Nunn wills: Middlesex, 1800-1829

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Thomas Nunn of 24 Thayer Street, St Marylebone, 1800

  • Sarah Nunn: second wife
  • Samuel Nunn: son, exec
  • John Cole, William Stevens: witnesses
  • Source: PCC

Transcriber’s notes: In Robson’s Directory, 1820, Samuel Nunn, breeches maker and tailor, is at 24 Thayer Street, Manchester Square. He’s presumably the son of the testator. His will is at the end of this page.

Thomas’s marriage was announced in the British Neptune newspaper, 25 Nov 1821: “At Marylebone church, T. Nunn esqr, of Thayer Street, Manchester Square, to Miss Thomlinson, of West Ham, Essex.”

Charlotte Nunn of Queen Street, St George’s Bloomsbury, 1802

  • John Bowis of Windsor Court, St Mary in the Strand, schoolmaster: exec
  • William Martin of Mount Pleasant, West Hoathly, Sussex, gent: exec
  • Jane Howes, Susanna Browne, Tashum? Nairn: witnesses
  • Source: PCC

William Nunn of Upper Norton Street, St Marylebone, stable keeper, 1803

  • Mr Robert Nunn: father
  • Mr S More of Dallham, Suffolk: to pay his father’s legacy
  • Elizabeth Nunn: wife
  • Mary Ann Gruby, Martha Gruby, James Gruby: the three children of his wife Elizabeth
  • Mr Robert Nunn: brother, exec
  • Mr George Clark: wife’s brother, exec
  • Peregrine Fielding Smith, Joseph Yeoman: witnesses
  • Source: PCC. Written 3 Feb 1803, probate 19 July 1803.
  • The executors renounded executorship, and Elizabeth administered instead.

Transcriber’s notes: Dalham is in the Clare Deanary in Suffolk, and borders Cambridgeshire to the west. This might be where the testator was born, as a William son of Robert and Sarah Nunn was baptised in Dalham in 1765. Sarah, wife of Robert Nunn, was buried in Dalham in 1795; Robert Nunn, widower, was buried in the same parish in 1804. So it seems that the father of William baptised in 1765 was still alive in 1803. They could be the people associated with this will.

William Nunn, bachelor, married Elizabeth Gruby, widow at St Marylebone church on 5th January 1800, by licence. The witnesses were John Willock and Letitia Nunn.

His wife’s first husband was James Gruby, who she married in 1788 at St Mary le Strand. He died in 1795, and mentions his parents Thomas and Martha in his PCC will. He had been born in Waltham Abbey, Essex, in about 1757, and was buried there on 21 Sep 1795 as James Gruby from London. William Nunn was also buried in Waltham Abbey, on 2 March 1803. No age or abode is given in the record. Presumably this was his wife’s choice, and that she planned to be buried there too, but there is no burial for an Elizabeth Nunn there. She may have remarried, and so was buried there under a new husband’s surname.

Is it just a coincidence that William’s brother-in-law was called George Clark, when a George Clark was, with David Nunn of Shoreditch, a trustee of Joshua Nunn? (Joshua, born in Ipswich, Suffolk, was a son of another William Nunn, a coal dealer and oilman). Could it be the same man or someone else?

Catherine Nunn of St Mary’s Islington, spinster, 1805

  • Late of Lamb’s Conduit Passage, Red Lion Square, Middlesex
  • Deborah Nunn: sister
  • William Nichols
  • Mr Joseph Greated senr of Ely Place, Holborn, carpenter: exec
  • Mary White, Sarah Weston: witnesses
  • Source: PCC
  • Biographical notes: buried at St George the Martyr 6 Feb 1805.

Richard Nunn of 27 Little Coram Street, Tavistock Square, St George’s Bloomsbury, carpenter, 1810

  • Jane: wife, exec
  • Henry Nunn, Diana Nunn, John Nunn, Hannah Nunn: Richard’s four children
  • Elizabeth Haversare?: aunt to the children
  • Samuel Lucas of New Cavendish Street, Portland Place, and Mary Ann Lucas: witnesses
  • Source: PCC
  • Biographical notes: Buried at St George’s Bloomsbury 1 July 1810, Richard Nunn of Little Coram Street. Possible burial of his wife Jane at same, 27 Feb 1811, also of Little Coram Street.

