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Some wills have been transcribed in full, whereas others are a paraphrased transcription. If they are paraphrased, they contain the names of all those mentioned in the will, with the gist of what they were (or were not!) bequeathed, but to find the full details, such as the names of property, requests as to how they were to be buried etc., please contact the relevant archive. The wills are either from the Suffolk Record Office (ERO), the Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PCC), or the Norfolk Record Office (NRO).

Nunn, Ann, widow of Debenham, 1767

  • son Leonard Nunn of Debenham
  • eldest son John Nunn
  • daughter Sarah Nunn
  • son James Nunn

Witnesses: Charles Garneys, Nat. Welton

Executors: son Leonard, daughter Sarah

Written 6 June 1764, probate 27 July 1767 [Sarah “declining to act”, the will was probated only by Leonard]


Transcriber’s note: Ann Nunn of Debenham was buried in Debenham on 27 June 1767. She had married John Nunn on 1 Oct 1718 at Kenton, Suffolk, as Ann Clark. Their four children, all named in the will, were baptised in Winston, near Debenham.

The 1691 will of Joshua Nunn of Kenton mentions the five children of his uncle Leonard Nunn: John, Susan, Anne, Elizabeth, and Priscilla. Perhaps Ann’s husband was John Nunn, Leonard’s son, and therefore Joshua of Kenton’s first cousin.

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Nunn, Daniel, farmer, of Burgate, 1832

  • has lease of a farm until 11 Oct 1819
  • Ten children: Daniel, John, Martha, Susannah, Mary, Sarah, Hannah, Thomas, Samuel, Richard

Executors: wife Martha, John Mills of Facon Hall, Rickinghall Superior, gentleman

Witnesses: Henry Smith of Burgate, gelder; Samuel Golding, attorney

Written 25 Dec 1811, probate 31 March 1832


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Nunne, Dorothy, wife of Henry Nunne, yeoman, of Whepstead, 1669

  • Henry Nunne stands bond to John Cooper and Stephen Humphry for £160. Dorothy’s will seems to bequeath £80 of it.
  • To Elizabeth Kerrington, my sister: £10. To John Kerrington, my nephew: £10. To Dorothy Kerrington, John’s sister: £5. To Jonathan Kerrington, my nephew: £5. To Jonadab and Mary, children of my brother-in-law John Kerrington: 20 shillings each.
  • To Joane Cooper, my sister: £10. To Jeremiah Cooper, my nephew: £5. To Elizabeth Cooper, sister of Jeremiah: £5. To Richard, Jonathan and Johanna Cooper, children of my brother-in-law John Cooper: 20 shillings each. To John Cooper, my said nephew, my biggest brass pot, which was mine before marrying Henry Nunne.
  • To Stephen, William and Philipp Humphry, children of my brother Stephen Humphry, 20
    shillings each.
  • Rest and residue of the £80 to my brother-in-law John Cooper, my sole exec.

Witnesses: Thomas Burrough, Stephen Humphry.

SRO Ref: Edgar 494

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Nunn, Edmund, labourer of Brome, 1661

Noncupative (given verbally and later written down)

  • Eldest son William, executor
  • Son John Nunn
  • Son Edmund Nunn
  • Granddaughters Grace Nunn and Elizabeth Nunn, daughters of son Edmund
  • Wife Elizabeth

Given verbally in the presence of son William

Written about Sep 1656, not long before his death, probate 12 Jan 1660/1

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Nunn, Edmund, yeoman, of Hawstead, 1667 

  • To son Edmund Nunn: close? in Rattlesden recently bought from John Moore, and freehold and copyhold tenement and land in Rattlesden. And one shilling.
  • To son George Nunn: copyhold property and 12 acres of land in Rattlesden, bought from
    John Moore and Sarah his wife, Richard Double and Mary his wife, Philemon Broome and
    Margarett his wife. £45-worth of goods and chattels.
  • Son Robert is bound to John White, my son-in-law, husband of my daughter Frances, for the sum of £3 3 shillings yearly (being the interest on a legacy of threescore pounds). After
    Frances death, the payment to go to Frances’ daughters.
  • To son Robert – three tenements with land in Hawstead, lately purchased from Henry
    Sparke. But only as long as he pays John Nunn, my eldest son, one annual [page missing?] 40 shillings. William Prior, John Wales and Joseph Page lately lived in the dwellings. Also to Robert – a bedstead.
  • To son John – one shilling
  • To daughter Sarah Craske and son-in-law Henry Craske – one shilling
  • To daughter Frances White 20 shillings, and to son-in-law John White 12 pence.
  • Rest and residue to be divided between sons Edmund and George.

Executor: son George Nunn, to be supervised by Robert Nunn.

Witnesses: Oliver Towler x, Mary Page, Henry Craske

Written 30th July 1667, proved: 18 December 1667

SRO ref: Edgar 269

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Nunn, Elizabeth, widow, of Lawshall, 1688 

  • My executrix to pay my daughter Margarett £4
  • To Mary Nonne my daughter all money owed from my son Robert Nonne of Stanningfield to pay herself £6 and the £4 to Margarett.

Executrix: My daughter Mary Nonne.

