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Some wills have been transcribed in full, whereas others are a paraphrased transcription. If they are paraphrased, they contain the names of all those mentioned in the will, with the gist of what they were (or were not!) bequeathed, but to find the full details, such as the names of property, requests as to how they were to be buried etc., please contact the relevant archive. The wills are either from the Suffolk Record Office (ERO), the Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PCC), or the Norfolk Record Office (NRO).

Cardynall, Edward of Stratford, 1638

  • Wife Susan
  • Brother Henry Walker of Bury St Edmund’s, gentleman
  • Executors: wife Susan, and brother Henry Walker

Witnesses: Daniel Wall, William Cartwright

Written 24 August 1637, probate 31 May 1638


Transcriber’s notes: The testator is probably the son of William Cardinall (d 1606) and Jane Maynard, mentioned in the 1612 Suffolk Visitation for Cardinall. The Visitation mentions that William and Jane had a daughter called Tomasen, who married Henry Walker of Bury St Edmund’s – the “brother” in this will. Whether Henry was Susan’s actual brother isn’t clear.

Susan married Edward Clarke in Washbrook on 22 Oct 1638. For his will, see below.

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Cardinall, Margaret of Bramford, 1567

  • On the day of my burial, £10 to be distributed amongst the poor of Bramford, at 12d per house. The rest to be spent on meat and drink for the rest of the poor who attend my burial. To the poor of Newton: 20s? £8 more to be distributed at Bramford, at 20s? a year
  • To Kateren Sorell, the daughter of my daughter Jhone [Joan] Bacon: £10 to be paid at Michaelmas next coming three years. To Marye Sorell her [meaning Jhone’s?] daughter: £10 to be paid when she is 18. To Elyzabethe Sorell her daughter: £6 8s 4d to be paid at the age as her sister should receive her part. To Agnes Sorell her daughter £6 13s 4d to be paid her at the same time. To Margaret her daughter, the wife of John Drane of [email protected] £6 13s 4d. To Thomas Bacon, her [Jhone’s?] son: £6 13s 4d at the age of 20, and my house called Instedes in Bramford Street. To Marye Sorell: my house that Deddam dwells in, when she is 18.
  • To Johne Bacon and Ellen Bacon, her daughters: £6 13s 4d each to be paid when each is at the age of 20. If any of my daughter’s children die before they become of age, half their legacy is to go to the poor of Bramford, and one 6s 8d to the poor of Nawton.
  • To Margaret Cannon, wife of Wylliam Cannon deceased: 6s 8d. To her three children, Edward, Susan and Margaret 3s 4d each. To Alice Cannon, her daughter: 2s.
  • To Sara Boll and Margaret Boll, the daughter of Henry Boll of Hadleye 3s 3d each. To William Boll his son: 2s. To Steven Modde, son of John Modde deceased: 2s.
  • To Margaret Branson of Barfold [East Bergholt], my goddaughter: 3s 4d.
  • To Kateren Cardnall, Agnes Cardnall and Rychard Cardnall, the children of Rychard Cardnall, 3s 3d each.
  • To Thomas Ellit, otherwise Collyn, butcher of Ipwich, 3s 4d.
  • To Steven Cowell 3s 4d. To Jhone Johnson, my ‘gurlle’ [servant girl?]: £10 10s? to be paid when 18. To Margaret Copsey, sometime Margaret Game: 2s
  • To Margaret Smithe, my goddaughter, 2s. To all the rest of my godchildren, 10s 10d each.
  • To Margaret Cuffe: 2s
  • To Henry Boll: 3s 4d.
  • To Margaret Dalle: 2s
  • To Margaret Wyles: 3s 4d
  • To Margaret Sycklemer: 3s 4d.
  • To my goddaughter, the daughter of Robt. Smithe: 3s 4d.
  • To John Carter, my tenant: 3s 4d.
  • To Kateren Sorell, aforesaid: various furniture and household goods. To her sisters: a cow each. To her brother Thomas: a cow. The rest of my household stuff to be divided between the other six daughters [of Jhone Bacon?]. To daughter Jhone: certain household goods
  • All servants living with me at the time of my death: 2s. All servants of my son-in-law Thomas Bacon at the same time: 12d each.
  • I forgive Druowlde, my tenant dwelling at Nawton, one half year’s rent. [Is this a Derehaugh?]
  • To Alice Jhonson and Margaret Jhonson, daughter of John Jhonson 3s 3d each.

