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Some wills have been transcribed in full, whereas others are a paraphrased transcription. If they are paraphrased, they contain the names of all those mentioned in the will, with the gist of what they were (or were not!) bequeathed, but to find the full details, such as the names of property, requests as to how they were to be buried etc., please contact the relevant archive. The wills are either from the Suffolk Record Office (ERO), the Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PCC), or the Norfolk Record Office (NRO).

Aldous, Clemence, 1629

  • son Robert Aldous
  • son William Aldous
  • son John Aldous, under 21
  • daughter Clemence
  • daughter Grace Aldous
  • daughter (unnamed – she says at one point in her will “my three daughters”, but only Clemence and Grace are named)

Executor: daughter Grace Aldous

Witnesses: Richard Aldous, Edward Brock x, Elizabeth Aldous x

Written 12 Dec 1628, probate at Beccles, Suffolk, 31 Jan 1628/9


Transcriber’s notes: no abode, occupation or marital status given. Presumably “Clement” Brocke, who married Robert Aldous in Fressingfield on 7 Aug 1599. Her daughter Clemence named in the will is presumably the same Clemence mentioned in Elizabeth Aldous’ 1633 will (below). Perhaps the witness of Clemence’s will, Elizabeth Aldous, is the testator below. The will is an Archdeaconry of Ipwich will, so Clemence lived somewhere in the eastern half of Suffolk, and that would include Fressingfield.

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Aldous, Elizabeth, of Fressingfield, 1633

  • Land in Fressingfield, free and copyhold
  • nephew Robert Aldous, son of my brother Robert Aldous deceased: land called Cach Coutequed, 8 acres
  • Kinsman William Aldous, brother of the said Robert: house and 3 acres freehold land and part of enclosure called Dudrakes Field
  • Kinsman John Aldous, brother of the said William: enclosure called Greens Meadow, free and copyhold, and south part of Dudrakes Field
  • Robert Godfrey, schoolmaster: £5
  • Margaret wife of Robert Godfrey: 40sh and clothing and household stuff
  • William, Robert, Elizabeth and Margaret, children of Robert Godfrey: 20sh each when 21
  • Grace and Mary: their other two children, 30sh each when 21
  • Alice Topling 20sh
  • Grace wife of Richard Owlles: £10
  • Alice wife of Robert Clough: £10 and clothing
  • Kinswoman Clemence Aldous: £10
  • Elizabeth Aldous, daughter of John Aldous of Cratfield, my goddaughter: 40sh when 21
  • John Aldous of Great Wittingham: 3sh 4 d, his wife Grace 10sh, his daughter Mary 40sh
  • William Aldous: my corbet [cupboard?]
  • Thomas Aldous, brother of the said Robert: 3sh 4d
  • Abigail Aldous, sister of the said Robert: 5sh
  • Oullesses’ boy [referring to Richard Owlles, presumably] and the ploughboy, under 21

Executors: trusted friend Richard Aldous of Fressingfield, and Thomas Fiske of Metfield, yeoman

Written 16 March 1632/3, probate 9 July 1633


Transcriber’s notes: possibly her executor, Richard Aldous, was the father of Richard Aldous junior of Fressingfield, whose will (below) was probated in 1628.

“Kinswoman Clemence Aldous” is presumably the Clemens who married John Cole. If Robert, the testator’s late brother, married Clement Brocke, that would explain a Clemence Aldous appearing in the will as she was the testator’s niece. See above for the will of Clemence Aldous, presumably Clemence Aldous/Cole’s mother.

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Aldous, Frances, wife of Stephen Aldous, potashman of Fressingfield, 1725

  • Daughter Sarah, current wife of Stephen Aldous of Fressingfield
  • Granddaughters (daughters of Stephen Sarah): Sarah and Mary, both under 21
  • Granddaughter Rebecca Page, daughter of William Page and Rebecca, under 21

Executors: Stephen Aldous junior of Fressingfield and his wife Sarah

Witnesses: Deborah Branch x, Edward Love x, Obadiah Ameson

Written 23 March 1720/1, probate 2 April 1725


Transcriber’s notes: Frances was a widow when she married Stephen Aldous. Her daughter Rebecca Barber married William Page at Hoxne on 22 Sep 1707. Their daughter Rebecca was baptised in Mendham in 1710.

