Essex wills – C

Some wills have been transcribed in full, whereas others are a paraphrased transcription. If they are paraphrased, they contain the names of all those mentioned in the will, with the gist of what they were (or were not!) bequeathed, but to find the full details, such as the names of property, requests as to how they were to be buried etc., please contact the archive that holds the will to retrieve a copy, or visit in order to consult it.

Cardynall, Charles of Great Bromley, gentleman, 1624

To William Cardynall, my eldest son: £20? bond which was due him as a debt from
Mr. John Hassall, and set over to me as a debt due.

To Robert Cardynall, my son: my farm called Breameshall for him and his lawful
heirs. The reversion and remainder in Little Bromley, and by my conscience and state
expected, I have answered the same after my wife’s decease.

To James Cardynall, my son: All my land and tenements in Dedham, freehold and
copyhold, and a tenement in Great Bromley called Ashemans, for him and his lawful
heirs. If he dies without issue, the houses and lands that were my wife’s father, I give
to my wife’s heirs. If dies without issue, the property in Dedham to be divided
between Robert Cardynall and my wife’s heirs.

To Anne, my daughter: copyhold land and tenements in Wix, called Little Borowes,
and my free land adjoining it called Sowters and Fortlette, and my pightle at Fowar
Weye Leet [Four Way Leet] in Wix.

To Johan Goache, my daughter: £20

To Mary Layer, my daughter: £5

And to each of my other daughters, a piece of gold worth £22.

To Bridget, my wife, executrix: all my goods, chattels, plate and household stuff.

Witnesses: Daniell Church, David Payne, John Cooper

Written: 17th January 1623/4, proved: 7th February 1623/4

ERO ref: D/ACW 9/143

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Cardinall, Charles, dyer of Colchester St. James, 1682

To son Charles Cardinall: All houses and land, freehold and copyhold in Bradwell-next-the-Sea. If Charles dies under 21, said property to be sold by my friends John Mason, John
Tatem and Peter Gage. The money to be divided between the children of my
Brothers Cardinall and my Sister Clarkson.

To wife Sarah Cardinall: (For her and her heirs forever) My house where I now dwell, and my house which I lately purchased from John Shurly, now in occupation of John Picke. My houses and land in Powstead [Polstead?] which I lately purchased of Mr. Canham, for Sarah’s natural life, then to my son Charles. If he dies without issue, to revert to Sarah’s heirs.

Rest and residue to be divided between my said wife and son. Executrix: wife Sarah Cardinall

Witnesses: John Mason, John Tatem, Peter Gage

Written: 25th March 1682, proved: 3rd June 1682

ERO ref: D/ACW 20/12

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Cardinall, Charles, dyer of Colchester St. James, 1700

Full power and authority to my uncle Robert Mason of Dedham, gentleman, and my cousin James Clarkson of Tendring, gentleman (executors) – to sell all of my lands and tenements, freehold and copyhold, in Colchester and Thorrington?, Essex and Polstead, Suffolk. The money arising to be distributed as follows:

My cousin John Cardinall of Tendring £50

My cousin James Cardinall of Tendring £50

My aunt Dorothy Mason, spinster of Dedham £40

My aunt Mary Pake of Dedham £20

My aunt Elizabeth Harvey £10

My manservant John Tassell £10

My cousins Nathaniel Webb and Samuel Webb £10 each

My aunt Dorothy Clarkson, widow £10

My maid Mary Philips £5

Rest and residue to be divided between my said uncle Robert Mason and my said cousin
James Clarkson.

He signs. Witnesses: Peter Gage, Peter Gage jnr, Daniel Wodward, Ambross Rust, John Wyatt? Written: 2nd September 1700. Proved: 18th September 1700

“Cardinall” is spelt “Cardynell” throughout.

ERO ref: D/ACW 22/238

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Cardinall, Charles of Beaumont-cum-Moze, yeoman, 1746

Youngest son James Cardinall: House or Tenement with all the appurtenances lying and being in the parish of Thorpe in the Soken in the County aforesaid, and now in the occupation of John Wood, to Him and His heirs forever, and my Executors shall employ all the profits from thence arising towards the maintenance, clothing and schooling of him till such a time as he shall arrive at the age of 21 years.

