Great Bromley St. George

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Photo of St. George’s churchyard by Eve Frostick

I am transcribing Great Bromley parish registers held at ERO for St. George, CoE church. Full transcriptions are available below. All these transcriptions can be searched for at FreeREG.

See Great Bromley’s own website for more information on the village.


  • Burials have been lost from 1559-1725, however, some have survived which were entered in the baptism register by mistake. One for 1586, five for early 1614 and one for 1629. There are then burials from 1725-29, and from 1735 coverage appears to be fairly complete (but see note below).
  • There are no baptisms for 1708, 1709 and 1710, or early 1711 (the register continues with a baptism on 11 Nov 1711).
  • There are no marriages from 1641-1653 or 1732-34.
  • Great Bromley stray: on 28 Sep 1727, John Pagan of “Much Bromley”, Essex, married Ann Ham of “Deadham” at Bures St Mary in Suffolk.
  • Gap in baptisms and burials early 1757 to early 1758.
  • Baptisms and burials are poor 1760-1764, with first names and dates variously missing. Gaps in register: April to November 1760, September to January 1762, baptisms run February to June 1762, followed by one baptism 1763, then baptisms start again June 1764. No burials 1763 – they restart on 23 July 1764.
  • See “Problems using the Great Bromley parish register” for more information.
  • Marriage of John Allen in 1612 to a woman with the surname Mannock. Her first name is hard to read – I transcribed it as [C_][u_]llis, but the PCC will of Anne Mannock, widow of “Mertins” Hall, Ardleigh, written in 1642 and proved 1649, mentions her daughter Cicilly Allen. This means I can now read the mystery forename as Cicllie, but I haven’t changed it in the PDF as it’s a faff! It’s possible that Anne Mannock was the widow of Thomas Mannock, marrying in Boreham in 1578, daughter of Thomas Tendring (1531-1603) and Cecily Reynolds (d 1615). Anne Tendring/Mannock’s aunt, Margaret (d 1586), married three times – her last husband was Ralph Starling of Dedham. Margaret’s stepdaughter, Bridget Starling, was firstly married to Sir Thomas Bowes of East Bergholt, then to Charles Cardinall of Little Bromley. Bridget’s son, another Sir Thomas, lived in Great Bromley, which might explain why Cecily Mannock married there.






Note: Groom abodes and marital status in groom list only, and brides vice versa.


Note: Groom abodes and marital status in groom list only, and brides vice versa.