Nunn wills: Middlesex, 1700s

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Susannah Nunn of Enfield, widow, 1730

  • Ann Ellitt: daughter
  • Eizabeth Nunn: daughter
  • Jane wife of Edward Braddley: daughter
  • Francis Carter, John Howard: witnesses
  • Source: LMA

Robert Nunn of St James’s Westminster, 1772

  • To be buried at Egham
  • sister Collins’s two daughters
  • Hannah Nunn, widow of brother James Nunn
  • cousin James Nunn
  • nephew John Richard’s two children
  • John Osborne of Slugg? Lane, St James’s Westminster
  • Mary Osborne his daughter
  • Ann Osborne his wife
  • Execs: cousin James Nunn, Mr John Osborne [probate says that his name should be John Osbourn]
  • Witnesses: Robert Oliver, Phineas Cartwright
  • Will written 10 Oct 1772, probate 20 Oct 1772.
  • Source: PCC

Transcriber’s notes: the testator was buried in Egham, Surrey, on 18 Oct 1772.

James Nunn of Egham and Hannah Hincsman of Farnham married at Farnham on 5 Jan 1725/6. The PCC will of Hannah Nunn of Egham (written 3 March 1773, probate 12 Nov 1773) mentions brothers Joseph and Thomas Hinxman – she must be James’ widow, as mentioned in Robert’s will.