Witnesses: John Norman x, Mary Norman x, John Smith

Written: 1st April 1687, proved: 13th March 1688 by Mary Nonne alias Bigsby

Transcriber’s note: the sums of money mentioned in the will are all owed by and to different people. Please see the original.

[Held at Bury St. Edmunds Record Office]

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Nunn, Frances, widow, of Whepstead, 1677 

  • To son Robert Nunn: certain furniture
  • To son Henry Nunn: a brass pot
  • To son Ambrose Nunn: certain furniture
  • To daughter Frances Griggs: certain furniture and household goods
  • To grandchild Joshua Nunn: the great Bible
  • To grandchild Elizabeth Ray: a piece of furniture
  • To grandchild Marian Friend: 5 shillings
  • To Sarah Ray: 5 shillings
  • To grandchild Frances Ray: certain furniture
  • To grandchild Frances Hunt: certain household goods
  • To grandchild Audrey Hunt: 5 shillings
  • To each child of my daughter Griggs: 5 shillings
  • To grandchild Mary Ray: 5 shillings
  • Rest and residue of my goods and chattels to my daughter Marian Raye on condition she pay my debts and funeral expenses. She to be executrix, assisted by John Frost of Duffton Hall, gent.

Witnesses: John Frost, Thomas Steward, John Cooke

Written: 22nd November 1677


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Nunn, Henry, yeoman, of Whepstead, 1707

  • To my son John Nunn: the tenement where I now dwell in Whepstead, and all freehold and copyhold, he to pay my debts and legacies.
  • To my wife Elizabeth: £14 a year, and her dwelling in my parlour where I now live, various furniture and household good, wood for the fire from my land.
  • To my daughter Elizabeth Ruffell: 20 shillings to buy a ring.
  • To my daughter Margarett Nunn: £100 (£50 three years after my death, £50 six months after my wife’s death).
  • To my daughter Mary Nunn: £100 (£50 when she reaches 21, £50 six months after my wife’s death) and my silver cup.
  • To my sister Margarett Loquar: 40 shillings a year.
  • Rest and residue to my son John Nunn, he to be executor.

Witnesses: John Cooke, Robert Steward, Daniel Tod x

Written: 5th April 1707, proved: 30th December 1707

SRO Ref: Goodwin III 443

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Nunn, John, yeoman, of Whepstead, 1694

  • To son Ambrose Nunn: my freehold messuage where I now dwell, and all my freehold in
  • To son Thomas Nunn: my copyhold called Poches, and two (named) crofts of pasture in
    Whepstead, he to pay my son George Nunn £30.
  • Rest and residue of my copyhold land in Whepstead to my son Ambrose Nunn, he to pay my son George Nunn another £30.
  • My sons George and Thomas Nunn are indebted to me to the sum of £20. My executor to
    deliver up the said bonds to my said two sons within six days after my decease.

Rest and residue to my executor (my son Ambrose Nunn).

Witnesses: Anthony Sparrow, John Cooke, Jo. Sparrow.

Written: 5th January (no year), proved: 25th April 1694

SRO Ref: Boldero 168

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Nunn, John, baker of Hadleigh, 1697

  • For some time, testator has lived in the house of James Ells in the the parish of St Sepulchre’s, Middlesex, wafermaker
  • Property in Stone Street, Hadleigh, and property in Hadleigh mortgaged to Mr Hudson of Ipswich, tailor
  • James Ells to inherit everything, and to be executor.

Witnesses: Charles Belfeild, John Hensman, Richard Mallaber

Written 9 Mar 1696/7, probate 21 Apr 1697


Transcriber’s note: testator buried at St Sepulchre’s, 14 April 1697: “John Nunn from St John Street.”

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Nunn, John, of Hawstead, singleman,1713

  • To Frances “my Best sister”: £10
  • To Margaret my second sister: £10
  • To Mary my youngest sister: £10
  • Rest and residue to my uncle George Nunn of Hawsted, yeoman, the exector.

Witnesses: Robert Wolfe, Robert Underwood

Written: 24th Jan 1713/4, proved: 6th Feb 1713/4

SRO Ref: Goodwin VI 321

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Nunne, John, yeoman, of Whepstead, 1731

  • To wife Elizabeth: all freehold and copyhold land and tenement where I now live in Whepstead, and all real and personal estate for her life. Wife Elizabeth to pay my mother Elizabeth an extra £6 a year, on top of what was bequeathed her by my father Henry Nunne (her late husband).
  • After my mother’s death, my wife to pay Elizabeth, my eldest daughter, £20 a year out of my copyhold, for as long as my wife lives. The annuity to be continued out of the copyhold
    during the life of Hannah, widow of the late John Ray of Lawshall.
  • If Hannah survives my wife, my daughter Mary shall not be entitled to any part of the £20
    intended for my daughter Elizabeth.
  • If Elizabeth my daughter dies, the annuity to go to any children she may have.
  • If my wife Elizabeth dies in Hannah’s lifetime, my daughter Mary will be entitled to one half of the rents and profits from my freehold, and one half of the rents and profits of my
    copyhold (once my daughter Elizabeth’s £20 has been paid).
  • After the deaths of Elizabeth my mother, Elizabeth my wife and Hannah Ray, widow, the £20 to cease, and the copyhold and freehold to be divided between my daughters Elizabeth and Mary (or if they have died, to any children they may have).