Frances’ daughter Sarah married Stephen Aldous junior on 9 Sep 1703 in Withersdale, and Stephen junior’s will was probated in 1735. The will of Frances’ husband, Stephen Aldous senior, was probated in 1725. Another Stephen Aldous of Fressingfield, whose will was probated in 1721, is presumably related to the father and son, perhaps the father’s first cousin. See their wills below.

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Aldous, Francis, yeoman of Fressingfield, 1731

  • son Francis
  • daughter Elizabeth
  • son Thomas
  • daughter Mary
  • son James

Executor: Robert Smith

Witnesses: William Aldous, William Bickers x, John Leabel x

Written 7 March 1730/1, probate 6 April 1731


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Aldous (Aldowes), John of Skyppen Wittingham in Fressingfield, 1596

  • brother Thomas
  • nephew Francis Aldous, son of brother Thomas Aldous and Sarah his wife
  • Money to churchwardens of Fressingfield for the poor
  • Elizabeth Gooche and Finett Smythe, sisters of Sarah (wife of brother Thomas)
  • John Smythe and Nicholas Smythe, sons of the said Finett Smythe, U20
  • great-nephew Francis Aldous son of nephew Francis Aldous
  • Afra Gooche, daughter of Emme my late wife
  • nephew Robert Aldous, son of brother Robert Aldous
  • niece Elizabeth Aldous, daughter of brother Robert Aldous
  • nephew John Aldous, son of brother Robert Aldous, U24
  • nephew John Aldous, “my nephew and godson” (Robert’s son? Unclear). U12
  • the children of: Francis Aldous, Nicholas Gooche, Thomas Gooche, James Gooche, John Smythe
  • the children of William Fiske, all U14
  • James Gooche and Afra Gooche his sister
  • Indenture between testator and Robert Gooche, father of Nicholas, Thomas and James Gooche
  • Simon Childrens: occupies property in Linstead
  • nephew John Aldous, son of brother Thomas
  • niece Anne Aldous, daughter of brother Thomas
  • niece Elizabeth Keeble, sister of nephew John Aldous
  • James Barber of Warners
  • William Braham of Elmeham?
  • Anne daughter of Edward Tompson of Harleston
  • Jane and Ellen, daughters of Bartholomew Stiles, clerk
  • nephew Mr. John Braham
  • servant John Smythe
  • Elizabeth Gooche, sister of Nicholas Gooche etc.
  • preachers Mr. William Hall and Mr William Golding. Mr Swett, minister of the word. Mr Rawlie, minister.
  • John Gooche and George Gooche, James Styles

Executors: Thomas Gooche and James Gooche, and brother Thomas Aldous to be executor is the Gooches won’t become bound to perform the will

Supervisor: Bartholomew Stiles, clerk

Witnesses: Bartholomew Stiles, Thomas Aldous, James Styles

Written 10 Sep 1596, probate 16 Nov 1695


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Aldous, John, yeoman of Mendham, 1640

  • wife Margaret
  • nephew John Fiske and his wife Elizabeth
  • brother Nathan Aldous
  • kinsman Eliazer Duncken
  • kinswoman Mary Aldous, a daughter of brother Nathaniel Aldous deceased
  • sister Cannon and her children: Mary, Frances, Thomas, Margaret
  • Anne Aldous, sister of Elizabeth Fiske
  • wife Margaret to enter into an obligation with Eliazer Duncken and John Bedwall
  • Mr Fenn, minister of Mendham
  • kinswoman Elizabeth Dunkon and her daughter (unnamed in the will)
  • wife of John Bedwell (unnamed in the will)
  • poor of Mendham and Harleston

