Nunn wills: Surrey, 1700s

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The year given is the year of probate. The wills are either Prerogative Court of Canterbury wills, or are held by London Metropolitan Archives.

Hannah Nunn of Egham, 1773

  • brother Joseph Hinxman
  • daughter-in-law Lucy Whitworth
  • brother Thomas Hinxman, executor
  • Thomas Massey, William Godsall: witnesses
  • Source: PCC

Transcriber’s notes: see the 1772 will of Robert Nunn of St James’, Westminster. Hannah was his sister-in-law.

John Nunns of Crawley, 1790

  • Katherine: wife, exec
  • Hannah, Thomas, Ann, William, John, Richard, Mary: his children
  • Newrack? Midgley, Jas Withall, W Martin: witnesses
  • Source: LMA