Executors: Caleb Rose, Rector of Whepstead, and John Hunt of same, my brother-in-law.
Witnesses: William Newport, John Steward, John Rose.

Written: 14th March 1729/30

  • Codicil: My daughter Elizabeth may have been left property in the will of her late uncle, John Ray, which she may receive on the death of his widow, Hannah, in the lifetime of my wife Elizabeth. Once my daughter Elizabeth receives this property, she will receive an annuity of £10, and the remainder (from the £20) to my daughter Mary.

Written: 14th March 1729/30, proved: 4th May 1731

SRO Ref: Claggett III 63

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Nunn, John the elder, farmer, of Burgate, 1785

  • grandson Daniel Nunn
  • son John Nunn of Burgate, farmer
  • grandchildren, the sons and daughters of son John Nunn: Thomas Nunn, John Nunn, Alice Nunn, Ann Nunn, Diana Nunn, James Nunn, Robert Nunn, Daniel Nunn, Elizabeth Nunn, Joseph Nunn, under 21
  • daughter Mary wife of John Chilver of Burgate, tailor
  • grandchildren, the children of daughter Mary Chilver: Mary Chilver, Ann Chilver, Sarah Chilver, under 21
  • daughter Sarah wife of Simon Cobb of Yoxford, yeoman
  • grandchildren, the children of Sarah Cobb: Simon Cobb, William Cobb, John Cobb, George Cobb, Thomas Cobb, under 21

Executors: grandson Daniel Nunn; John Richardson of Botesdale, farmer

Witnesses: Charles Pleasance, Ph. Meadows

Written 26 Apr 1783, probate 18 Dec 1785


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Nunn, John the elder, farmer of Burgate, 1801

  • wife Alice
  • son Thomas Nunn
  • daughter Alice wife of Henry Edwards of Botesdale, schoolmaster
  • testator’s other children: John Nunn, James Nunn, Daniel Nunn, Robert Nunn, Elizabeth Nunn, Joseph Nunn, Sarah Nunn

Executors: wife Alice, son John

Witnesses: Ann Pett, Ph. Meadows

Written: 12 Feb 1796, probate 2 Sep 1801


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Nunn, John King, yeoman of Hitcham, 1821

  • wife [unnamed in the will]
  • daughter Anne Sillett

Executors: James Pearl, Wincol Grimwood Cooper, both farmers of Hitcham

Witnesses: Ephraim Taylor, shopkeeper; Robert Hicks, Ebenezer Syer

Written: 29 June 1819, probate 10 March 1821


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Nunn, Joshua, singleman of Kenton, 1691

  • Property in Kenton
  • Three nephews Robert, William and John Moore (sons of William Moore by testator’s sister Anne
  • Three daughters of John Nun: Anne Vace and Susan (doesn’t name third)
  • Five children of uncle Leonard Nunn: John, Susan, Anne, Elizabeth, and Priscilla
  • The poor of Kenton
  • Kinsman: Leonard Nunn of Eye, executor

Witnesses: John Wareyn, John Aldrich, Robert Baldwell, Anne Doget

Written 15 July 1691, probate 14 Sep 1691


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Nunn, Joshua, gentleman of Hadleigh, 1787 

  • Wife Protesia Nunn
  • Daughter Mary Ann Nunn
  • cousin Mary Ann wife of Benjamin Goymour of Stonham Aspall, farmer
  • Nunn Goymour, son of the said Mary Ann
  • Vault in Hadleigh churchyard for testator and his family
  • Sister Mary Pittock of Hadleigh
  • Nunn John Pittock
  • William Tricker of Layham, James Palmer
  • Sisters-in-law: Mary Smith, widow of Hadleigh; Elizabeth Nice, widow of Hadleigh; Frances wife of Thomas Aldridge of Hadleigh, yeoman; Miss Elizabeth Frost; Ann wife of Edward Cooper

Executor: wife; John Brownrigg Lake of Hadleigh gentleman; and Richard Leatherdale, draper of Hadleigh

Witnesses: John Munnings, edgetool maker; Edward Cooper, butcher; William Hart, shoemaker – all of Hadleigh

Written 1 Jun 1787, probate 12 Oct 1787


Testator’s notes: an article in “The Jurist”, 1845, describes the fall-out from the wills of Joshua and his widow Protesia [see below]. Their daughter Mary Ann married Andrew Pigge of Norfolk before 1816. She died in April 1832, having had no issue. Joshua’s cousin Mary Ann Goymer died before Mrs. Pigge. Mary Ann’s son Nunn Goymer (actually Benjamin Nunn Goymer) died a bachelor, intestate, in the lifetime of both his mother and Mrs Pigge. His heir was his brother William Goymer. William Goymer also died intestate in Mrs Pigge’s lifetime, and his heir was his brother John Goymer, who lived in Hertfordshire and worked as a labourer.