Robert Nunn of Acton, miller, 1810

  • Ann Nunn: wife
  • Robert Nunn: son
  • Margaret Nunn: daughter
  • Mary Gardener, deceased: sister
  • Joseph Freemantle, Paul Syne: occupiers
  • John Harrison, William Rumney of Acton: execs and trustees
  • Thomas Wallace, Elizabeth Jones, Jeremiah Kidd: witnesses
  • Source: LMA

Transcriber’s notes: a lease held at the London Metropolitan Archive deals with the remainder of lease of property in Acton, which mentions Robert, his widow, and his executors.

Deborah Nunn of Lamb’s Conduit Passage, St George the Martyr, Queen Square, 1811

  • Mrs Martha Dalway of Kensington: friend
  • Mrs Porter and Mrs Elizabeth Humphreys of New North Street, Red Lion Square: friends
  • Miss Sarah Terry of Gloucester Street, Queen Square: friend
  • Miss Susan Terry and Miss Catherine Humphreys: nieces of Mrs Catherine Humphreys
  • Mr Archer of Pearl Row, Surrey
  • William Nicholls of the 2nd Battalion of the 3rd Regiment, or Old Buffs, stationed on the island of Alderney: also left money by Deborah’s sister [presumably the 1805 will of Catherine Nunn]
  • Mrs Martha Godin? of Red Lion Street
  • Ann Greated daughter of Joseph Greated of Ely Place
  • Joseph and Timothy Greated: sons of Joseph Greated
  • Ann Greated and her father Joseph Greated: execs
  • Ann Scudamore, William Scudamore: witnesses
  • Source: PCC
  • Biographical notes: buried at St George the Martyr 31 May 1811. In her will, asked to be buried near her brother and sister, presumably Catherine Nunn buried there in 1805. Her brother might have been Robert Nunn of Lamb’s Conduit Street, buried there on 12 March 1775.

Henry Nunn, 1813

  • Admon, not a will
  • Late an ensign in His Majesty’s 24th Regiment of Foot in Spain.
  • Died October 1812
  • A bachelor
  • William Nunn esqr: father
  • Source: LMA

Ruth Nunn of Queen Street, St George’s Bloomsbury, widow, 1816

  • Elizabeth Chappell wife of John Chappell of Princes Street, Leicester Square, turner: niece
  • John Chappell and Mary Chappell son and daughter of Philip Chappell of Long Acre, Middlesex: niece and nephew
  • William Chappell son of John Chappell of Princes Street aforesaid: nephew
  • John Clarke of Carey Street, Lincoln’s Inn Fields, gent (proved by Robert Clarke instead – name wrong in will): exec
  • William Gally of 12 Little Andrew Street, Seven Dials: witness
  • Philip Chappell of 141 Long Acre: witness
  • Source: PCC
  • Biographical note: buried at St George’s Bloomsbury, Ruth Nunn of Queen Street, St George’s Bloomsbury, aged 81 (born about 1735)

Loftus Nunn of Chelsea, 1818

  • Betty: wife, exec
  • Robert Harford, Edward Johnson, H W Johnson: witnesses
  • Source: PCC

Transcriber’s notes: Loftus Nunn was the “comptroller” of Chelsea Hospital. He was born in about 1738, presumably one of the Irish Nunns, and married Betty Firth in Chichester, Sussex, in 1767. He was buried in the Royal Chelsea Hospital’s burying ground on 11th July 1818, aged 80. His widow died in 1822 and her will is below.

