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The Mannocks have crossed my path (or perhaps I’ve crossed theirs) a few times in my research. Although I’m not a blood relative of theirs (at least, I haven’t found a link yet), I’ve still been intrigued by them. So here are my notes that I’ve made on my research of them, which hopefully complements and in some cases elucidates some of the info about the family which is already online.

Mannocks in the Heralds’ Visitations

The Suffolk Visitation of 1612 takes the Mannocks from John of Stoke by Nayland down through six generations to baby William who was only a one year old in 1612. The Suffolk Visitation says that John’s son George had two sons, William and Thomas, and only continues with William’s descendants, who eventually became baronets. Morant’s History of Essex tells us about John and George and William, and William’s descendants.

So what about Thomas? For his descendants, we need to look at the Essex Visitation of 1558.

It starts with John as well, and from him to his son George, then Thomas, who had moved to Wormingford in Essex. He married Dennis/Dennice/Dionisius Roberts, daughter of John Roberts of Kent, and they had five sons and a daughter: William, Edward (a misprint – he should be Edmund), Anthony, Edward, Thomas and Bridget.

As the Suffolk Visitation is quite thorough on the Stoke by Nayland Mannocks, I’m looking at Thomas and Dennice’s family. I enjoy trying to work out dates for the events mentioned in the Visitations – they contain very few of them so it’s a fun puzzle! My slightly adjusted version of the Essex Visitation is below.

First published 14th November 2020