Two Daughters, that is Judith and Elizabeth Cardinall all that House or Tenement lying and being in Beaumont aforesaid, and now in the occupation of John Hasen, that is to have share and share alike, to them and their Heirs forever, with this Condition that my Mother shall have her Dwelling in the South End of it during the Term of her natural Life without paying any Rents for the same, and the profits that shall or may arise from the same till such time as my Daughters each of them shall arrive at the age of 21 years shall be employ’d towards the maintenance Clothing and schooling of those my two Daughters equally.

Eldest son Charles Cardinall the sum of £10 of Lawfull money to be paid him at the age of 21 years.

Youngest son James Cardinall the sum of £5 of Lawfull money to be paid him at the age of 21 years.

My Farm should be held by my Executors, during all the term of my Lease, and all
the profits that shall or may arise from the same to be equally parted among my four Children that is share and share alike. My two Houses which I have bequeathed to my son and Daughter should be valued by some Competent Judge, and there value to be counted as ready money, together with all my present ready money, with all the Interest or profits that shall arise before they come to the age of 21 years with all my Goods, Chattels, Bonds, Mortgages or whatsoever or wheresoever to me belonging should be equally paid to my four Children that is share and share alike as they shall come to the age of 21 years, and if any of them Die before they shall arrive at the age of 21 years, then my will is that their share or shares should be equally divided among those of my Children who shall survive.

Executors: cousin John Sparling, cousin John Gilbert, son Charles Cardinall

Witnesses: Daniel Chiles, Jeremiah Harris, John Gilbert x

WrittenL 4th July 1746, proved: 2nd August 1746 (John Sparling), 21st October 1746 (John Gilbert)

ERO ref: D/ACW 29/6/25

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Cardinal, Charles, yeoman of Moze, 1747

Daughter Mary, all that my part of the farm in Tendring, now in the Tenure and Occupation of John Buckingham or his Assigns with all and singular the appurtenances to the same Belonging unto my Daughter Mary aforesaid and her heirs forever, and in Case my Daughter aforesaid Depart this life without Issue of her Body lawfully Begotten, Then I give the aforesaid part of the Estate in Tendring aforesaid unto my loving Wife Isabel, for the Term of her natural life, with all the profits and rents arising of the same, and after the decease of my Wife Isabell aforesaid unto my sister Mary the wife of Thomas Whiting of Brightlingsea in the County of Essex, and her heirs forever.

Also all the Rest of my Goods and Effects whatsoever I give and Bequeath unto my Loving Wife Isabel aforesaid to her will and disposal

And I do hereby nominate and appoint my Loving Wife Isabel and my sister Mary Whiting aforesaid, Executrixes to this my last Will and Testament Desiring that my daughter Mary aforesaid may be Brought up and nourished with all the necessaries of life, and in good Christian Education, free from all Charges or any Demand from her for the same.

Witnesses: Joseph Redgriff x, Esther Redgriff x, Francis Smyth

Written: 17th March 1746/7, proved: 18th April 1747

ERO ref: D/ABW 95/3/23

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Cardinall, Isabel of Tendring, widow, 1772

Son Henry Cousens the sum of one shilling to be paid him three months after my

Dauughter Mary Marsh wife of John Marsh of Tendring aforesaid one shilling to be
paid her three months after my decease.

Daughter Elizabeth wife of John Garwood of Frating one shilling to be paid to her
three months of my after my decease.

All the Rest Residue and Remainder of my Estate and Estates both Real and personal
whatsoever and wheresoever to me in anywise belonging or that I shall be possessed off and in any manner have a right to dispose of at the time of my decease situate in the parishes of Debenham, Winston and Thenting in the County of Suffolk and in Tendring in the County of Essex or in any other parish County or place whatsoever I Give Devise and Bequeath the same and every part thereof with their and every of their Appurtenances to my son James Cousens of Tendring aforesaid Farmer (executor) To Hold the same both Real and personal to him my said son James Cousens and to his Heirs and Assigns forever he paying thereout all my Just Debts and funeral Expenses.

Witnesses: John Wast, John Thompson junr, Jno Ambrose.

Date: 14 Dec 1771, proved: 21 Sep 1772

ERO ref: D/ABW 104/2/72

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Cardinall, James of Langham, 1664

My daughter and her three children, 5 shillings each (having bestowed money on her at her marriage).

My son James the £100 I lent him.

Money owed me by George Read to be divided between my sons Charles and William.

My youngest son Thomas: £300 and one copyhold cottage in Dedham.