Mary Ann Nunn married Benjamin Goymer in Stonham Aspall in 1772. Joshua and Protesia’s daughter Mary Ann had lost her first husband, John Davy, and in 1813 married Andrew Pigge. Andrew died on 13 Oct 1844 in Heacham, aged 78. He had been a bookseller in Lynne [Bury & Norwich Post, 23 Oct 1844].

Andrew Pigge believed he owned the property, and a solicitor advised John Goymer to release his claim and receive £125 instead. John did this, as he was “pressed by poverty.” A few years later, John made another claim, saying that he’d taken the £125 as he’d been under duress. The case went to court, and it was decided that Mary Ann only had a life interest in the property – it therefore became John’s.

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Nunn, Joshua, of Withersfield, 1805

  • to be buried in Withersfield churchyard
  • elder son: John Nunn of Linton, Cambridgeshire
  • younger son: Robert Nunn of Haverhill, Suffolk
  • grandchildren, the children of his two sons [unnamed in the will]

Executor: Robert Cary Barnard, rector of Withersfield

Witnesses: Thomas Wood, William Doe, Enoch Martin x

Written: 7 March 1800, probate 4 March 1805


Transcriber’s notes: find out more about Joshua Nunn and his family

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Nunn, Leonard, yeoman of Chelmondiston, 1826

  • Philip Bacon Mason and Thomas Evans, both farmers of Chelmondiston, to have testator’s property, in trust, for testator’s housekeeper Elizabeth Paterson for her life, or remarriage. Once she dies or remarries, property to be divided up between testator’s four children:
  • daughter Mary Ann Nunn
  • daughter Charlotte, wife of Thomas Horn of Ipswich, blacksmith
  • daughter Elizabeth, wife of Isaac Webb of Chelmondiston, innholder
  • son Joshua Nunn

Executors: Philip Bacon Mason and Thomas Evans

Witnesses: Thomas Bristo, H G Bristo, John Gross

Written 9 Dec 1824, probate 15 July 1826


Transcriber’s notes: the testator’s housekeeper was the mother of his daughter Elizabeth. The testator was a son of Joshua Nunn and Mary Baker.

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Nunn, Margaret, spinster, of Lawshall, 1688

  • To Mary Nonne, my sister of Bury St. Edmunds, all my copyhold in Lawshall
  • To Mary Nonne, daughter of my brother Robert Nonne of Stanningfield, £10 (to come out of the Lawshall copyhold)
  • Rest and residue to my sister Mary Nonne, executrix.

Witnesses: John Norman x, Mary Norman x, John Smith

Written: 3rd October 1687, proved: 2nd November 1687

[Held at Bury St. Edmunds Record Office] 

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Nunn, Philip, yeoman, of Lawshall, 1681 

  • Dorothy, my wife: all my movable goods, household stuff and chattels indoors and out
    (except one bald colt which I give my son Philip).
  • The said Dorothy to raise my children until they are shiftable.

Executors: the abovesaid Dorothy and Philip.

Witnesses: John Brinckley, John Byrd, John Smith

Written 9 November 1681, proved: 22 February 1681/2

[Held at Bury St. Edmunds Record Office]

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Nunn, Protesia, late of Hadleigh, Suffolk, now of Snettisham, Norfolk, 1801

  • Mentions will of her late husband, Joshua Nunn, gent, dated 1 June 1787 [see above].
  • friends Edmund Rolfe of Heacham, Norfolk, Henry Styleman of Snettisham, and Nicholas Styleman of Heacham
  • daughter Mary Ann wife of John Davy of Snettisham, gentleman

Witnesses: James Pritty, LW Jarvis clerk to Mr Newtington, attorney, Lynn

Written 2 Apr 1801, probate 16 June 1801


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Nunn, Robert, yeoman, of Broadgates, Whepstead, 1675

  • To son Thomas: £80
  • To son Walter: £60 when 21
  • To son Henry: £60 when 21, and £10 to be bound as an apprentice
  • To wife Margarett: £5, and all good and chattels in my current dwelling house at the time of my decease, which were hers before our marriage
  • To son Robert: all my freehold and copyhold land and tenements in Whepstead, he to pay my debts and legacies. If Robert refuses to be my executor, then my son Thomas to be my executor and to sell all my copyhold and freehold (the proceeds to be divided between my
    sons Thomas, Walter and Henry).

Written: 3rd November 1675

Witnesses: Rand. Nonne, Willm. Nonne, Elizabeth Nonne. 

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Nunn, Robert the elder, yeoman, of Hawstead, 1678

  • To daughter Mary Nunn: all my messuages and lands in Stanstead, Great Wheltham,
    Cockfield, Lawshall or elsewhere.
  • To sister Mary Martin: £5 annuity
  • To brother Francis Nunn: £5 annuity
  • To the poor of Hawstead: £5
  • To Susan Straffe: £30
  • To my kinswoman Mary Carter: £10
  • To Michael Nunn: 20 shillings

Execs: my daughter Mary Nunn, my brother Martin Nunn, my kinsman Robert Goodchild (£20 each to Martin and Robert) Rest and residue to daughter Mary.