Executors: Thomas Bacon my son-in-law and Henry Siclemer, and Robt. Snellinge of Whatfyld my supervisor – to be paid an angel each.

Witnesses: Roger Payne, Thomas Cobboulle, Robt. Snelling the younger

Written: 2nd January 1566/7, probate: 8th March 1567/8

SRO ref: ICAA1/20/93

Transcriber’s notes: The testator was buried at Bramford, Suffolk, on 20 Jan 1567/8, as the wife of Richard Cardinall. The only other burial for a Cardinall in the same parish is the burial on 17 April 1557 of Richard Cardinall. Perhaps by wife it should have said widow, or “late the wife of”.

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Cardynall, Richard, clothier of East Bergholt, 1574

  • To my brother Adam Cardynall: my house at Gascons with barn, stable, orchard etc, and four pieces of land adjoining the house (one in occupation of Westow? Lawrence, and one in occupation of Robt. Dawson; a little tenement adjoining said house, in occupation of Symon Cooke, on the condition that Adam pays £20 as following:
  • To John Branston, Willm Branston, Thomas Branston, Katherine Branston, Mergett
    Branston, Anne Branston, Alice Branston, Edith Branston, Richard Branston and
    Edmunde Branston (the children of my sister Branston) 20s each
  • To Stevyn Cardynall, Mergett Cardynall, Adam Cardynall and Christopher Cardynall
    (children of the aforesaid Adam Cardynall) 20s each.
  • To Thomas Dawson, Steven Dawson, Anne Dawson and Christopher Dawson (children of my sister Dawson) 20s each.
  • To Richard Mellys and Katherine Mellys (children of my sister Mellys) 20s each.
  • To be paid to each child on reaching 21.
  • To Anne Dawson, the said daughter of my sister Dawson: £5 on top of the 20s, when 21, to be paid out of the tenement occupied by Edwarde Harwicke. To be paid to her father, Robert Dawson, until she is of age.
  • To my sister Branston: £10, to be paid to my brother-in-law Thomas Branston.
  • To my brother-in-law Christopher Mellys: £10. To my sister Mellys: one parcel of land called Ferthings Fennes, in Foxolend?, in occupation of Robert Wylles.
  • To my brother-in-law Robert Dawson and Agnes his wife: one house and a tenement called Gentryes, in Gascon Ende; the pightles Weston Lawrence and John Stevyn now farm; one pightle called Wrights Croft occupied by the said Robert Dawson; the chapel field called the Pkefeylde? now in occupation of John Borowe; to Robert I also give his dwelling and occupation of the house and land for half a year rent free after my decease.
  • To Richard Brewer: 20s
  • To the poor of East Bergholt: £6 13s 4d
  • To Margett Leman, daughter of Robt. Leman, all such things as she has of mine, and my cloth in token of my goodwill.
  • To Edwarde Harwicke: a year’s dwelling in his house after my death rent free.
  • Rest and residue to my brother Adam Cardynall, my executor.

Witnesses: Thomas Cole, Westow Lawrence, John Cocke

Written: 30th April 1574, probate: 11th December 1574

SRO ref: IC/AAI/23/103

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Transcriber’s notes: it’s difficult to identify who this man is. No Richard Cardinall is mentioned in the Essex or Suffolk Visitations. An Adam Cardinall is mentioned as a son of Stephen Cardinall – see his will just below – the visitation saying he “died young”, so perhaps had no children. Neither does Stephen’s will mention a son called Adam, although an Adam Cardinall witnesses his will.

The Essex Visitation, however, mentions two Adam Cardinalls – they may be the same man, or father and son. Edith, the daughter of John Coo of Gestingthorpe apparently married Adam Cardinall of “Bardfield, Suffolk”, perhaps East Bergholt. I haven’t found this marriage, but her nephew, Edward Coo, died in about 1624.