All the rest, residue and all of my lands and tenements and goods and chattels to my eldest son, John, my executor.

Written: 13th January 1663/4, proved: 8th June 1664

PCC will

Transcriber’s note: Mr. James Cardynall, gent., buried in Langham 4th February 1663/4

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Cardinal, James, farmer of Tolleshunt D’Arcy, 1826

To sister Ann Cardinal in Witham: two cottages in D’Arcy (one occupied by Fule? Hughes and Jacob Hall, the other occupied by John Claydon) and three pieces of land (the land called “Rainbow Maggots”), for her natural life. After her death, to go to my wife Elizabeth

To aforesaid wife Elizabeth Cardinal: cottage in D’Arcy occupied by Thomas Cooper,
wheelwright; the lease of the farm where I now reside; all crops, stock and implements; all ready money and securities; all rest and residue.

Executors: wife Elizabeth Cardinal and John Argent of D’Arcy, farmer.

Written: 28th April 1825, proved 4th April 1826

Witnesses: Saml Nash, Josh Day (sol Maldon), Geo Hearn jnr (his clerk)

Note: 17th February 1852. Left unadministered by the executors. Admon to Henry Argent, the nephew. Elizabeth survived her co-executor and died intestate.

PCC will

Transcriber’s note: James Cardinal buried in Tolleshunt D’Arcy aged 72 on 16th January 1826. Elizabeth Cardinal buried in same aged 89 on 11th November 1842.

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Cardinall / Cardnall, John of Manningtree, 1529

To be buried in Mystlegh [Mistley] church by my wife.

To the “lyie Awter” [low altar] of the said church, 6s 8d for unpaid tithes. To the Rodlonght [?] of the said church, 40s. I will have disposed the day of my burying 5 marks. To the “hie Autar” [high altar] of Washbroke 3s 4d. To the repairing of the highway between Tamite? Field and Wardelith? Carmlegh 5 marks. I give of any thing may be spared of my goods my will fulfilled that said thing may be bestowed in the way between Marvyns and my ground lying in Belsted otherwise called Washbroke at the mind of my executors.

Alis [Alice] my daughter all my house and my land in Much Belsted, otherwise Washbroke, in Capdoke [Copdock] and Mavenham, all the property in fee simple.

I beseech, require and pray all my feoffees that be “seossyd and seased” [seisen?] in all my houses and lands for rehe_shed to give a state within shall be required by my executors to the performing of this my will.

Rest and residue to my executors, John Broke and Alis his wife.

Witnesses: Richard Gyldenwat, John Pucke

Written: 2nd March 1528/9

ERO ref: D/ACR 2/216

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Cardinall, Sarah of Colchester, widow, 1689

To son Charles Cardynall: houses & lands, copyhold and freehold. If he dies under 21 without issue, to her brother Robert Mason of Dedham, clothier.

To brother Robert Mason: £10

To sister Elizabeth Mason of Dedham, spinster: £10

To sister Hannah Mason of Dedham, spinster: £10

To sister Dorothy Mason of Dedham, spinster: £10

To her two kinsmen Samuel Webb and Nathaniel Webb of Dedham: £5 each

To the children of her brother John Peacock: £10 to be divided between them

To her servant John Tarsell: £10

Personal estate: to son Charles. If he dies under 21 without issue, to be divided between her five sisters: Mary wife of Samuel Webb, Martha wife of John Peacock, Elizabeth Mason, Hannah Mason, Dorothy Mason.

Executor: her brother Robert Mason

Witnesses: Francis Wheeler senior & junior, John Crosse, Edward Cooke x

Written: 27th June 1689, proved: 18th July 1689


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Cardinall, Sarah, widow of Tolleshunt D’Arcy, 1767

To my daughter Ann Cardinall “and the child I am now big with or in child of” – all personal estate, to be equally divided between them when they reach 21. If one dies before reaching 21, all my personal estate to go to the survivor.

If both die before 21: One moiety of my personal estate to the children of my late husband by his former wife: James, Mary and Martha Cardinall, to be divided between them. The other moiety to be divided between my siblings, my two brothers: Thomas & William Curtis, and my two sisters: Ann Man and Elizabeth Binks.

My two executors, my good friends John Page of Mayland, yeoman, and John Maskell of
Tolleshunt D’Arcy, butcher, also to be guardians of my children. They to convert my personal estate to money and invest in securities for the maintenance, education and bringing up of my children.