Executor: wife Margaret

Supervisor: Eliazer Dunkon

Witnesses: Eliazer Dunkon, John Bedwell

Codicil: John Fiske, testator’s wife’s brother, now living with testator (presumably not the nephew John Fiske, mentioned above). Witnesses to codicil: Richard Utting, Thomas Utting

Written 29 July 1639, probate 15 Feb 1639/40


Transcriber’s notes: there are several Aldous/Fiske marriages (not an exhaustive list): Thomas Aldous and Gillian Fiske married Fressingfield 2 Oct 1561; William son of Jeffrey Fiske and Anne daughter of William Aldous both of Fressingfield married at same 20 Sep 1594; Thomas Aldowes and Anne Fiske married at Framlingham on 3 Oct 1594; John Fiske of Cratfield and Elizabeth Aldous of Holton (late of Mendham) married at Holton in 1639. This last couple are presumably “nephew John Fiske and his wife Elizabeth” in John Aldous’ will.

SRO has letters of administration granted to Elizabeth Dunkon, widow of Eliazer Dunkon of Ipswich St Helen’s, dated 7 Feb 1656 (ref: HD1278/7). Among their Ipswich Borough correspondence is: “Robert Dunkon and Jacob Caley [London], to [John] Aldus and [Manuel] Sorrell, Bailiffs. Their continuing efforts to obtain money from the Commissioners of the Admiralty for care of the sick and wounded of Ipswich”, dated 1 Dec 1653 (ref: HD36/A/219). SRO also has a 1640 will of John Fiske of Mendham, and some wills of men called Eliazer Fiske (spelling varies).

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Aldous, John, yeoman of Fressingfield, 1649

  • wife Rebecca: house in Fressingfield where I now live, land: Whiting Sea Punctous Finches Broadacres Lendriches and Ferfield, and all free and copyhold and lease lands
  • son John under 21: the land bequeathed to Rebecca once he is 21, paying Rebecca an anuity. And land in Fressingfield held by me from “one Richard Aldous my kinsman”
  • daughters: Rebecca, Mary, Deborah, Hannah, and Sarah: under 21
  • linen etc in house at Chebenhall Green given to him by his grandfather, James Aldous deceased
  • children of Robert Turner, my brother-in-law
  • niece Margery Crispe

Executors: brother-in-law James Brame, kinsman John Smith

Witnesses: Henry Spendlove, Samuel Gowen, John Aldous junior

Written 23 Jun 1647 (23rd year of King Charles), probate 7 Dec 1649


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Aldous, John senior, yeoman of Fressingfield, 1662

  • wife Hester
  • property: Talbotts in Fressingfield, and property in Helmingham, enclosure Martins in Ashbocking, propert in Fressingfield: Sheepes
  • son John Aldous
  • son James Aldous and Elizabeth his wife: had a jointure on their marriage
  • property that belonged to William Aldous, deceased. Copyhold in Fressingfield (copyhold of Wittingham Manor), late William Aldous’ too
  • property late Thomas Cole’s in Fressingfield, except half acrew meadow called Tents Meadow near James Brame’s land
  • Ann wife of son John covenant made with James Aldous of Cookely, her brother, for their marriage
  • property called Wakelyns which belonged to testator’s late father, James Aldous. Land adjoining, late of Francis Aldous, deceased
  • son James: a horse mill
  • daughter Grace wife of John Meene
  • daughter Anne Butcher
  • grandchildren: unnamed in the will

Executor: wife Hester

Witnesses: William Youngs, Jane Owlrs x

Written 1 July 1656, probate 15 May 1662


Transcriber’s notes: possible the couple who married in Fressingfield on 20 Oct 1603: John Aldous and Hester Bacon.

Son John, who married Anne Aldous – possibly married in Fressingfield in 1640: John Aldous and Ann Aldous.

Son James, who married an Elizabeth – possibly married in Fressingfield on 18 Sep 1627: James Aldous and Elizabeth Godbold (her surname is Godbold in Phillimore’s, and Tebold in Boyd’s).