Then the Kirkeby family of Castle Hedingham visitation mentions Mary, daughter of Thomas Kirkby and Lettice West, who married an Adam Cardinall of “Barfolde, Suffolk, gentleman” (again, this seems to be East Bergholt). Adam and Mary married at Belchamp St Paul, Essex, in 1578. The register spells Adam and Mary’s surnames Gardnall and Kirby, but “Gardnall” could be a misspelling from when the 1500s register was written up in the early 1600s.

Lettice’s father, Edmund West, died in about 1531. His marriage and wardship had been bought by Margaret (née Felton), the widow of John Drury, and she married Edmund to her daughter, Dorothy. I don’t know when Thomas Kirkby died – the Kirkbys weren’t fond of leaving wills – but Lettice was widowed again by 1549, when her second husband, John Fastolfe of Pettaugh, Suffolk, died (wrote his will in 1548, probate 1549). She’d had three children by her second husband, so presumably married him in the early 1540s, which means Mary was probably born in the 1530s and was therefore in her forties when she married Adam.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the two Adams in the Essex Visitations are the same man – that he married Edith and had the children mentioned in Richard’s will, then Edith died and he married Mary. Of course, without the early East Bergholt register we will never really know, unless manorial records can shed some light. It seems possible that Richard’s niece Edith Branston was the goddaughter of Edith Coo/Cardinall, bearing in mind that at the time, children were often named after their godparents.

We know, for instance, that Judith, daughter of Stephen Cardinall and Ann Grith, married John Branston, so the “sister Branston” in Richard’s will isn’t Judith – his brother-in-law was Thomas Branston. But perhaps Judith and John Branston’s wife were cousins, and John and Thomas were brothers – certainly John Branston’s will (PCC, John Bramston of East Bergholt, 1582) does mention a brother Thomas, who had a son called John.

Cardinall, Stephen of East Bergholt, 1573

  • £20 to the poor of East Bergholt
  • Bound to George Fisher and others for £400 to leave to my wife Marie after my deceased, property with the yearly value of £20 in recompense of her dower, and to give to her son William Spencer 100 marks if he reaches 21. In performance of this bond and in recompense of the dower, I give Marie my property, free and copyhold, in the salt valley in East Bergholt, late in the occupation of John Fynner and Thomas Bragge, and one messuage, late in the occupation of Thomas Smith in East Bergholt, which I bought from Thomas Abbott, and a meadow called the town meadow, late of Phillip Brettons. For her natural life. And £60 sterling, and £40-worth of household stuff.
  • To son William: all my property in East Bergholt not bequeathed to my wife, and in Lawford, Essex, and the reversion of the property bequeathed to my wife.
  • To sons Stephen, Robert, Humphrey and Phillip: £100 each when they each reach 22
  • To daughter Anne, Elizabeth and Mary : £100 each when they each reach 20
  • To daughter Judith: £40 within one year of my decease
  • I lately had by right of my late wife, Ann, Dynes? Land, sometime of Thomas Grithes of East Bergholt, which I sold to Christopher Lust of East Bergholt, and other property in East Bergholt which I still hold. The inheritance by custom of the manor of East Bergholt and Taddingstone, out to belong to John, my youngest son, heir by this custom to the said Ann. So that William and his heirs can enjoy this property, John instead to inherit property in Blakenham?, Bramford in Suffolk. [this part has not reproduced well – it is quite hard to read and appears to be very involved in various manorial customs as to inheritance, and what happens if John dies in his minority].
  • Mentions land in Thorpe-le-Soken, Essex, which he sold to Robert Smith.
  • Marie, my wife, to bring up my three youngest children: Humphrey, Phillip and Marie. She to receive £20 a year until they each reach 16.

Executor: son William Cardinall with Ralph Scrivenor of Ipswich, gent, supervisor

Witnesses: Robert Wilis the elder, Adam Cardinall, Robert Wylis the younger.

Written: 19th April 1568, proved: 26th October 1573

PCC will

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Cardynall, William of Great Wenham, 1551

  • To be buried in the parish of St. Mary Elms, Ipswich
  • To son Edward: £40; a silver salt [cellar?] or 40 shillings
  • To daughter Faith: £40 on the day of her marriage, if she marries with the consent of
    my son William Cardynall
  • To son William: rest and residue, he to be executor.