Written: 28th February 1767, proved: 24th March 1767

Witnesses: Joseph Sewell, John Maskell jnr

ERO ref: D/ACW 32/3/7

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Cardinall, Susan of Layer-de-la-Haye, widow, 1666

Being very ancient and crased? in body

Eldest son Thomas Cardinall: 5 shillings

“One other of my sons” William Cardinall: 5 shillings

Grandson Thomas Pilgrim: Various specified furniture and household goods, that trunk of mine, and its contents, in custody of Mr. Moore, £30 (part of the £60 owed me by Mr. Moore)

Grandson Samuel Pilgrim: The trunk and its contents which is in the custody of Mr. Hammond, when Samuel is 21; A silver spoon; The other £30 remaining from that owed by Mr. Moore, when 21

Grandchild Susan Pilgrim: £40 when 21; the great chest and its contents, in my possession, when 21; Rest and residue

Executor: the said Thomas Pilgrim. Supervisors: my friends Roger Bridge of Layer-de-la-Haye, yeoman, and Thomas Bridge his son (5 shillings each)

Witnesses: Margaret Bridge x, William Bridge x

Written: 28th June 1659, proved: 26th October 1666

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Carrington, William of Tollesbury, butcher 1778

To son John Carrington: property in Tollesbury now in my own occupation, my wife
Ann to live there rent-free for her natural life.

To wife Ann: all household goods & furniture and a payment of £100

To daughter Susanna Ardlie: property in Tollesbury in occupation of Thomas
Chipperfield and Nathaniel Crosby, and a payment of £180

To daughter Elizabeth Carrington: property in Tollesbury in occupation of James
Spencer, and a payment of £190 when she reaches 21

To son John Carrington: garden ground purchased from William Randall

To daughter Ann Sage, wife of Edward Sage: £100. Not to receive any more than this
because she has received £200 since her marriage to Edward

To be divided between sons Thomas and John Carrington (his executors): my lease of Old Hall marshes, grazing stock and other personal estate.

Witnesses: Sarah Silvester, Thomas Nunn, Jacob Rice

Written: 21st May 1777. He died in Tollesbury on 24th August 1778. Proved: 21st September 1778.

ERO ref: D/ABW 106/2/64

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Chaplin, Mary, spinster of Colchester, 1832

To be buried with her late sister and for an iron palisade fence to go round it. A flat stone to be laid over her parents’ grave.

Executor: John Clay to hold Mary’s property in East Street, Colchester. From his death, to her godson, John’s son John Clay. All household furniture, linen etc to be sold.

To my 2nd cousin, Charity Silvester of Feering, spinster, and to Mary, wife of William Edwards of Frating, butcher, all my wearing apparel.


£50 to John Clay (executor) to give to Colchester Hospital, and £19 for his personal use. £20 to John Clay for the upkeep of her grave.

To my friends: Miss Mary Lugar, daughter of Revd Marshall Lugar deceased, £50.

To my friend: Mrs Ann Clay, wife of Edward Clay Esq of Greenstead Park, £10

To Miss Maria, daughter of the said Edward Clay, £10.

To Sophia Bishop, wife of Francis Bishop, coachmaker of Colchester, £10

To Miss Bethia Dunnage who resides with me, £19

To Harriet Cowell wife of Gregory, £19

To the said Charity Silvester, £300

To my 2nd cousin the said William Edwards of Frating, £200

To my 2nd cousin William Gardiner, £200

To the two daughters of John Gardiner, deceased, £50 each.

To my 1st cousins Sarah, Thomas, William and John Lake, £200 each (the four children of
Thomas Lake, late of Frating, farmer, deceased)

To my 1st cousins Susannah Gardiner, Mary Ann Reynolds, Daniel, Stephen and Robert
Gardiner £300 each, children of John Gardiner late of Great Bromley, farmer.

Rest and residue to be divided between my 1st cousins.

