Elizabeth NUNN, spinster. Witnesses: Mary CARRINGTON, William CARRINGTON, Thomas WILKINSON, Henry NUNN
  • 6th November 1777. By licence, at Bradfield. Jeremiah FOKER, bachelor of Manningtree & Elizabeth NUNN, spinster. Witnesses: Eliz. BLYTH, Eliz. SALMON, Leonard NUNN (twice), John NUNN
  • 9th November 1783. By licence, at Bradfield. John WISSTOCK, bachelor of St. Nicholas, Harwich & Mary NUNN x, spinster. Witnesses: John NUNN, Edward COUSIN
  • 30th May 1794. By licence, at Manningtree. Anthony COX, bachelor of St. Nicholas, Harwich, & Mary Ann NUNN, spinster. Witnesses: Rayner COX, Henry NUNN.
  • 1st March 1803. By licence, at Manningtree. Leonard NUNN, bachelor & Milly Francis FALL, spinster. Witnesses: John GILLMAN, Mary NUNN.
  • 31st January 1804. By licence, at Manningtree. Acton CHAPLIN, bachelor of Dovercourt, & Elizabeth NUNN, spinster. Witnesses: Mary Ann COX, William CARRINGTON.
  • 2nd October 1805. By licence at Thorrington. John SMITH, bachelor of St. Peter’s, Colchester, & Elizabeth NUNN, spinster. Witnesses: Richard & Rhoda PORTER, George PARR, Sarah NUNN, Ann CARR.

Image: 1815 Regency woodcut of a proposal scene