More Bures St Mary records

Photo by Cindy Lilley

I first started to transcribe parish registers for Bures St Mary in Suffolk some years ago, and I’m now carrying on, working through to the mid-1700s. I’ve just added baptisms 1660-1700. Lots more transcriptions for Bures St Mary in the way!

Note: Bures St Mary is in Suffolk, but part of the parish – Bures Hamlet – is just over the River Stour in Essex. And in Essex, you’ll find another parish nearby, called Mount Bures. If someone lived in Bures Hamlet, they would appear in the records for Bures St Mary, as that’s officially the parish they live in. If someone says “Bures in Essex”, always make sure you check if they mean Mount Bures or Bures Hamlet. And it’s pronounced Bewers, which is sometimes how you’ll find it spelled too.