Witnesses: John Gardon & his wife Anne, Robert Dereaugh, Sir? Robert Body

Written: 8th October 1543, proved: 22nd November 1551

PCC will

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Chapman alias Barker, John of Sibton, 1583

  • Wife Julian
  • Son Edmund
  • Son John, under 21
  • Son Anthony, under 21
  • Brother Thomas Barker alias Chapman
  • Mentions land in Bedfield, Sibton, Yoxford, Peasenhall, Farnham, Bloxhall, Aldeburgh, Hazlewood, Saxmundham, Stanfield, Benhall
  • Daughter Elizabeth
  • Daughter Dorothy, under 21, unmarried
  • The poor of Sibton, Yoxford, Peasenhall, Walpole, Aldeburgh
  • Anne Barker of Colchester

Executors: his sons Edmund, John and Anthony

Witnesses: John Lane the elder, Edmund Molton

Written 16 Feb 1582/3, probate 31 Oct 1583

PCC will

Transcriber’s notes: John’s wife was Julian, the daughter of Thomas Derehaugh of Badingham. According to the 1612 Suffolk Visitation for Chapman alias Barker, Anne Barker of Colchester was John’s daughter, the wife of Thomas Barker. There are brasses for the family in the church at Sibton.

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Clarke, Edward the younger, clothier of East Bergholt, 1625

  • Son Edward Clarke, under 21
  • Daughter Elizabeth Clarke, under 21 and unmarried
  • Wife Mary, executrix
  • House called Woadhouse held by copy of court roll of the manor of Old Hall, East Bergholt
  • Brother Robert Clarke
  • Uncle Thomas Woodgate of London, merchant
  • Stephen Woodgate, clothier of East Bergholt

Witnesses: Francis Andrewe jnr, Stephen Branston

Written 8 Jun 1625, probate 30 Nov 1625


Transcriber’s notes: see below for the will of his father, Edward Clarke. His uncles Thomas and Stephen were the sons of Stephen Woodgate senior of East Bergholt and his second wife, Mary Derehaugh, apparently the daughter of Thomas Derehaugh of Badingham (the sister of Julian who’d married John Chapman alias Barker of Sibton – however, Mary doesn’t appear on the Derehaugh pedigree in Suffolk Visitations).

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Clerke [Clarke], Edward, clothier of East Bergholt, 1654

  • The poor of East Bergholt
  • Wife Susan: lands and tenements in Stratford, Suffolk, that belonged to Edward Cardinall, deceased, and bought by me from his executors. For her natural life, in satisfaction of her “third and dower”. After her death to grandson Edward Clerke, son of my deceased son Edward Clerke
  • Wife Susan to have all the household goods etc, except cattle, “which she brought unto me and which she was possessed of as executrix of the last will and testament of the said Edward Cardinall.”
  • Said grandson Edward Clerke: property in East Bergholt bought from Thomas Gylmer, the house where testator now lives in East Bergholt and Stratford, property bought from Mr Stroughton
  • Son John Clerke: property in East Bergholt bought from daughter-in-law Mary Clerke; property in same bought from Jonathan Burrows; copyhold in same bought from John Thorpe and occupied by Peter Swift; meadow in same bought from John Thorpe; property in Harkstead, Suffolk, occupied by Houell [Hovell? Howell?]
  • Son Steven Clerke: property in East Bergholt bought from Thomas Norden, occupied by John Sorrell and his brother; farm in Blythburgh, Suffolk, occupied by Gregory Horecocke, previously occupied by Peter Baker and William Pullen; meadow in East Bergholt bought from William Markent and Abigaell his wife
  • Granddaughter Elizabeth Cooper, now wife of Robert Cooper the younger of Ipswich, merchant
  • Sister Anne, late the wife of Dr Jones [see Branston wills and the wills of Robert Alefounder, father and son, which mention of Dr Jones – perhaps William Jones, rector of East Bergholt, who died in 1636 aged 75. There is a memorial to him in the church.]
  • Cousin William Jones and cousin Anne Dowe
  • Sisters Parsons and Beaumont
  • Brother Joseph Clerke
  • The children of my sons Steven and John, under 21
  • Mrs Walker, widow of Henry Walker of Bury St Edmunds, deceased. Martha Walker, her daughter.
  • Daughter Martha Tillett, widow
  • Steven Thorp of Ipswich, painter? [writing faded], son of John Thorp deceased, and the rest of John Thorp’s children
  • Mr Thomas Boylstonne, clothmaker of London
  • Mary Knightes of East Bergholt, widow, 12 pence a week for life