Witnesses: Robert Howard, Thomas Coaste? x, Margaret Mayhew x

Written: 1st November 1686, proved: 13th May 1687

ERO Ref: Goodwin I 564

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Nunn, Robert, yeoman of Whepstead, 1679

  • To wife Dorithy: two closes and a grove for her natural life, then to my son Robert Nunne.
  • To son Robert Nunne: all my land and tenements after my wife’s death, on condition that he pays the following legacies to my daughters after my wife’s death:
  • To daughter Frances: £30 within one year of my wife’s death
  • To daughter Marrian: £30 within two years of my wife’s death
  • To daughter Marible: £20 within three years of my wife’s death
  • To son Robert: various furniture and household goods (to be used by Dorithy during her
  • To wife Dorithy: all my goods and chattels for the paying of my debts and the raising of my children.

Executrix: my wife Dorithy Nunne

Witnesses: Steven Wiffen, Elizabeth Cole x, George Daniell

Written: 21st October 1679

SRO Ref: IC500/1/133 (148)

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Nunn, Robert, yeoman, of Lawshall, 1719

  • To son Thomas Nunn: £10
  • To son Henry Nunn: copyhold land in Stanningfield and £100
  • To son James Nunn: messuage or tenement in Lawshall & Stanningfield, on condition he pay my daughters Rose, Mary and Elizabeth Nunn £100 each.
  • 20 shillings to the poor of Stanningfield
  • To wife Rose, all household goods and money. Messuage or tenement in Stanningfield. After her death, Stanningfield property to son Robert Nunn.
  • £100 to wife Rose to take the interest arising during her lifetime. After her death, that £100 to son William Nunn, but he to pay out the sums:
  • £10 to sons John and Thomas Nunn
  • £15 each to sons James, Henry and daughters Rose, Mary and Elizabeth Nunn

Executors: wife Rose Nunn, brother-in-law William Bixby of Bury St. Edmunds to supervise.

Witnesses: William Tooke, Rachel Tooke, Bridget Simson

Written 6 November 1717, proved: 17th July 1719

[Held at Bury St. Edmunds Record Office]

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Nunn, Rose, widow, of Lawshall, 1733

  • To my son Robert Nunn: 20 shilling
  • To my son Thomas Nunn: £10
  • To my son John Nunn: £10
  • To my son Henry Nunn: £10
  • To my son James Nunn: £5
  • To my daughter Elizabeth, wife of Gabriel Wright: £10
  • To my daughters Rose and Mary, all my money, household goods, clothes etc.
  • £10 to be divided equally between the five children of my son William Nunn

Executrix: My daughters Rose Nunn and Mary Nunn

Witnesses: William Sparke, James Vinsen x, Mary Starne x

Written: 15th November 1726, proved: 18th June 1733

[Held at Bury St. Edmunds Record Office]

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Nunn, Rose, spinster, of Lawshall, 1751

  • To my brother Henry Nunn and his heirs: copyhold messuage/tenement in Lawshall, on condition that my two sisters (Mary Nunn and Elizabeth Wright) may live there for their natural lives.
  • To my brother Henry Nunn and my sisters Mary Nunn and Elizabeth Wright, use of all my household goods (not to be sold). After their decease, my household goods to be equally divided between:
    • My cousin James Nunn (son of my brother Thomas Nunn)
    • My cousin Rose Wright (daughter of my sister Elizabeth Wright)
    • To brother Henry Nunn: all my money.

Executors: siblings Henry Nunn and Mary Nunn.

Witnesses: Richard Vincent, Daniel Wright x, John Boreham

Written: 28th November 1751, proved: date not on document

[Held at Bury St. Edmunds Record Office]

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Nunn, Sturgeon, farmer, of Assington, Suffolk, 1782 

  • To my nephew Edward Chinery, son of my sister Sarah (wife of Edward Chinery of Acton, farmer), my messuage/tenement with outhouses and land in Assington, now in my own occupation, charged with: £20 annuity for my sister Sarah; £5 annuity for my niece Sarah, wife of John Hayward of Melford, farmer (a daughter of the said Sarah Chinery); £10 annuity for my niece Ann Chinery (another daughter of my said sister Sarah Chinery)
  • To my said nephew Edward Chinery, my messuage/tenement with cottage and lands in Great Henny, Essex, now in the occupation of Joseph Causton, charged with: £10 annuity to my niece Rose Brewster, wife of William Brewster of Black Notley, Essex, farmer (one of the daughters of my late brother Philip Nunn); £10 annuity to my niece Mary Ruffle (another daughter of my said late brother Philip Nunn); £10 annuity to Hannah Gibbs who now lives with me
  • £150 to Sturgeon Nunn Brewster, one of the sons of my said niece Rose Brewster
  • £100 each to all the other children of my said niece Rose Brewster who shall be living at the time of my decease when 21 respectively.
  • £300 to my said niece Ann Chinery
  • Rest and residue to be divided equally between: my said sister Sarah Chinery, Sarah Hayward, Ann Chinery, Rose Brewster and her children who shall be living at my decease
    and Mary Ruffle.

Executors: the said Joseph Causton, and Mr. Baker of Little Ropers in Bures St. Mary, Suffolk, farmer.

Witnesses: William Hewes, Margaret Beales x, Richd Hodge.