Betty Nunn of Smith Street, Chelsea, widow, 1822

  • Loftus Nunn: late husband
  • Henry Winchester, stationer of the Strand: friend, exec
  • John Nixon Nunn of Rose Hill, Ireland: friend, relation
  • Loftus Nunn: son of John Nixon Nunn
  • Mrs Jacob, widow of the late Colonel Jacob, and her son: friend
  • Mary Winchester and Sarah Winchester, daughters of Henry Winchester
  • Eldest daughter of John Nixon Nunn (unnamed)
  • Mary Ann Innes: servant
  • Miss Mary Ann Archibald
  • Mr Richard Hall of E*, gent (abode squashed in, hard to read)
  • Mr William North: apothecary
  • Mrs Ann Parker of Shoreham, Sussex
  • Mrs Ann Janet?, Mrs Elizabeth Winchester wife of Mr Henry Winchester: friends
  • Wm? Rickirby of Smith St, Chelsea and Frances Rickirby of same, William Dixon of 3 Field Court, Gray’s Inn: witnesses
  • Source: PCC

Transcriber’s notes: Betty, the widow of Loftus Nunn (his will is above) died in 1822 at her residence on Smith Street in Chelsea. She was also buried in the Chelsea Hospital burying ground. She was 81.

Mary Nunn of St Pancras, 1823

  • Mary Ann Dance: daughter
  • James Tiffin and Mary Tiffin: grandchildren (son and daughter of her late son James Tiffin of Oxford Street)
  • Walter Tiffin: grandson, exec
  • Mary Ann Dance: granddaughter
  • J H and M J Pearce: witnesses
  • Source: PCC

Transcriber’s note: presumably the testator is Mary Tiffin, widow, who married John Nunn of St James Westminster at St Marylebone church on 24 Jan 1782.

Mary’s daughter Mary Ann Tiffin, a spinster, married William Dance, a widower, at St Marylebone on 30 Jan 1790. George Pearce witnessed her marriage, as well as that of her marriage. William’s PCC will was written in 1803 and probated in 1811, but left unadministered: in 1852, James Tiffin, administrator of William and Mary Ann’s only child, Mary Ann Dance, who died a spinster, took on administration of William’s will. William’s will mentions his wife’s uncle, “Mr Pierce, stationer of Piccadilly, Westminster” – this is presumably George Pearce.

Her son James married Mary Kingsnorth at St Marylebone in 1799, and the couples two children, James (1808) and Mary (1805), were baptised at the same church.

Robert Nunn, 1824

  • Admon, not a will
  • A bachelor
  • Late a seaman belonging late to the East India Merchant ship England
  • Martha Nunn, widow of High Street, Woolwich: mother
  • Source: LMA

John Nunn of Crown Court, St James, 1828

  • Sophia Nunn: wife, exec
  • Jno Thompson, Maria Heim: witnesses
  • Source: PCC

Transcriber’s notes: The Crown was a pub at 14 Great Crown Court, Pulteney Street, St James, Westminster. From 1809 to 1824, John Nunn, victualler, was insuring this address. Great Crown Court ran just south of Little Pulteney Street. It’s not very far from Pulteney Court, where David Nunn might have been living. John appears in Crown Court in the Land Tax records too.

John Nunn was a widower when he married Sophia Heim by licence at St Margaret’s, Westminster, Sophia’s parish of residence, on 1 Jan 1798. The witnesses were William Burford and Maria Heim (perhaps the same woman who witnessed John’s will). His first wife might have been Martha Walen (marriage at St James, Westminster, 26 Aug 1797, John Nunn of St James, Martha Walen of Putney, Surrey), although the marriages are only a few months apart so it’s not all that likely. Another possibility is that he was the John Nunn who married Frances Pruer in the 1770s, which might link him in with the Nunns in Withersfield.

Sophia Heim might be the daughter of Rodolph and Margaret Heim, baptised at St Mary Abbotts in Kensington and Chelsea in 1772. Rodolph was a gardener on Hogmore Lane.

Samuel Nunn of Thayer Street, St Marylebone, tailor, 1829

  • Hester: wife, exec
  • Edward Bird Archer of Bulstrode Street, St Marylebone, plumber: exec
  • C Wootten of 318 Regent St, Jno. Wright of 11 High St: witnesses

Transcriber’s notes: See the will of Thomas Nunn of Thayer Street, 1800, above. In Robson’s Directory, 1820, Samuel Nunn, breeches maker and tailor, is at 24 Thayer Street, Manchester Square, and is presumably the testator.

The testator married Esther Wootten at St Marylebone church on 5th Dec 1786. The witnesses were Sarah Parry and Henry Nunn.

More to follow