Executors: sons Steven and John, grandson Edward

Witnesses: William Lister, William Withersbye, Edward Dixon notary public

Written 11 Feb 1646/7, probate 28 Sep 1654


Transcriber’s notes: father of Edward Clarke who died in 1625 (see above). The testator married Susan, widow of Edward Cardinall, in Washbrook 1638. It seems the Clarkes had connections with Washbrook as Martha Clarke married John Tillett there in 1618 – this could be the widowed daughter mentioned in the testator’s will.

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Clerke/Clarke, John, clothmaker of Hadleigh, 1556

  • To be buried in the parish church of Hadleigh, beside previous wife.
  • Wife Alice (still living): various properties and household goods
  • Nephew Edward Clarke
  • Niece, wife of Roger Appleton
  • Humfrey, Christopher and Dorothy Harmonde, and Michael Hall: £10 each
  • Gregory Daniell £40
  • Robert Townes, Agnes Gardener, and Elizabeth Clarke: £6 8s 4d each
  • George Clarke £40
  • Alice Clarke £20
  • Rose Clarke, late wife of Thomas Clarke deceased, property
  • Emme Clarke, late wife of Robert Clarke deceased, 40 shillings
  • To Roger and Agnes Appleton: the debt owed by Reignolde of Canterbury
  • Legacies to Appletons: Henry, William, John, Edmund, Alice, Margaret and Mary
  • Niece Mary, wife of Edward Clarke £10
  • Servant Roger Inman
  • Nephew George Clarke, under 21.

Written 18 Feb 1555/6, probate 23 April 1556


Transcriber’s note: brother of Walter Clarke, below. His widow Alice also left a PCC will, 1576.

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Clarke, Walter, gentleman of Hadleigh, 1554

  • Son Edward Clarke
  • Daughter Agnes Appleton, son[-in-law] Roger Appleton
  • Brother John Clarke
  • To be buried in the church at Hadleigh beside late wife
  • Mary Clarke, widow, late the wife of son Stephen Clarke, deceased
  • Edith wife of Edward Clarke [his daughter-in-law?]
  • Sister Hermond
  • Nephew George Clarke (under 21), son of my brother Simond Clarke
  • Niece Alice Clarke, daughter of my brother Simond Clarke
  • Agnes wife of Peter Syse
  • Walter Ambrose and his wife Elizabeth: house brought from John Cordy for life, then to their children. If they have no issue, the house to Edward Walter and his heirs.
  • £3 a year rent from my mansion house in occupation of Peter Syse, to Mary, widow of my son Stephen, and some other properties
  • Grandson Henry Appleton, son of Roger Appleton and my daughter Agnes £100
  • Granddaughter Alice Appleton 100 marks
  • Grandson William Appleton £20
  • Granddaughters Margaret, Anne and Mary Appleton: 20 marks each
  • Son-in-law Roger Appleton £20
  • Daughter Agnes Appleton 20 marks
  • Servants Thomas Webbe and William More
  • Brief codicil written 15 March in the 1st year of Queen Mary:
  • Another codicil, undated: grandson John, son of daughter Agnes Appleton, £20 [presumably John was born after the first will was written]


Transcriber’s notes: Walter’s daughter Agnes married Roger Appleton of Dartford. Their son Henry married Faith Cardinall in 1561 in Great Bromley, after the death of her husband [William?] Derehaugh.

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Coale, Peter, grocer of Ipswich, 1641

  • Wife Mary, exec: property, named in the will, and land in Little Oakley, Essex, which was Mary’s before their marriage
  • “I have given my four former children some small portions formerly which doe unable me to given them over againe.”
  • Son Peter
  • Son William
  • Son Steven
  • Daughter Mary
  • Son Nathaniel
  • Son John
  • Daughter Elizabeth

Witnesses: Edward Mann senior, Steven Cooale, John Nightingall, Thomas Hinsom

Written 9 May 1641, sealed 4 July 1641. Date of probate unclear.


