Nunn wills: City of London

The year given is the year of probate. These wills are either Preregotive Court of Canterbury or are held by the London Metropolitan Archive.

John Nun of the City of London, goldsmith, 1627

  • Richard Nun, William Nun: sons
  • Mary Nun: daughter
  • Elizabeth Nun: wife, exec
  • Christopher Smith: clerk, to preach at his funeral
  • Church of St Mary at Bungay, Suffolk
  • Witnesses: Robin Bidbancke, Richard S* junior
  • Source: LMA

William Nunn of the Precinct of Bridewell, 1658

  • John Nunn: father
  • Richard Nunn, John Coltman: brothers
  • Mary Nunn, Elizabeth Wandwright: sisters
  • John Smalridge, Richard Wallwin, Derick Dorickson, Henry Symans: witnesses
  • Born in the parish of Bridewell, engaged to travel to the East Indies
  • Source: PCC

Abraham Nun, Citizen and joiner of the City of London, 1670

  • Mary: late wife, buried at St Mary Aldermanbury
  • Hugh Noden: cousin
  • William Brett: grandchild
  • Randall Nuns: son
  • Susan Harrison, wife of Robert Harrison: daughter
  • Mary Harrison daughter of Robert and Susan: granddaughter
  • Susan Harrison, wife of William Brett: granddaughter
  • Roger Crooke and his wife, William Read and his wife: late servants
  • Henry Travers, scrivener: friend, exec
  • Samuel Harwar, Citizen and Draper of London: friend, exec
  • William Hunt, Roger Crooke, William Reade, Jno. Farrant: witnesses
  • Source: LMA

Isaac Nunn of St Albans Wood Street, 1718

  • Elizabeth Nunn: wife, exec
  • John Sheffield jnr, William Batley, Jos. Readshaw?: witnesses
  • Source: LMA

Isaac Nunns, tailor of Crete, City of London, 1735

  • John Nunns: son, exec
  • Sarah Nunns, daughter, exec
  • Benjamin Bradshaw, John Crowse: witnesses
  • Source: PCC

Elizabeth Nunns, spinster of Bridgewater Sq, St Giles Cripplegate, 1786

  • James Lashbrooke, gent of same: nephew, exec
  • Gwinn Radford, Mary Joomer: witnesses
  • Source: PCC

William Nunn, coachman of Bishopsgate Street, 1813

  • Ann Newman: friend
  • John Smith, coachman, and Thomas Stedman, yeoman of Colchester: execs
  • Joseph Hill, Grace Bateman?: witnesses
  • Source: PCC

William Nunn, surveyor of Coleman Street, 1825

  • Admon to Sophia Mason, wife of Thomas Mason, upholsterer of Princes St, Leicester Sq
  • Aunt and next of kin to Gertrude, Julia, William, Sophia and Emily Nunn, minors, the children of William Nunn
  • Source: LMA

Elizabeth Nunn, widow of no. 129 St John Street, 1855

  • James Adam, exec, orange merchant of Pudding Lane: son-in-law
  • Thomas Bryer, mercer, exec, of 44 King William St
  • Phoebe Nunn, Mary Smith, Harriet Smith, Elizabeth Adam: daughters
  • George Humphry, William Smith: witnesses
  • Source: PCC