The Derehaugh family

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The Derehaugh arms

The Derehaugh name became extinct some time in the 1600s. The family interested me as they’re connected with the Cardinalls, and in trying to tease out their connections, I found out rather a lot about them. Including the fact that they number Robert Walpole, the first British prime minister, and Horace Walpole, one of the first British Gothic authors, among their descendants.

There are two sets of Derehaughs, both in Suffolk – one in Badingham and the other in Gedgrave, near Orford. However, it seems that the Gedgrave Derehaughs sprang from the Badingham family, as both had the same arms – which you can see above.

At the time of the writing (January 2021), the record offices in Norfolk and Suffolk appear to be closed for reprographics orders – both have Derehaugh wills which I can’t currently get hold of. Once I’m able to, I will update the information on these pages.