Written: 26th December 1781, proved: 26th February 1782


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Nunn, Thomas, of Stratford, 1713

  • Grandfather Ambrose Rowles
  • Uncle Ambrose Rowles, cooper of Colchester
  • Uncle William Rowles
  • Elizabeth Carter daughter of Andrew and Elizabeth Carter
  • Poor of Stratford
  • Uncle Robert Rowles: copyhold in Layham, rest and residue, executor

Witnesses: Robert Potter, William and Jane Sadler

Written 16 May 1713, died at East Donyland 31 May 1713, probate 30 July 1713


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Nunn, Thomas, merchant of Southwold, 1768

  • Grandson Lancelot Davie: property in Thorpe Parva, Norfolk
  • Lancelot’s sister, Sarah Marryat, wife of Thomas Marryat of the City of London, “Doctor of Physick”
  • Only son Samuel Nunn, executor
  • Two children of daughter Ann Church
  • Two son of granddaughter Sarah Marryat
  • Cousin Betthiall Nunn, spinster
  • £10 to repair “the meeting house belonging to the Protestant Dissenters at Southwold”
  • Mr John Skipp deceased, late of Southwold, gave testator £160 in trust, the interest to pay for the dissenting minister.

Witnesses: Sarah Hillery, Samuel Bewstead, Robert Martyn Frost

Written 13 Aug 1760, probate 2 Aug 1768


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Nunn, Thomas, yeoman of Hitcham, 1806

  • son Thomas Nunn
  • son Samuel Nun
  • daughter Dinah

Executors: son John King Nunn, wife [his wife died before the will was probated in 1806]

Witnesses: Samuel Fayers, John Quilter jnr, Christopher Ranson

Written 6 Dec 1787, probate 11 June 1806


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Nunn (Nun), Thomas, farmer of Botesdale, 1809

  • Jemima Sharman: a legacy “as a reward for her kind attentions to me and my late wife.”
  • brother Robert Nunn of Burgate
  • nephews Thomas Nunn and James Nunn, sons of brother Robert Nunn
  • Joseph Nunn of Burfields
  • Thomas Nunn of Burfields, late carrier

Executors: Mr Daniel Nunn of Burgate, farmer; Mr John Nunn of Burfields, farmer

Witnesses: Daniel Ollett, Joanna Sharman

Written: 4 May 1803, probate 1809.


Note: “Nunn” spelt “Nun” throughout in the original.

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Nunn, Thomas, yeoman, of Burgate, 1816

  • brother William Nunn
  • brother John Nunn
  • sister Anne wife John Bane
  • brother James
  • niece Mary, daughter of brother James [added in pencil: “now dead”]

Executors: Daniel Ollett of Carlton, Norfolk, farmer; Oliver Kerridge of Burgate, farmer

Witnesses: Elizabeth Edwards, Harriet Edwards


Transcriber’s notes: the testator and his siblings are the children of Samuel and Nunn of Burgate. His sister Ann marredi John Bean (rather than “Bane” in the will) at Wortham on 30 June 1789. She was buried in Burgate on 5 May 1846, aged 78.

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Nunn, William, yeoman, of Lawshall, 1671 

  • To wife Susan: all movables that were hers before marriage
  • To wife Susan and son William, to sell all lands and tenements in Lawshall, and all goods and chattels. Proceeds to be equally divided between: Susan my wife (plus £5 for executing will), William my son, Christian my daughter, Thomas my son, Sarah my daughter, Robert my youngest son.

Executors: the abovementioned Susan and William

Witnesses: Edward Cracke, John Wright

Written 20 March 1670/1, proved: 15th April 1671

[Held at Bury St. Edmunds Record Office]

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Nunn, William, gentleman of Chilton, 1804

  • Wife Mary
  • Son Charles Nunn
  • Son William Thomas Nunn
  • Son Robert Nunn
  • Son Joseph Andrews Nunn
  • Daughter Frances Nunn
  • Daughter Martha wife of William Capon
  • Daughter Ann wife of Henry Jennings
  • Daughter Louisa wife of Joseph Sherlock
  • Property in Wickhambrook, Suffolk; Cock Lane and Market Hill, Sudbury; Middleton, Essex; Assington, Suffolk; Stoke-by-Nayland, Suffolk
  • Household goods (including silver spoons marked “IA” – to son Joseph Andrews Nunn)
  • To be buried in vault in Great Cornard church where his mother was buried

Witnesses: George Tydeman, brazier of Sudbury; Samuel Alston, servant to testator; Robert Frost

Written 10 April 1799, probate 24 May 1804


Transcriber’s notes: Father of Joseph Andrews Nunn of Clare (above).

The testator was a widower when he married Mary Spurgin in Newmarket in 1763. Some, if not all, of their children were baptised in Newmarket.

His daughter Martha married William Capon in Newport Pagnell, Bucks, 1779. Ann married Henry Jennings in Newmarket in 1783, and Louisa married Joseph Sherlock at St George’s Hanover Square, London, in 1786. Joseph Andrews Nunn married Mary Sparkes at Sudbury St Peter’s in 1815.