Transcriber’s notes: Peter’s wife Mary was a daughter of Anthony Mannock and his wife Bridget Pannell/Hopton. It appears that Peter’s “four former children” were by a previous wife. The three last children mentioned, Nathaniel, John and Elizabeth, are mentioned in Arthur Hopton’s will as his niece Mary’s three children.

Mary’s sister Dorothy married Edward Mann, which might explain why he’s one of the witnesses to this will.

See the will below of William Cole, 1626 – perhaps the testator’s brother.

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Cole, William, tanner of Ipswich, 1626

  • Of St Clement’s, Ipswich.
  • Cousin Alice, wife of Coddenham, linen weaver.
  • Anne Greene, widow
  • Robert Mormett
  • Hard, a “gardiner”
  • Prudence Jackson, widow, and her son, Francis Smith
  • Margaret Early, widow
  • Mr Samuel More, preacher
  • Mr Thomas Scott, preacher of St Clement’s
  • Brother Philip Cole
  • Son William Cole, under 24: property in Wetheringsett
  • Daughter Hester, under 21
  • Nephews, the sons of his brother Peter Cole (executor): William Cole, the younger son, Peter Cole, the eldest son [Peter, the father, is perhaps the testator of the will written in 1641 – see above].
  • Wife Elizabeth
  • Daughter Elizabeth

Fathers-in-law: Stephen Cooke, Nicholas Culham?, executor.

Written: 14 Jan 1620/1, probate 13 June 1626


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Cracherode, Matthew esq, the elder, of Cavendish, 1615

  • To be buried at Cavendish
  • Money to the poor of Cavendish, Glemsford, Melford, Clare and Pentlow
  • Friend Ambrose Biggs the elder
  • Friends Mr William Ferners, curate of Cavendish
  • Cousin Bryan Smythe
  • My brothers (unnamed)
  • My sons-in-law and daughters (unnamed)
  • Daughter Mary, wife of George Abbott, gent
  • Daughter Elizabeth
  • Son Matthew Cracherode, and his wife Anne
  • Son-in-law George Kempe
  • Son-in-law Christopher Kempe

Written 15 March 1613/4, probate 8 Feb 1614/5


Transcriber’s notes: the testator was a son of William Crachrode (1505-1585) and Elizabeth Ray (1510-1588).

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Cutler, John, merchant of Ipswich, 1646

  • Cousin Robert Cutler, youngest son of my deceased uncle Samuel Cutler: moiety of the manor of Blofield in Trimley St Mary. If he dies without issue, to my cousin Martha, wife of Ralph Noore of Ipswich, merchant, Robert’s sister. She to pay £100 to the poor of Ipswich
  • Cousin Martha Noore: the other half of the manor
  • Mr John Smithier of Ipswich, merchant: £20 for assisting my executor, and £50 to his wife.
  • Elizabeth Smithier, daughter of John Smithier, £50, and £30 to each of his other daughters when 21
  • John, William and Henry, sons of John Smithier: £10 each when 21
  • Nicholas Kerrington “the said Mr John Smithier’s wife’s brother’s son” now dwelling with them: £20 for his apprenticeship
  • Two maidservants of John Smithiers who were there while I lived with them: 40sh each
  • Mr John Smithier lives in my house in St Nicholas’, Ipswich. He and his wife to live there for three years. After three years, my house to my friends John Lany? the elder esqr, the said Mr John Smithier, merchant, Mr George Gosnald, merchant, and John Sicklemore esqr, now or late a resident of Ipswich
  • Mr Samuel Snelling, son-in-law of cousin Mr Ralph Noore: £10
  • Martha Snelling, wife of Samuel Snelling: £5
  • Her sisters, my cousins, Mary Noore, Alice Noore: £100, when 21
  • Her brother, my cousin Richard Noore: £30, when 21
  • Cousin Thomas Cutler, secretary to the company £10
  • Elizabeth Hubbard and Mary Ward, maidservants of Ralph Noore: 40sh each
  • Mrs Ward, widow of Mr Samuel Ward, late town preacher of Ipswich: £10
  • Her son Samuel Ward £10 when 21
  • Money to the poor of Ipswich and Whatfield, near Hadleigh
  • Mr Laurance, common preacher of Ipswich
  • Mr John Revett, merchant: £30
  • John Cressall: £3
  • Johan Nowell (or Mowell?)
  • Cousin Margaret, wife of Jonathan Skynner, clerk: £10, and to each of her children £5 when 21

