Nunn wills: Essex, 1700s

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The year given is the year of probate. The wills are either Prerogative Court of Canterbury wills, or are held by the Essex Record Office or London Metropolitan Archives.

Francis Nunn of Pebmarsh, yeoman, 1740

  • Mary Plum Nunn: wife, exec
  • Thomas Nunn, Hinds (widow), Wass, John Godfrey and Frances Ellis (widow): occupiers
  • Joseph Nunn: brother, exec
  • Henry Nunn: son
  • Unnamed: his other children
  • George Brooke, Samuel Will, H. Godfrey: witnesses
  • Source: ERO

William Nunn of Epping, innholder, 1740

  • Martha Nunn: wife, exec
  • John Nunn, William Nunn, Ambrose Nunn, Jonathan Nunn, Elizabeth Nunn, Martha Nunn: his sons and daughters
  • John Stace (also Stacy in the will), of Epping, draper: friend, exec
  • Peter Bardon, Doctor of Physick: friend
  • John Tanner of Epping, baker
  • Joseph Arnott of Epping, yeoman
  • Isaac Scott, George Felton, Philip Martin: witnesses
  • Source: LMA

Edmund Nunn of Rivenhall, yeoman, 1759

  • Ann Nunn: wife, exec
  • Ann Nunn, Margaret Newton Nunn, Joseph Nunn (exec), Jeffery Nunn (exec of Ann remarries or decides not to carry on the farm), Susanna Nunn, Jane Nunn: sons and daughters
  • John French, Benj. Beart: witnesses
  • Source: ERO