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Aldous, Mary of Mendlesham, 1783

  • daughter of Sarah Aldous
  • son Phineas Aldous
  • son John Aldous, under 21
  • son Samuel Aldous, under 21
  • if continuing farming business, to be run in joint partnership with Samuel Steggall of Mendlesham

Executors: Samuel Damant the younger of Mendlesham, gent.; Robert Seaman of Coddenham, grocer and draper

Witnesses: William Palmer, Ann Bloomfield

Written 23 Sep 1783, probate 15 Oct 1783


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Aldous, Mathias, yeoman of Fressingfield, 1655

  • son-in-law William Younges
  • grandson William Salter
  • granddaughter Anne Salter
  • daughter Lettice Stalworthie
  • land adjoining John Aldous’
  • son-in-law Edmund Salter
  • friend George Downing of Fressingfield, yeoman
  • friend and kinsman Henry Spendlove of Fressingfield
  • friend Nicholas Algar of Weybread, yeoman
  • daughter Anne Youngs
  • grandson Mathias Stalworthie
  • brother William Aldous

Executor: son-in-law Edmund Salter

Witnesses: John Aldous, Simon Harvey

Written 20 April 1655, probate 6 Nov 1655


Transcriber’s notes: William Youngs married Elizabeth Aldous in Fressingfield in 1605 (Phillimore’s – is this an error for Anne, or is the error the name in the will?).

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Aldous, Phineas, plumber and glazier of Mendlesham, 1815

  • wife Mary
  • children: William Aldous, Mary Ann Aldous, Sarah Aldous, Elizabeth Aldous, Anna Maria Aldous

Executor: wife Mary, while a widow. If she remarries: William Cuthbert of Mendlesham, John Peck of Wetheringsett

Witnesses: Daniel Simpson, John Garrard, Charles Garrard – all of Mendlesham

Written 27 Jan 1815, probate 23 Aug 1815


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Aldous, Richard junior, yeoman of Fressingfield, 1628

  • Wife Elizabeth
  • Uncles Richard Aldous and James Aldous of Fressingfield

Executor: wife Elizabeth (uncles to take on executorship if Elizabeth doesn’t within 20 days)

Witnesses: Richard Aldous, Robert Godfrey, Samuel Aldous, Thomas Frere

Written 22 Aug 1628, probate 15 Oct 1628


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Aldous (Aldowes), Robert senr of Fressingfield, 1630

  • son James Aldous
  • daughter Ann Aldous
  • kinswoman Ann Aldred
  • brother John Aldous

Executor: son James Aldous

Supervisor: brother John Aldous

Witnesses: John Aldous, Nathan Aldous, Francis Sandcroft

Written 1 June 1628, probate 10 Aug 1630


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Aldous, Robert, of Great Wittingham in Fressingfield, 1638

  • wife Margaret
  • son Robert under 24
  • son Nicholas under 25
  • brother William Aldous
  • brother John Aldous

Executors: Richard Whale of Munford, wife Margaret

Witnesses: Francis Aldous, Robert Godfrey

Written 7 May 1638, probate 15 Sep 1638


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Aldous, Stephen, yeoman of Fressingfield, 1628

  • Son Stephen Aldous junior
  • Son William Aldous, second son
  • Eldest son Stephen Aldous, under 24
  • Thomas Aldous: his lands abuts property bequeathed to son Stephen senior (relationship not given)
  • Son John Aldous, youngest son
  • Daughter Mary Aldous
  • Daughter Elizabeth wife of Richard Aldous
  • Bedstead marked with MA
  • Brother-in-law James Aldous

Witnesses: Samuel Aldous, Samuel Smith, Robert Godfrey

Executors: sons Stephen Aldous junior and William Aldous

Supervisor: brother-in-law James Aldous

Written 16 June 1622, probate 19 Feb 1627/8


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Aldous, Stephen, of Fressingfield, 1637