Executor: my said cousin Ralph Noore of Ipswich, rest and residue

Witnesses: Robert Daines, George Raymond, Robert Horninghold

Codicil: Ralph and Martha Noore to pay an annuity to Ipswich’s town preacher

Written 10 Nov 1645, probate 29 Jan 1645/6


Transcriber’s notes: one of the many Ipswich Cutlers. Note the name Snelling has come up, as it has in other related wills.

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Cutler, Robert of Nayland, Suffolk, 1549

  • Wife Cristian £50
  • nephew Nicholas Cutler, brother Thomas’ son: a featherbed
  • Anne Gorbowlte
  • Servant Alice Cryssall
  • Wife’s sister Margaret Sowle
  • Wife’s daughters Rose and Anne
  • Wife’s sons John Gorbowlte and James Bocking
  • Money to the poor of Hadleigh and Nayland
  • Brother-in-law Thomas Howlton
  • Nephew William Cutler, son of brother Thomas
  • Brother William Cutler
  • Children of brother Thomas: Roger, John, Annys
  • Children of brother William: Laurance Cutler, Johane Cutler
  • Richard Manoke [Mannock?]: grove in Boxted, as long as he pays executors £16.

Executors William Cutler, Thomas Cutler

Supervisor: brother-in-law Thomas Howlton

Written 12 Mar 1548/9, probate 5 April 1549


Transcriber’s notes: possibly a relative of Joane Cutler, who married John Walton, then William Vesey. The Suffolk visitation for Cutler says her father was Robert Cutler, as does the visitation for Vesey. It’s possible that this is her father and she wasn’t mentioned in the will as she had been provided for on her marriage.

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Cutler, Robert, merchant of Ipswich, 1619

  • Poor of Ipswich £16
  • Wife Alice: £80 pa out of my manor of Sutton Hall, Suffolk, and out of lands in Bradfield Combust, Cockfield, purchased from Sir William Spring, for life
  • Capital messuage in Ipswich, where I now dwell, and all household stuff, plate, bedding and linen in the houses.
  • Wife to have land in Monks Eleigh and Milden for life, as per the indenture between my father Cutler deceased, and my father-in-law Thomas Gardner deceased, dated 16 March 1584/5
  • Son Benjamin Cutler: manor of Bonds, purchased from Leonard Tillett, gent, in Fressen Whested, occupied by Camplyne, and a wood in the same place bought from John Wrighte, when 21.
  • Eldest son Thomas to have said properties if son Benjamin dies under 21.
  • Eldest son Thomas: lease of Handford Hall in Stoke-next-Ipswich, and lease of lodge or park in Glemsford occupied by Richard Lennington, and lands and tenements in Milden occupied by Thomas Kynge purchased from Shurland, and the manors etc that Alice’s annuity is to come from. And manors, tenements, and lands called Winkolls Hall Fenns and Bowers in Monks Eleigh and Milden, and the capital messuage where I now dwell after Alice’s death.

Adminstration to son Thomas.

Written 26 Aug 1615, probate 31 July 1619


Transcriber’s notes: Robert was buried at Sproughton, Suffolk, on 10 July 1619. According to the additional pedigrees in the Suffolk Visitation (published 1882), Robert was the brother of Joan Cutler, who married first John Walton of East Bergholt, then William Vesey of Hintlesham. He was married to Alice, the daughter and sole heir of Thomas Gardner of Glemsford.