Most of the family were buried in Great Cornard. The testator was buried there on 12 April 1804, aged 80 – so he was born in about 1724. His son William Thomas, named in the will, died just before his father and was buried on 24 March 1804, aged 28. The testator’s widow was buried there a couple of years later, on 12 May 1806, aged 71. She had been living in Sudbury. Charles was buried there on 26 April 1813, aged 47, having been living in Sudbury (he left an SRO will), and Joseph Andrews Nunn was buried there on 4 Dec 1824, aged 57, his abode given as Clare (his son William was buried in the same grave). Robert was buried there on 14 March 1835, aged 58, having been living at Cornard End in Sudbury St Peter’s, and his wife Frances was buried there as well. (Suffolk Family History Society have transcribed the memorial inscriptions at Great Cornard, but there’s no surviving inscription for the testator’s mother).

The testator says his mother had been buried at Great Cornard. This was Frances Nunn, buried there in 1728. An infant Nunn was buried there the same year. This would tie in with the 1726 marriage licence of Francis Nunn, single man of Bulmer, Essex, aged 26 and Frances Andrews, single woman of Sudbury, aged 30, who were to marry at Great Cornard or Chilton. The testator’s son was called “Joseph Andrews Nunn” and was left silver spoons marked “IA”, which might’ve belonged to Joseph Nunn of Sudbury: he died in 1701 and was buried at Sudbury St Gregory’s. His will, written in 1684, prefers descendants of his nephew Robert Andrews (son of his deceased brother Robert) who are called Joseph. Frances Andrews, who married Francis Nunn, was likely the daughter of Robert and Frances Andrews, who was baptised in Bulmer, Essex, in 1695. She was the half-sister Robert Andrews – the male figure in Gainsborough’s famous painting “Mr and Mrs Andrews”. Indeed, the man from the painting had a brother called Joseph Andrews, presumably to make the most of the other Joseph Andrews’ will! Robert senior’s will, written in 1734, mentions his grandson William Nunn, who must be this testator. Because Robert senior married three times (at least) and his last wife was much younger than him, it meant that William Nunn was the same age as his nephew, Robert Andrews, the man from the famous painting.

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Nutton, Benjamin, webster of Boxford, 1708

  • Son Benjamin Nutton: £100
  • Son Edward Nutton: property in Boxford as long as he gives up his right to copyhold meadows
  • Son Samuel Nutton: the copyhold meadows to be given up by Edward
  • Daughter Anne Nutton: £50
  • Daughter Elizabeth Nutton: £50 on condition she doesn’t marry Thomas Nayler of Boxford. If she does, she receives 5sh
  • Daughter Rebecca, wife of Roger Hayward: 5sh
  • Daughter Mary wife of John [should be Joseph] Bennett: 5sh

Executor: son Samuel, to receive rest and residue. Sons Benjamin and Edward to assist.

Witnesses: Jo. Cooke, Henry Nelson, Robert Paine

Written 19 June 1708, probate 1 Sep 1708.


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Nutton, Edward, yeoman of Boxford, 1651

  • Everything to wife Rebecca

Executors: wife Rebecca, cousin Samuel Nutton of St Osyth

Witnesses: Stephen Tunmor, George Miller

Written 31 Aug 1651, probate 8 Sep 1651


Transcriber’s notes: Edward Nutten married Rebecca Ada at Hadleigh in 1625. I have found baptisms for at least three of their children, in Boxford: 1642 Sarah, 1644 Joseph, 1646 Robert. The testator’s cousin, Samuel Nutton of St Osyth, is the grandfather of Benjamin Nutton (see his will above).

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Nutton, Elizabeth, widow of Kersey, 1651

  • Sons Edward Nutton and Joseph Nutton £5 each left them by testator’s son Thomas Nutton deceased, to be paid to them when they reach 21.
  • Rest and residue to the said Edward and Joseph, grandson John Walker, son William

Executor: son William.

Witnesses: John Nightingale, John Cooke


Transcriber’s notes: She married John Nutton in Kersey in 1616. Her maiden name was Cooke, so the witness John Cooke may be her relative. She is the mother of William Nutton, who died in 1705 (see below) and daughter-in-law of John Nutton, who died in 1626 (again, see below).

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Nutton, John the elder, yeoman of Hadleigh, 1626

  • Indenture dated 31st October 1625, convenanted with John Strutt of Hadleigh, gent., and Joseph Raye of same, draper, that certain properties will go to wife Elizabeth after testator’s death
  • youngest son Robert Nutton, under 21
  • eldest son John Nutton
  • son Thomas Nutton, under 21
  • Grandchildren: John Kidby, Mary Kidby, Joseph Raye jnr., John Raye, Elizabeth Raye
  • Grandson John Nutton, under 21
  • Other children: Elizabeth Nutton, Edward Nutton, Susan Nutton
  • Brother-in-law John Munninges
  • Son-in-law Joseph Raye

Executor: wife Elizabeth

Witnesses: Daniel Raye, Edward Nutton, Henry Peirson

Written 27 Aug 1626, probate 10 Nov 1626

Transcriber’s notes: burial at Hadleigh 1 Sep 1626 of John Nutton of Cornard Street – presumably testator. Burial at Hadleigh 14 Oct 1632, Elizabeth Nutton, widow – perhaps testator’s widow.