  • wife Anne: everything, and to bring up son Stephen.
  • son Stephen: to receive £5 a year, and to inherit everything bequeathed to Anne on her death

Witnesses: Susanna Legatt x, Robert Godfrey

Executor: wife Anne

Written 10 April 1637, probate 11 May 1637


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Aldous, Stephen, yeoman of Fressingfield, 1721

  • son Stephen Aldous: a house in Fressingfield
  • son Francis Aldous: £20
  • son William Aldous: £20
  • daughter Marther Aldous: £20
  • daughter Ann Aldous: £20
  • daughter Margaret Aldous: £20
  • son Thomas Aldous: £20
  • son John Aldous: £20
  • son James Aldous: £20
  • granddaughter Ursula Aldous: under 18

Executor: son Stephen Aldous

Witnesses: Leon. Deane, Nelson Bigsby, John Ducke

Written 5 Oct 1705, probate 11 Feb 1720/1


Transcriber’s notes: there are baptisms in Fressingfield for Ann (27 June 1674), Margaret (27 Oct 1676), Thomas (27 Nov 1679), and John (18 Oct 1681). There is a burial in Fressingfield on 29 Jan 1700/1 of Ursula, wife of Stephen Aldous. Some online family trees identify Stephen’s wife as Ursula Wyard of Earl Soham, but I am yet to confirm this.

The testator’s son Stephen married Elizabeth Vincent at Hoxne on 18 Oct 1694 (the groom was of Fressingfield, and the bride of Mendlesham), and their eleven children were baptised in Mendlesham. Their eldest child was Ursula, baptised on 8 Aug 1695. At least five of Stephen and Elizabeth’s children died in infancy. Their son Stephen Aldous of Mendlesham wrote a will, probated in 1767 (see below).

All three of the witnesses to this will lived in Mendlesham at the time – Leonard Deane was the curate of Mendlesham.

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Aldous, Stephen, potashman of Fressingfield, 1725

  • Son Stephen Aldous: house where testator dwells, and property in Fressingfield, Cratfield, and Linstead.
  • Grandson Stephen Aldous: property in Little Whittingham Green after his father’s death
  • Grandson James Aldous: property in Great Linstead, recently purchased, after his father’s death
  • Grandson William Aldous
  • Grandson John Aldous: house and land after his father’s death
  • Granddaughter Mary Aldous, under 21: house in Cratfield
  • Granddaughter Sarah Aldous, under 21
  • Daughter Sarah Cobb, wife of Nicholas Cobb.
  • Sarah and Nicholas’ three children: Nicholas, Sarah, and Mary Cobb, all under 21

Executor: son Stephen Aldous

Witnesses: Elizabeth Sparrow x, Mary Boast x, Obadiah Emerson

Written 18 March 1724/5, probate 6 Nov 1725


Transcriber’s notes: husband of Frances (above) and father of Stephen of Fressingfield, 1735, below.

Sarah Aldis and Nicholas Cobb, both of Fressingfield, married by licence at St Peter’s Mancroft in Norwich on 7 March 1708/9. It’s possible their children were baptised at South Elmham, next door to Fressingfield.

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Aldous, Stephen, yeoman of Fressingfield, 1735

  • son Stephen: estate recently purchased from Henry Sparhawk in Fressingfield, and all potashfalls
  • daughter Mary Aldous
  • daughter Sarah
  • wife Sarah
  • son William
  • son John
  • son James: property in Great Linsted
  • daughter Sarah Pallant

Excecutors: sons Stephen and James

Witnesses: Thomas Raymond, Mary Elmer x, Obadiah Ameson

Written: 10 Oct 1735, probate 20 Dec 1735


Transcriber’s notes: son of Stephen Aldous, potashman, whose will (probated in 1725) is above.