According to the pedigree, Robert and Alice had three sons: Thomas, Robert and Benjamin, and two daughters: Mary and Elizabeth. The names of their spouses tie up with other connected families. Thomas, the eldest son, had two wives, one of whom was Ursula, daughter of Robert Gosnold of Otley. There are several men of that name – Joan Cutler/Walton/Vesey’s sister-in-law, Mary, was married to a Robert Gosnold of Otley. He was perhaps the grandfather of Ursula. The son Robert (d 1625) married Amy or Ann Brand/Brond, daughter of John of Boxford, and Robert’s sister Elizabeth married Benjamin Brand/Brond as well. The sister Mary married Robert Snelling of Ipswich – Joan Cutler/Walton/Vesey’s sister-in-law Rose Vesey was married to a Snelling as well.

The additional pedigrees only says that the testator was the son of Robert Cutler of Ipswich. At the time of writing (April 2021) I don’t know if Robert had the same mother as his sisters – Joan Cutler/Walton/Vesey, and Anne (wife of Edward Colman). However, what we do know is that Joan’s mother was also the mother of some of the Derehaugh brothers, hence Robert Derehaugh of Gray’s Inn left money and property to Joan’s children.

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Cutler, Thomas, merchant of Ipswich, 1538

  • To be buried in the church of St Clement’s, Ipswich
  • Eldest son Robert: house in Thorpe occupied by John Walshe, which he inhabits according to to the will of my father John Cutler, when 21
  • Youngest son William to have said house if Robert dies under 21
  • Remainder of lands and tenements to be divided between sons Robert and William
  • Wife Juliane: house in St Clement’s, Ipswich, where I now dwell, for life. After her death, to my youngest son William. If he died under 21, the house to son Robert.
  • Sons Robert and William to have a bed and £20 each when 21
  • My three daughters £40 each and a bed each on their day of marriage
  • Thomas Swynnerton alias Robert, parish priest of St Mary Elms, Ipswich, 20sh for a sermon
  • John Goslynge, curate of said church, 6sh 3d
  • Stevyn Cardenall £4

Executor: wife Julian, rest and residue

Overseer: Adam Berwike of Stratford

Witnesses: Adam Berwike of Stratford, clothmaker; Thomas Barbour of Ipswich; John Goslyng of same, priest; Thomas Swynnerton alias Roberts of same, priest; Thomas Grythe of Bergholt, clothmaker, and others.

Written 29 Apr 1538, probate 14 Oct 1538


Transcriber’s notes: it’s difficult to know how this testator fits in with the Ipswich Cutlers. He is unlikely to be the brother of Robert Cutler of Nayland (mentioned in the will above) as Thomas doesn’t mention a son called Nicholas. It would’ve been helpful for us if Thomas had named his three daughters. It’s interesting to note that he knew the Cardinalls – presumably Stephen Cardinall mentioned in this will is Stephen Cardinall of East Bergholt, who married Anne Grith. This seems likely given that Thomas Grith, the same name as Anne’s father, was one of the witnesses.

His son William could be the William Cutler who married Dorothy Vesey, daughter of Margaret Barker and William Vesey – see his will below. He mentions his brother Robert Cutler in his will.

I cannot locate the will of John Cutler, his father, that the testator mentions in this will.

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Cutler, William, merchant of Ipswich, 1579

  • A preacher to preach twelve sermons in Ipswich in the year following my death, 6sh 8d per sermon
  • Poor of Ipswich £6
  • Wife Dorothy to have her apparel
  • All goods chattels, implements, plate, jewels, merchandise and debts to be collected together and divided by executors into four parts:
  • Three parts to be divided between my sons and daughters, to sons when 21, and daughters when 20
  • One part to wife Dorothy
  • Dorothy to have custody of the children’s portions under they can receive them, except for son John, who is already of age.

Executors: son John; brother Robert Cutler, merchant; John Hawes the elder of Ipswich

Supervisor: Robert Sucklinge, merchant

Written 13 Aug 1579, probate 20 Oct 1579 by Robert Cutler

25 Jan 1598/9: Richard Cutler, a son of the deceased, swore to administer, as Robert Cutler hadn’t.


Transcriber’s notes: apparently the husband of Dorothy Vesey, daughter of William Vesey of Hintlesham and his first wife, Margaret Barker. Dorothy married William Maddock of Ipswich after her husband’s death.

The testator might be the son of Thomas Cutler (see his will above), as Thomas mentioned his sons William and Robert, and William mentions his brother Robert in this will.

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