Written: 29th Jan 1831. Proved: 8th Feb 1832


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Clarkson, James, of Tendring, gentleman, 1725

Will and transcriptions of other related documents, involving the Clarkson, Wale, Salter, Cardinall and De Vere families, and Tendring residents) (PDF – 50KB)

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Constable, John of Little Bromley, yeoman, 1701

Son John Constable of Langham 20 shillings

Son Daniel Constable of Little Horkesley 20 shillings

Son Hugh Constable of Mount Bures 20 shillings

Son Benjamin Constable £30

Daughter Elizabeth Constable £20

Daughter Hannah Constable: Two houses and a piece of meadow land in Stratford, Suffolk and £20 when she reaches 18

Corn, cattle, household and all other my chattels to pay debts and legacies,
providing (another?) £20 for Hannah when she is 18.

If more money is raised than is necessary to cover the legacies, the surplus is to
be divided between Benjamin, Elizabeth and Hannah. If not enough is raised,
then Benjamin, Elizabeth and Hannah are to cover the shortfall from their own

Executors: Benjamin and Hannah

Witneses: Saml Carter, John Scarpe jnr, Thomas Mimes

1 May 1701: Benjamin renounces executorship in favour of his brother John.

Written 27 April 1701, proved 2 May 1701

ERO ref: D/ACW 22/270

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Constable, John of Wix, yeoman, 1720

Daughter Margaret Steward, wife of John Steward: £5

Grandchildren: Margaret Spencer, Sarah Spencer, Susan Spencer, Anne
Spencer, William Spencer: £10 each as they each reach 21

Daughter Anne Faires, widow of Edward Faires: £40

Grandson Ralph Bull: £10 when 21

Grandson John Constable: £100 when 21

Granddaughter Margaret Constable, daughter of my son Matthew
Constable: £50 when 21

Grandchildren: Edward Clarke and Mary Clarke: £10 each when 21

Son Matthew Constable: tithes for land and premises in Wix, and to pay
£6 a year to my daughter Mary Clarke.

Rest and residue (including £20 due on mortgage of copyhold estate of Jacob
Tompson in Wix, and £20 due on mortgage on freehold estate of Benjamin
Thope [Thorpe?] in Ramsey) to son Matthew Constable, executor.

Written: 12 November 1719, proved: 4 February 1719/20

ERO ref: D/ACW 25/125

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Coo, Edward, of Belchamp Walter, 1624

To be buried in Gestingthorpe chancel near his parents.

Wife Jane

Son Abner, under 15. “Our son, the light of our eyes” – hopes he will go to university.

Mentioned: books and musical instruments. A ring with his arms on it.

Daughters Jane and Deborah, both under 23 (to inherit when 23)

Father-in-law Mr George Chauncie of Ilford, Essex

Brother Mr Henry Chauncye of London, gent

Brother Roger Coo, deceased, owed testator money: Charles Coo or his mother to pay half of it to Laurence Coo “my brother’s son” (Roger’s son, presumably) for his apprenticeship

Mr Smithies, vicar of Walter Belchamp

Goodman Scott, Smithies’ neighbour

Executors: brothers-in-law Mr George Chauncie jnr and Mr Charles Cahuncie, cousin Mr Henry Miller son of John Miller, gent.

Written 14 Feb 1620/1.


If all three of his children die before receiving their legacies, he left £20 [each?] to all the children of his brother Roger, and £20 [each?] to the four children of his brother Thomas: Bendlowes his son, and his three daughters Katherine, Martha and Penelope.

Witnesses: John Scott, John Newman

Written 14 July 1623 or 25 Sep 1623 (written on one date, sealed on another?)

Testator’s notes: referring to the Coo family in the Essex Visitation, Edward was of Pattiswick, the son of Thomas Coo and his wife Catherine, daughter of Roger Wincoll of Waldingfield, Suffolk. The visitation mentions his brothers John and Robert, who had no issue, and his other brothers Roger – who married a Clopton of Liston, Essex, and Thomas, who married a Wentworth. That Thomas had a son called Bendlowes Coo matches him up with a marriage that took place in Walter Belchamp on 26 December 1591. The will of William Bendlowes, 1584, mentions that his daughter Elizabeth had several children by the name of Wentworth, including Alice, who was under 21 – and the Wentworth Visitation mentions a Henry Wentworth who married the daughter of Bendlowes. So Bendlowes Coo was named after his great-grandfather.

My interest in the Coo family was piqued by the fact that, according to the Coo visitation, Edward’s father Thomas had a sister called Edith – and that she married Adam Cardinall of East Bergholt. Henry Wentworth’s first cousin Mary Wentworth married William Cardinall (c1535-1598), so as usual the families all interconnect.

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