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Aldous, Stephen, yeoman of Badingham, 1765

  • wife Sarah
  • son Richard
  • daughter Sarah Aldous
  • daughter Martha Bishop
  • daughter Elizabeth Aldous
  • daughter Mary Aldous
  • daughter Ann Hubbard
  • daugther Rebecca Aldous
  • daughter Catherine Aldous

Executors: wife Sarah, Mr Thomas Avis

Witnesses: Robert Cracknel x, John Dunnet x, Mary Turner x

Written 5 June 1765, probate 15 Nov 1765


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Aldous, Stephen, yeoman of Mendlesham, 1767

  • Grandson Phineas Aldous: property in Fressingfield
  • Son Stephen Aldous: annuity from the property bequeathed to Phineas
  • Granddaughter Sarah Aldous, daughter of son John Aldous
  • Son John Aldous: property in the back street in Mendlesham occupied by William Fuller
  • Elizabeth Kemp, daughter of Mary late wife of Thomas Kemp, under 21: once 21, to inherit the property bequeathed to son John Aldous
  • Rest and residue to son John Aldous

Executors: son John Aldous, and George Batt of Mendlesham, yeoman

Witnesses: John Smith, John Cooper, Daniel Gardiner

Written 21 Jan 1765, probate 12 May 1767


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Aldous (Aldowes), Thomas, yeoman of Fressingfield, 1637

  • wife Mary
  • son James
  • son Thomas
  • son Ralph and his wife Mary
  • son Roger
  • son Abraham
  • orchard owned by James Aldowes senior
  • land lately owned by William Aldowes

Supervisor: Francis Sandcroft junior

Witnesses: William Aldous, Edmund Botwright

Written 31 May 1634, probate 22 Nov 1637


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Aldous, William, yeoman of Chipenhall Green, Fressingfield, 1718

  • to be buried in churchyard at Fressingfield
  • wife Susan Aldous
  • nephew William Aldous, now at sea
  • sister Catherine Aldous
  • niece Elizabeth Catchpole
  • godson William Pierson, son of Edward Pierson of Wingfield, my brother-in-law, under 21
  • Edward Pierson and Elizabeth Pierson, son and daughter of my brother-in-law Edward Pierson, under 21
  • Rebecca Pierson my sister (entered as Elizabeth, changed to Rebecca)

Executor: wife Susan

Witnesses: William Barber, James Cooper, Elizabeth Cobb x

Written 18 May 1714, probate 21 April 1718


Transcriber’s notes: marriage at Fressingfield, 16 Feb 1708: Edward Catchpole and Elizabeth Aldous. Marriage at Withersdale, 23 Aug 1693, Edward Peirson and Rebecca Aldous.

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Aldous, William, joiner of Fressingfield, 1734

  • son Samuel Aldous: copyhold in Fressingfield held of Wittingham cum Wakelyn Manor
  • wife Mary Aldous
  • son William Aldous: £20
  • daughter Elizabeth Aldous: £20
  • son Richard Aldous: £20
  • daughter Mary Aldous: £20
  • son Jonathan Aldous, “my younger son”, under 21
  • son John Aldous: £20

Executors: Samuel Aldous and John Aldous

Witnesses: Nise Smith (her mark), William Youngs

Written 6 Dec 1732, probate 11 Feb 1733/4


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Alefounder, Robert the elder, clothier of East Bergholt, 1639

  • Wife Elizabeth
  • Property in Walton, Essex, including the Manor of Grose. Occupied by John Cole. Properties occupied by Thomas Whiting and John Coke, house in Kirby occupied by Robert Cope. House in East Bergholt occupied by James Barker and Thomas Greene.
  • Eldest son Robert, executor
  • Youngest son John Alefounder
  • Eldest daughter Elizabeth Trenham, wife of John Trenham
  • Daughter Anne Alefounder, under 20, unmarried
  • Daughter-in-law Mary, wife of son Robert. Her sons George White and Robert White.
  • Sister Sara Braminge and her husband [unnamed] [note this is Browning in his father’s will]
  • Brother John Alefounder and Mathe his wife
  • Brother-in-law Ezekiell Sherman and my sister sister Rachell [Ezekiell’s wife]
  • Brother Henry Fenne and my sister his wife
  • Brother-in-law John Alderman
  • Brother Thomas Wood and his wife
  • Nephew Robert Braming
  • The poor of East Bergholt
  • Mr William Jones, Mr John Long, Mr Cornelius Fisher, Mr Thomas Wyten, Mr Rewes of Bentley
  • Three servants
  • Mr Thomas Bucke of Sibton and his wife
  • Friend Mr Samuel Ward of Ipswich

Witnesses: Robert Michell, John Benn?