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Nutton, Robert, draper of Bures St Mary, 1642

  • Daughter Susan Nutton, all goods, money, etc. U21. To be executor.
  • Wife Susan Nutton, to be daughter’s guardian.

Witnesses: William Sidey, John Nutton

Written 21 Jan 1641/2, probate 21 June 1642


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Nutton, Samuel, of Boxford, 1727

  • Wife Christian
  • Daughter Christian under 21
  • Daughter Ann under 21
  • Son Samuel

Executors: Brother-in-law Isaac Spencer, Jeremiah Hart

Witnesses: Arthur Crane, John Boutell, Ann Boutell

Written 25 May 1727, probate 28 Oct 1727


Transcriber’s notes: son of Benjamin (see will 1708)

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Nutton, Samuel, maltster of Boxford, 1739

  • Mother Christian Nutton, widow of Boxford: property in Hadleigh Hamlet, Boxford. After her death, to his two sisters
  • Sister Christian, wife of Roger Rich of Groton, yeoman
  • Sister Anne Nutton of Boxford, spinster
  • Cousins, the family of Benjamin Nutton, deceased: Samuel Nutton of Boxford, husbandman; Thomas Nutton of Edwardstone, shoemaker; Jane wife of [name not given] of London; Mary Nutton of Waldingfield, spinster; Anne wife of Robert Goymer, husbandman; Elizabeth widow of Robert Scott of Edwardstone; Dinah wife of Aaron Wiskin, husbandman.
  • Frances wife of John Smith of Boxford, and the daughter of Edward Nutton
  • Roger Hayward, yeoman & Rebecca wife of Thomas Pawsey, all of Henny, Essex
  • Sarah Bennitt, daughter of Joseph & Mary Bennitt of Bury St Edmunds
  • Isaac Spencer of Stratford, innkeeper

Executors: mother, and James English of Boxford, yeoman

Witnesses: William Mitchell, Samuel Newton, Jermyn Moyle

Written 1 Nov 1738, probate 25 Jan 1738/9


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Nutton, Sarah, widow of Edwardstone, 1630

  • Son Samuel £10
  • Son Abraham rest and residue
  • Money to poor of Edwardstone, and the minister of Groton

Executors: sons Samuel and Abraham

Witnesses: Thomas Motte, John Brond, Richard Alstone

Written 4 April 1630, probate 12 April 1630.

Transcriber’s notes: presumably the mother of Samuel Nutton of St Osyth. Perhaps Sarah Howe, who married William Nutton in Bildeston in 1605.


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Nutton, Sarah, single woman of Polstead, 1665

  • To be buried in Polstead churchyard
  • Brother William Nutton of St Osyth, yeoman
  • Sister Anne, wife of William Doare of St Osyth, miller
  • Brother John Nutton of St Osyth, single man
  • Youngest brother Samuel Nutton, U21, who now lives with brother Benjamin Nutton at Polstead

Executor: brother Benjamin Nutton of Polstead, yeoman

Witnesses: William Brond, James Bromwell

Written 8 Oct 1664, probate 12 Apr 1665


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Nutton, William, gentleman of Boxford, 1707

  • Wife Ellenor, property in Boxford and Polstead
  • Son John Nutton
  • Grandson William Nutton
  • Granddaughter Ellenor Nutton
  • Granddaughter Jane Nutton
  • Daughter Elizabeth Child, deceased, left a will
  • Money to poor of Hadleigh Hamlet in Boxford
  • Grandchildren Thomas and Alice, the children of Thomas Stivill
  • Grandson Richard Child

Witnesses: John Hasell, Rebecca Smith, Henry Boughton

Written 29 Jun 1705, probate 24 Sep 1707


Transcriber’s notes: Testator buried at Kersey on 2 Sep 1705 as Mr William Nutton. His daughter Elizabeth had first married Richard Hardwick of Spalding, Lincolnshire, and then married Rev Richard Child, the rector of Groton. She died in 1696 and left a PCC will. She was buried in Groton on 4 March 1696/7.

While Benjamin Nutton (will 1708) had a brother called William living in St Osyth in 1664 (Sarah Nutton’s will), this testator isn’t that William Nutton. The 1679 PCC will of Joseph Nutton of Spalding mentions his brother William and his kinsman Richard Hardwick, making him the uncle of Elizabeth Nutton/Hardwick/Child. Joseph also mentions his kinsman Samuel Nutton of Holbeach – and Samuel’s 1680 PCC will mentions his brother Benjamin. So William and Joseph appear to be first or perhaps second cousins of Benjamin, Samuel, Sarah, William of St Osyth and John. Joseph’s will also mentions a cousin, John Dale of Spalding. He is presumably the John baptised in Spalding in 1630, son of John Dale – who had married Elizabeth Nutton in Hadleigh in 1628. Joseph also mentions his kinswoman, unnamed, the wife of Thomas Burton – there is a marriage in Kersey, Suffolk in 1672 of Thomas Burton and Eleanor Nutton. So there are clear links between the Nuttons in Suffolk and Lincolnshire. It seems that the Nuttons started off in Suffolk (and some stayed there) but in the 1600s, they created links with Lincs! (sorry, I had to do it).

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