Written 10 Feb 1635/6, probate 18 June 1639


Transcriber’s notes: The testator’s memorial brass can still be seen at the church in East Bergholt. See the will of his father, Robert Alefounder of Dedham.

Morant’s Essex vol 1 shows Robert Alefounder of Dedham owning the manor of Grove House in Kirby at his death on 5 April 1630, along with “a messuage called Faytes, and 126 acres of land therewith occupied, in Kirkeby; holden of this manor.” His son Robert – this testator – was then 40 years old.

The testator’s aunt Emme married George White in 1572 – perhaps his son’s wife, Mary, is the widow of George and Emme’s son?

See the will of Thomas Branston of Flowton, 1641 – he mentions his brother-in-law Robert Alefounder and “my sister his wife”, as well as his nephew Robert (Robert’s son), and his cousin Elizabeth Trenham wife of John Trenham – who was his brother-in-law’s sister.

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Arthey, Amy, widow of Hadleigh, 1818

  • Samuel Allen the younger of Hadleigh, cordwainer, executor
  • Cousin Jane Whiting, widow; Jane her daughter, and Mary her granddaughter
  • Elizabeth Allen, mother of the said Samuel Allen
  • Thomas Spalding, nephew of Elizabeth Allen

Witnesses: Robert Offord, W. Bryer

Written 13 May 1818, probate 18 Dec 1818


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Arthey, John the elder, farmer of Lindsey, 1813

  • Son John Arthey
  • Wife Alice Arthey
  • Grandson William Waters, under 21

Executors: son John Arthey, brother Joseph Arthey

Witnesses: Benjamin Bouttell of Lindsey, farmer; Abraham Griggs of Lindsey, yeoman; Robert Offord of Hadleigh, attorney at law

Written 3 Aug 1810, probate 12 Jun 1813


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Arthy, Joshua, gentleman of Tendring Hall, Stoke-by-Nayland, 1836

  • John Gardiner, labourer of Stoke-by-Nayland: property in Lindsey, Suffolk
  • John Arthy of Lindsey, farmer
  • Sarah, wife of Taylor of Braintree, Essex, innkeeper
  • The wife of Sherman of Melford, yeoman
  • Sarah, wife of John Clifford of Lindsey, labourer
  • Wife of William Worters of Groton, farmer
  • John Smith of Kersey, blacksmith
  • James Gardiner of Hadleigh Hamlet, labourer
  • Ann Harris of London, formerly lady’s maid to Lady Rowley
  • Ann Smith of Boxford, widow
  • Thomas Smith of Boxford, shopkeeper
  • James Mortimer of Stoke-by-Nayland, carpenter

Executors: Rev Joshua Rowley of East Bergholt, clerk; Henry Offord of Hadleigh, gentleman; Joseph Arthy of Lindsey, farmer

Witnesses: Dennis Goddard, Samuel Wood, John Huff

Written 14 Feb 1831, probate 17 Feb 1836

Codicil #1

  • Susan Gardiner, sister of John Gardiner jnr of Stoke-by-Nayland, labourer
  • Henry Parsons of Stoke-by-Nayland, farmer
  • William Gardiner of Stoke-by-Nayland, an illegitimate child of Maria Gardiner, under 21
  • Sir Joshua Ricketts Rowley, baronet

Codicil #2

  • Joshua Gardiner, son of my kinsman John Gardiner, and brother of John Gardiner named in my first will


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